UFC 254: Robert Whittaker Post-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred mesecem

Hear Robert Whittaker's post-fight press conference comments after he defeated Jared Cannonier in the UFC 254 co-main event via unanimous decision.
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Josh Dutczak
Josh Dutczak Pred 23 dnevi
I agree with Whittaker. Very well said. He sees the Middleweight division as the perfect balance of speed and power. I agree, yet I feel as though this could also be displayed by many light-heavyweights as well.
Sakib Muhit
Sakib Muhit Pred 25 dnevi
How on earth someone can dislike this guy, my God!!
JG Reviews
JG Reviews Pred 28 dnevi
izzy vs whittaker 2
Franklin Sanchez
Franklin Sanchez Pred 29 dnevi
Hmm I didn’t see anything about Whittaker saying he didn’t want to fight Izzy.. Dana is a instigating little man.
jacobmarlow2 Pred 29 dnevi
He did sound like he DOES NOT want to face izzy again. I can see why Dana got that message from this post fight interview
klarens000 Pred mesecem
Listening to him made me feel good. It's really nice to see him happy and positive.
TechNiCal Pred mesecem
Love this dudes smile and laugh. It's contagious!
Owais Khan
Owais Khan Pred mesecem
All quality of a fighter in this man his moves
FreshPrince27926 Pred mesecem
Yea he scared to fight him again
stitch kai
stitch kai Pred mesecem
Amazing bloke, so honest and relaxed
Left Leg Cemetery
Left Leg Cemetery Pred mesecem
The Reapers the man!
InsideAssassin2 Pred mesecem
Schmo listed a bunch of fighters Rob faced and asked who hits the hardest and fr left out Yoel
InsideAssassin2 Pred mesecem
For sure the most genuine fighter in the UFC
John Chase
John Chase Pred mesecem
Love Robert but not sure he will beat Izzy. Two different fights and styles. Izzy is a beast. Not sure Robert has the skill to beat Izzy. I could be wrong I would be surprised.
Casey Reeves
Casey Reeves Pred mesecem
He’s so cool
Jay Ravi
Jay Ravi Pred mesecem
big up bobby knuckles!
LordAmbien69 Pred mesecem
Sounds like he doesn’t want any smoke with the champ
Jamirian Spencer
Jamirian Spencer Pred mesecem
Rob is a funny humble guy but he didn't have to lie jared made his knees buckle in the 3rd reason why rob went into clinch. Other than that he deserves a rematch.
boo hoo
boo hoo Pred mesecem
Congratulations on the win. Izzy needs to read these comments and learn something new. Big fan of what izzy does when the bell rings but he has a lot to learn with the microphone in hand...
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho Pred mesecem
casual here, i think rob vs costa next, winner rematches champ
Tyke Pope
Tyke Pope Pred mesecem
Thought he was talking about Crystal meth
unexpected things!!!!!!!!
unexpected things!!!!!!!! Pred mesecem
rob dont strike with izzy he will ko u again
michael cali
michael cali Pred mesecem
He can't beat izzy. He's too much of a brawler to beat a technical counter striker
camelia loves
camelia loves Pred mesecem
na.to/urflirtyjoygirlteen .𝐀𝐃𝐔𝐋𝐓 〜在整个人类历史上,强势,富人和狡猾的人在部落,部落,城市,城镇和村庄中吃掉了弱者,没有成员来守护和穷人。 但是人类 生存的愿望迫使那些被拒绝,被剥夺或破坏的人,并且基本需要寻找一种生活方式并将其继续融入发展中的人类社会。 说到食物,不要以为那些被拒绝的人只是在吃垃圾。 相反,他们学会了在被忽视的肉类和蔬菜中寻找营养。 他们学会清洁,切割,调味和 在食品市场上轻轻地煮蔬菜和肉,一些废弃的家用蔬菜和肉,学习在烹饪过程中使用芳香木烟(例如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)调味食物❤️
What Name
What Name Pred mesecem
Awesome Rob!!!
hoodievic Pred mesecem
Lol schmo said till twice
Mythix Pred mesecem
Good for Rob to not care about Adesanya right now and focus on Christmas and his new kid.
