Free Fight: Derrick Lewis vs Alexander Volkov | Call of Duty® Free Fight Series

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 12 dnevi

Presented by Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, watch heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov face off at UFC 229 in 2018. Order the game now:
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Джонни Джон
Джонни Джон Pred 8 urami
Оба еле живые как будто после тяжелой физической работы, Волков вообще не умеет боксировать, пусть у Феди удар ставит , заслуженное поражение. Фу
F A L C O N - R R
F A L C O N - R R Pred 8 urami
Last minute change the whole match
F A L C O N - R R
F A L C O N - R R Pred 9 urami
One Word for Derrick Lewis.
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
Обратите внимание, нига хоть и казался уставшим но если попадал то Волков охреневал от его ударов,уверен если бы была заруба то Волков бы лежал на конвасе ещё в первом раунде,позор Льюис на издыхании уделал Волчка....
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
Даже до долбить немог.
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
Защита никакая!!!
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
Если бы Льюис поднажал он бы его сломал
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
Даже как-то стыдно что Волков представляет Россию, это же было видно что техника слабая даже дыхалка никакая
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
И вообще с реакцией у него плохо.
ЕВГЕНИЙ Даудов Pred 21 uro
Блин Волков удивлял своей медлительностью...это уже в первом раунде
Black Elvis Presley
Black Elvis Presley Pred 22 urami
What a nice guy Volkov is. When HIS mouthpiece was cracked out of his mouth, Herb Dean picked it up and told Volkov “YOU put it back in.” To which Volkov, believing it was Derek Lewis’ mouthguard, was STILL WILLING TO PUT IT IN DEREK’s Mouth! Haha what a guy.
Ren Nohara
Ren Nohara Pred 22 urami
Lewis too slow ihope he wont face miocic or ovreem
не моё незнаю
не моё незнаю Pred 23 urami
Поддержим Саню! Красавчик, побед здоровья успехов! Лучший
Anthony de la pena
Anthony de la pena Pred dnevom
I love mma
Forgotten Pred dnevom
Boring ass fight in my opinion, Lewis didnt deserve this at all...
Saling Asking
Saling Asking Pred dnevom
Boring. Stupid fighter
Мурад Кадыров
Мурад Кадыров Pred dnevom
Очередной русский мешок для битья 👊👊👊
Agent J.
Agent J. Pred dnevom
He looked like a totl scrub in this fight... Volkov is really the one who got sloppy, and handed him the "W".
Will Montgomery
Will Montgomery Pred dnevom
I don't care who you are, if that right hand connects the way it did on AV, lights out.
Yong and
Yong and Pred dnevom
Волков риди хамачоба
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Pred dnevom
If you have power your always dangerous hope he puts blaydes away or we are going to see grinding boring fighting
Sergey1981zlo Pred 2 dnevi
Бой выигрывал и так просрать
Jhuecfry Lhecko
Jhuecfry Lhecko Pred 2 dnevi
his appearance is not good
Arnav _
Arnav _ Pred 2 dnevi
Volkov was winning until he was slept
TheDarkKnight Pred 2 dnevi
Overrated Lewis
Jag Galeai
Jag Galeai Pred 2 dnevi
I hate this fight
T-mo Cruz
T-mo Cruz Pred 2 dnevi
I love this I love ufc
Mr500248 Pred 2 dnevi
16:19 joe rogan screaming for the hell of it😂
The Jiggler
The Jiggler Pred 2 dnevi
His victory celebration is gross as fuck 🤢
Kiing N
Kiing N Pred 3 dnevi
1:21 derrick charged that punch up like he was trying to get +10 damage on his attack
ik ike
ik ike Pred 3 dnevi
lucky win
J W Pred 3 dnevi
Great stoppage too- the ref did an excellent job. Waited until he was out, then swooped and stopped the punch... damn fine job!
Nyrasbek Kenenbaev
Nyrasbek Kenenbaev Pred 3 dnevi
Волкова шанс был, он много раз шанс потерял, разгом ни довал тормозил.
