UFC Vegas 13: Yan Xiaonan Interview after Unanimous Decision Win

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 21 dnevom

Yan Xiaonan speaks with UFC commentator Jon Anik after defeating Claudia Gadelha via unanimous decision at UFC Vegas 13. Xiaonan improved to 13-1 overall and 6-0 while in the UFC.
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Frenzy F0k
Frenzy F0k Pred 14 dnevi
Her brazilian cardio costed Gadelha the fight
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera Pred 17 dnevi
Esa japonesa huele a berijas
Talking NPC
Talking NPC Pred 17 dnevi
Yan looked awesome ! imagine outworking the other fighter even when hes on top position...
Chris Martino
Chris Martino Pred 18 dnevi
she's cute... but Weili gets the heart going
frankman20 Pred 18 dnevi
Claudia needs to move up or get a new camp. Maybe both.
Crazed Blimp
Crazed Blimp Pred 18 dnevi
The Jew that owns AMAZON is worth 217Billion Dollars.
Jerizalem Tregle
Jerizalem Tregle Pred 19 dnevi
I knew off top she was wit the ish. Another mma athlete from China bestmode. Gadelha was trash talking Hill. Who I felt got robbed twice. By her and watterson anywho karma a bish. Congratulations Yan keep rockin
John 4
John 4 Pred 19 dnevi
A far eastern wave have hit the shores of the UFC...is this the precursor of a Tsunami?!
Matvei I
Matvei I Pred 19 dnevi
Gadelha seems like a fake fighter, like she's doing it for the betting... or just lacks all instinct
Roy Godiksen
Roy Godiksen Pred 19 dnevi
Arguably a 30 - 27 win. Claudia didn't do much with her "on top game" in the first.
Frenzy F0k
Frenzy F0k Pred 14 dnevi
Arguably? Yan won the first round, she landed way more
Randy Le
Randy Le Pred 19 dnevi
Savage beast !!!!!
Dr. Doppeldecker
Dr. Doppeldecker Pred 19 dnevi
Dwayne H
Dwayne H Pred 19 dnevi
She is not on Weili Zhang level
kyle tang
kyle tang Pred 19 dnevi
I put my money on Weili when she fought Joanna. This time I put my money on Yan vs Claudia. I would definitely put my money on Weili vs Yan if anytime soon. I’m sorry Yan you are definitely not ready for Weili yet.
TheScotchaholic Pred 12 dnevi
@Monk Downs This is MMA, not just a kickboxing/striking bout. Amanda is well rounded and a BJJ/Judo black belt, and it shows. She's also got power punches. Yan has an edge in well rounded technical striking but it's not enough to deal with an aggressive finisher on the ground like Amanda, unlike Claudia that struggles with her takedowns, ground control, and submissions. Yan hasn't even finished anyone in the UFC yet....If Xiaonan's TD stops Amanda's ground game attempts, and keeps it on the feet, Yan will take it by UD again.
kyle tang
kyle tang Pred 13 dnevi
@Monk Downs Weili fights in the strawweight division 115lbs same with Yan. Waterson too small for 115 . I would bet everything I have on Yan vs Michelle Waterson
kyle tang
kyle tang Pred 13 dnevi
@Monk Downs Michelle Waterson too easy for Yan. Jessica Andrade moving up to 125 now so the best choice is Joanna
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
She's not ready for Rose, Joanna, or Amanda Ribas. She really needs to improve her use of striking combinations, and better ground game. She does have a good striking offense from her back, but she also needs submissions in her arsenal.
koji Pred 19 dnevi
I'd love to see more asian female fighters in the UFC, let's go !
jensen Pred 19 dnevi
Thank God she didn't have a deep Chinese accent, I could actually understand the Mandarin she's speaking. Usually it's harder for us Malaysians to understand mainland Chinese Mandarin.
jensen Pred 19 dnevi
The future of Chinese MMA is very bright
Brian Buss
Brian Buss Pred 19 dnevi
Thanks for communism and man made virus’s China
Jack strip
Jack strip Pred 19 dnevi
Virus originated from the west, dumb
Bloater Snake
Bloater Snake Pred 19 dnevi
Conor can finish her easy
TheOnslaughtMiller Pred 19 dnevi
i had a dream about dating claudia and doing some romantic shit with her...her first loss since JJ
Grafir Leite Junior
Grafir Leite Junior Pred 19 dnevi
Não vi demérito da Claudinha, vi muito mérito dessa chinesa, que agora não é mais promessa, vai pras cabeça!