Lok685 Pred mesecem
I’m an Izzy fan, but there’s literally no reason under the sun to hate this guy, true sportsmanship and fighter of the game 💯
momo Pred mesecem
Crooyyyy kay!!!
momo Pred mesecem
FatDude is annoying
Levi-Dean Astorga-Kahukoti
Levi-Dean Astorga-Kahukoti Pred mesecem
Fuckn top man robbie nothing but respect bro.
morrey Win
morrey Win Pred mesecem
Yeah, nah mate
Yeah, nah mate Pred mesecem
Bobby is alright
trickmy squeeze
trickmy squeeze Pred mesecem
Whittaker is Sasuke who could care less about what other people and Israel is Naruto pretty much self explanatory.
JexanRP Pred mesecem
First ppv i've ever bought & i've never been more excited to have watched this card. I was so ecstatic about Khabib's win & loved Robert's win as well.
The Rawal
The Rawal Pred mesecem
Robert Loving from kailali Nepal my brother ❤️👊💋
Melvin Colon
Melvin Colon Pred mesecem
Robs not only a true warrior but also a good man. Much respect as always ✊🏾
Jayd Koia
Jayd Koia Pred mesecem
What are Crystal's? lol I think bobby thought he was being set up they have another meaning in Aussie haha
Tj T
Tj T Pred mesecem
Cool dude
Dan Borovic
Dan Borovic Pred mesecem
One of the coolest guys ever to be in the UFC
Vatsalya Bohra
Vatsalya Bohra Pred mesecem
This guy is a legend! Down to earth and never talks shit. Same with Gaethje and Khabib. UFC 254 was the one with the gentlemen! (Real men)
Richard Fitzwell
Richard Fitzwell Pred mesecem
7:23 "Maybe I had more coffee than he had crystals"
mrmunzerelli Pred mesecem
Rob the man.... Unfortunately no one wants to see a Style Bender rematch....
Thomas Farley
Thomas Farley Pred mesecem
He just made me 75k. Cheers son much love, I know a stud when I see one eh
Rayray jones
Rayray jones Pred mesecem
Unfortunatley rob dont want no smoke with izzy right away, And he knows it
Big Sky
Big Sky Pred mesecem
Great attitude guy
Adnel Cruz
Adnel Cruz Pred mesecem
I like Robert in will bet on him against any one
capone 600
capone 600 Pred mesecem
He's a really likeable guy
Mr One
Mr One Pred mesecem
He's humble and open minded that's the key to be legend
Luca Rossi
Luca Rossi Pred mesecem
No chance for him with stylebender
Wil P
Wil P Pred mesecem
...just glad my dude could prove videogames r better than crystals
Edson Guerra
Edson Guerra Pred mesecem
The tru champ
dill pick
dill pick Pred mesecem
I liked rob before, but I love him now. Rather be myself as a brick layer is a fantastic way to live. Genuine dude.
JohnCastillo Pred mesecem
Rematch in december. 💪🤘
Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston Pred mesecem
Le 56% face
Victa Nguyen
Victa Nguyen Pred mesecem
Prince Amani
Prince Amani Pred mesecem
Dude is afraid of Israel he said it
Your Go-to Guy
Your Go-to Guy Pred mesecem
What a champion
Jesse Rouse
Jesse Rouse Pred mesecem
Izzy Whitaker 2
Looop Pred mesecem
"I hurt my foot in first round" yeah 😝 it should hurt to break that arm !
Mr Grumbles
Mr Grumbles Pred mesecem
He didn’t say who hits the hardest but Yoel gave me chicken legs 😆😆
Barry Hemmy
Barry Hemmy Pred mesecem
Rob=A GREAT ambassador for the sport!
wear thefoxhat
wear thefoxhat Pred mesecem
looks so chilled, like he just had sex.