Joseph Davidson
Joseph Davidson Pred 3 dnevi
Dylan Suaris
Dylan Suaris Pred 3 dnevi
One of the best fights
Michael Macri
Michael Macri Pred 3 dnevi
who’s sees chris pratt behind them at 14:53
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Pred 3 dnevi
Damn he dominated him but that right hand 👊🏿😷
hiob51 Pred 3 dnevi
very good stopage
Marco Diaz
Marco Diaz Pred 3 dnevi
anyone else, drunk off of vodka, watch this and just hoped lewis would win?
JaroJaro Pred 4 dnevi
When you are tired of the life 5:30
Roy J.
Roy J. Pred 4 dnevi
what a shot, extreme power
Matt Snell
Matt Snell Pred 4 dnevi
I lost my shit when Derrick Lewis landed that with so little time left and losing all 3 rounds
Mr Me
Mr Me Pred 4 dnevi
@16:15 see who won
Hipnotic Poison
Hipnotic Poison Pred 4 dnevi
We are BLACK! You are white ...😎
Steve Keating
Steve Keating Pred 4 dnevi
"My balls was hot" lol classic.
Lastngam Hrangbung
Lastngam Hrangbung Pred 4 dnevi
Very tall but very foolish
Александр Коновалов
Александр Коновалов Pred 4 dnevi
Two super heroes-FAT and SLOW.
Бахтияр Алиев
Бахтияр Алиев Pred 4 dnevi
Goood boy
후려친다 Pred 5 dnevi
16:15 goods Die
Output Kay
Output Kay Pred 5 dnevi
The fact that Jon anik needs to say "he now stretches pre and post workout" lmaooo
diepanh luu
diepanh luu Pred 5 dnevi
hay ok
Domagoj Krišković
Domagoj Krišković Pred 5 dnevi
Herb Dean is the worst judge
Donni Kubbitz
Donni Kubbitz Pred 5 dnevi
OMFG!!! I am just----W O W!!!
Stephen Hoang
Stephen Hoang Pred 5 dnevi
volkov needs to fire his corner .... and himself for this lost. He was not making use of his kicks. Seems like he wanted to trade punches and see who is tougher.
сергей ковалев
сергей ковалев Pred 5 dnevi
,,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂он мог сразу это сделать.
SNOWFLAKE KILLER 1776 Pred 5 dnevi
Volkov is a very good fighter its a shame he always come out short
Conrad Vancouver
Conrad Vancouver Pred 5 dnevi
Volkov thought it was over. Then it was over. Fight is much better without endless diarrhea-mouth commentary. Mute it.
None stop disgusting ground and pound. Bam 💥, on the money. Folded, the skyscraper to the floor and then gets pounded in the rubble on the ground. You see his head fold back like a pez dispenser then his mouth piece falls out. THE MOUTH PIECE WAS THE PEZ. Wow lol 😂
You have to finish him. Why you stop the fight reeee
2laughandlaugh Pred 5 dnevi
You mean the big pasty white guy is the Russian? Thanks for clearing that up...
Хитрый Кот
Хитрый Кот Pred 5 dnevi
Купленый бой1000%
Иван Старов
Иван Старов Pred 6 dnevi
Как щенка уложил
Иван Мокрушин
Иван Мокрушин Pred 6 dnevi
Так бывает когда недооцениваешь противника
dad bro dude
dad bro dude Pred 6 dnevi
woah! what an unbelievable fight!
Борис Борисов
Борис Борисов Pred 6 dnevi
Ему не забываемый удар будет,,,
Soul Brother
Soul Brother Pred 6 dnevi
Derrick I wish would add more to his over all game..he's be hard to beat like get in shape
DUO CHANNEL Pred 6 dnevi
Sontokan opo iki mas
Alen Drina
Alen Drina Pred 6 dnevi
Volkov low IQ
Richie Fort
Richie Fort Pred 6 dnevi
Derek I got to say something you are one bad ass dude God bless you I hope your back is better I'm living with it I know what you I know what you're going through God bless you 👏👏👏
Максим Атридес
Максим Атридес Pred 6 dnevi
Вел бой, один пропущенный и проиграл... Надо было в процессе добивать, не сюсюкаться !