Pato el
Pato el Pred mesecem
Like this guy a lot man. Wish him the best always 👍🏽
asscrack244 Pred mesecem
Rob Solo: “Hokey crystals and ancient weapons are no match for a good coffee by ur side kid”
MystiCalBEING89 Pred mesecem
where is his rematch
Brandon Viray
Brandon Viray Pred mesecem
Mans got such a great attitude
Kumar Amber
Kumar Amber Pred mesecem
Lovely man😎...Always a pleasure hearing him out
KnockEmmm Pred mesecem
You can hella tell he was lost asf about the whole crystals joke, LOL. I'm glad he got the win
Osiris Osiris
Osiris Osiris Pred mesecem
what a good dude
darlvegas okojie
darlvegas okojie Pred mesecem
Most of u reporters and Robert Gans that is talking about him fighting izzy I dnt knw if u guys r just Robert fan or u understand tht there's level to dz sport. Even Robert know how good izzy is and he know if he rush to fight him and get beaten again his market value drops if u rob fans knws that too am sure yall won't even be talking about ur favorite fighter going up against one of if not d best 185 has seen.. My advise to Robert's fan enjoy ur fighter and dnt kill his career too soon cos izzy is like a cheat to this other fighters in his division rem there's levels to this... Izzy all the way peace am out
god Pred mesecem
whittaker vs izzy 2 in 2021 😒
The Truth
The Truth Pred mesecem
I don't want to see a Whittaker Izzy rematch just yet. Let him get a few more wins in.
The Truth
The Truth Pred mesecem
Seems like Rob has his shit together
Hafsa Haffy
Hafsa Haffy Pred mesecem
He lost Romero.
Masterpiece lord
Masterpiece lord Pred mesecem
@ewen huzami you really wanted just to represent Australia is a bunch of materialistic wankers what sort of image do you want the rest of world to perceive Australia as if you've Australian have some pride in that you are and uphold the spirit of what it means to be Australian and where we are so lucky in this country to have what we do (Robert Whittaker is a great more role model for it means to be Australian same for Alexander volkanovski ) Oh yeah the story of the two wolves if you don't know go look it up mate overall society is not the what it was 15 years ago you pretty much described majority of most places in the modern world to date. you want support the next generation the values of something that's better than the crap side of the society. If you are Australian you're a very young or b don't value it. 🇦🇺 I'm 23 from Melbourne in this situation and you comment is garbage.
RompYa Pred mesecem
4:24 When Whittaker finally see's his PC games after a long fight.
ESP500 Pred mesecem
Christmas and my baby
George Hodder
George Hodder Pred mesecem
George Hodder
George Hodder Pred mesecem
Randalmcdaniel Pred mesecem
wittakers 1-2 punch then kick combo is pretty beastly
Riad gani1
Riad gani1 Pred mesecem
I like this guy very humble
Clean Asfuck
Clean Asfuck Pred mesecem
Even if izzy is the current champ, i still think Robert is the best MW in UFC right now.
Swaggy Swaggy
Swaggy Swaggy Pred mesecem
How, he was beaten silly by Izzy.
Jeremiah Cervantez
Jeremiah Cervantez Pred mesecem
He’s the shit!!
John Chung
John Chung Pred mesecem
Love this dude's attitude.
Kadir Gold
Kadir Gold Pred mesecem
Cool cat
Meat Cleav
Meat Cleav Pred mesecem
What a ducking legend
Kelsey R
Kelsey R Pred mesecem
Normally you see guys fall in the ranks after losing the belt. But he said he would be back and he is.
James Price
James Price Pred mesecem
Just an all round good bloke
JCS - Criminal Psychology
JCS - Criminal Psychology Pred mesecem
Great guy.
X_X Pred 18 dnevi
Damn JCS is a mma fan that’s sick, Whittaker’s the fucking man, all class, represents Oceania and us aussies perfectly
Ali Talhouni
Ali Talhouni Pred mesecem
Eyy didnt know you were an mma fan. Great videos!
Barry Hemmy
Barry Hemmy Pred mesecem
Great videos dude!!
Thomas O'Rilley
Thomas O'Rilley Pred mesecem
Yo love your videos man!
Sikiatron Sikiatron
Sikiatron Sikiatron Pred mesecem
I like how cool he is
Stop It
Stop It Pred mesecem
Boring and overrated
Big boyz Only
Big boyz Only Pred mesecem
He don’t want no part of Israel
mcsuchnsuch Pred mesecem
I like his bricklayer comment but 8 hours of lifting CMU blocks, keystone blocks, bricks, pavers, cement bags, mixing mortar, building scaffolding, carrying planks... all in the hot sun... it fucking sucks hairy balls.
ali raid
ali raid Pred mesecem
"Crystals?" I was like wtf who's on meth
ali raid
ali raid Pred mesecem
It's a crime that judges gave jared the first round
themobbkillas Pred mesecem
Robert "ALL THE HOLIDAYS" Whittaker
J B Pred mesecem
"Maybe I had more coffee than he had crystals?" Bobby is the Man
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