GIG&GOG Pred 6 dnevi
Самый тухлый бой в ufc))
Евгений Белый
Евгений Белый Pred 6 dnevi
#ALEXANDERVOLVOV 👎🇷🇺👎🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
Виктор viktor
Виктор viktor Pred 6 dnevi
Последние удары были лишними!!! ((
Вектор Вектор
Вектор Вектор Pred 7 dnevi
Зашибись . Волков односторонний и не держащий удар борец.
MrZenix Pred 7 dnevi
Volkov look like Jay Garrick in flash 😂
Вован Pred 7 dnevi
Вот это усыпил бдительность:)
Владимир Дешкин
Владимир Дешкин Pred 7 dnevi
Волкова списать срочно!!!!!
I Want Lee
I Want Lee Pred 7 dnevi
Always sucks when the fatass wins. The dude with the better physique worked harder, and should get the win.
Михаил Гобов
Михаил Гобов Pred 7 dnevi
Нахрена Волков вообще выступает?Позор!
Butch Davis
Butch Davis Pred 7 dnevi
17:15 lights are on but no ones home. Goddaym
Fanic Prank
Fanic Prank Pred 7 dnevi
That vicious bruise on Volkovs collar bone is telling
Болат Шекин
Болат Шекин Pred 7 dnevi
Красава одной левой
MOVE Pred 7 dnevi
Common Alexandr!
D F Pred 7 dnevi
Volkov was playing nice and gentle and Lewis went for the kill. How stupid to play sports combat when the other guy going for blood.
Vegan Pred 7 dnevi
I don't know how these two fighters made it to the UFC. They both suck. Worst fight I ever seen for heavyweight UFC fights... I'm glad one of these guys finally closed the deal...dam horrible fight...
П-ов Камчатка
П-ов Камчатка Pred 7 dnevi
Волков - слабак!
Pill Cosby
Pill Cosby Pred 7 dnevi
All Derek Lewis fights look like it’s his first mma fight
Edith Quesenberry
Edith Quesenberry Pred 7 dnevi
Didn't even have to watch the fight i know the crack dealer was going to beat the crack head🤣
Fabio Pred 7 dnevi
underrated fight :)
Jmanue Miga
Jmanue Miga Pred 7 dnevi
Wtf? That fight its very bored
Joseph Ruiz
Joseph Ruiz Pred 7 dnevi
Who else just skipped to Volkov being KO'ed?
François Julner
François Julner Pred 7 dnevi
Hardhitter 50
Hardhitter 50 Pred 7 dnevi
Volkov had so many chances to end this fight. His gas tank just wasn’t there. He dominated the fight honestly but this is a prime example of how 1. You need to be in shape to end the fight and 2. Heavyweights like Derrick Lewis may not have the best gas tank but by God if they hit you with a big shot that’s it. Every shot Lewis landed rocked him. VolKov should’ve ended it but damn. Good win to Lewis, those shots he ended with were scary 😳
maso126 Pred 7 dnevi
Just too much luck for the black guy!!!
Глеб Жеглов
Глеб Жеглов Pred 7 dnevi
Волков благородный) 1:53
Who even pays for winRAR?
Who even pays for winRAR? Pred 7 dnevi
Why'd you take your pants off?
Александр Соловьёв
Александр Соловьёв Pred 7 dnevi
Не был готов к поединку...нет и ударов, нет и борьбы...
A F Pred 7 dnevi
What kind of kick does dominic keep saying? Teep kicks?
Supp3rdu Pred 7 dnevi
“USA in this ho”
NexisFilms Pred 7 dnevi
"Not a man you want on top of you ... in this situation !" Did Anik just .. low key come out ?! :)
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