C F Pred 19 dnevi
Claudia is so delusional.she should have lost against Carla Esparza and Angela hill. She hasn’t had an impressive fight in years now
Phoxy Pred 19 dnevi
that translator shite tho..
Serjohn Pred 19 dnevi
she seems like a jon jones fan
kamionkami1 Pred 19 dnevi
dang i thought this was the champ lol they looked the same to me XD is that racist??
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
It just means you need glasses.
Werewolf O. London, Esq.
Werewolf O. London, Esq. Pred 19 dnevi
Yes; shame on you. 😏
Serjohn Pred 19 dnevi
she isnt as cute as weili
Tian sheng tao
Tian sheng tao Pred 19 dnevi
ankur Singh
ankur Singh Pred 19 dnevi
Fuck man,, corona virus won😱😱😱
Katie Kobliska
Katie Kobliska Pred 19 dnevi
🤦🏻‍♀️ idiot
J Zhao
J Zhao Pred 19 dnevi
Claudia’s biggest weakness is her cardio. She gased out after round one.
Frenzy F0k
Frenzy F0k Pred 14 dnevi
@Monk Downs How am I racist, i was even rooting for Claudia. If anything, I think Yan is annoying-looking and annoying in general cause she screams horribly (hate the way chinese fighters fight)
Frenzy F0k
Frenzy F0k Pred 14 dnevi
Claudia is brazilian, of course she will have bad cardio lol
nobody Pred 19 dnevi
shes so pretty
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MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life Pred 19 dnevi
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shane white
shane white Pred 19 dnevi
Which one is the foreigner and which one is the translator?
Nashier Sirajan
Nashier Sirajan Pred 19 dnevi
a tattooed wamaan lost.
Aurelius Pred 19 dnevi
Corona Chan!
Nasska B
Nasska B Pred 19 dnevi
luckily yanan been able to got rid of those hugging or it will be 15mins long lesbian hugging show..
Thelma T
Thelma T Pred 19 dnevi
Lame translation! UFC needs to hire some professional translaters!
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
Maybe you ought to put in for the job.
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info Pred 19 dnevi
Personally I want to see Angela Hill vs Yan. In my own personal opinion, Angela won her last two fights (both were close losses officially scored towards her opponent). If Angela wins she gets one of the top 3, if Yan wins she gets more name recognition and one or the top 3. Seems fair to me, tbh, but I know unrealistic.
JK96 Pred 19 dnevi
@Pro Fights Info , ✊🏼 🙏🏼
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info Pred 19 dnevi
@JK96 thanks! I’m sure I watched it live. It’s just I also watch every show, every prelim, Bellator, One Championship, and pro wrestling! Haha. It’s hard to remember it all. But I will definitely go out of my way to watch again thanks to your recommendation! I truly don’t remember anything about it! Thanks for the info, hope you enjoyed the fights this weekend!
JK96 Pred 19 dnevi
@Pro Fights Info , it’s worth to watch the yan vs Angela fight. Rly fun and close fight. Yan kinda got lucky in the first round... watch it, and ull know what I’m talking about:)
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info Pred 19 dnevi
@JK96 oh wow! How embarrassing for me. Some how I totally don’t remember that fight. Too bad for Angela. I thought she beat both her last opponents. I don’t think she’d be the top level of the division, but I thought she’s earned her spot more than Gadelha or Waterson at this point.
JK96 Pred 19 dnevi
@Pro Fights Info , no, the fight was just last year. No rematch anytime soon. Yan is literally next or 1 fight away from a title shot. Angela hill isn’t even ranked top 10 right now but in my opinion, she’s more of a top 7 fighter. I just don’t see the rm happening anytime soon.
MrHandsomeboynow Pred 19 dnevi
Yo Chinese speakers, did the translator do a good job or nah? I always wonder.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis Pred 19 dnevi
Not quite.
Nat N
Nat N Pred 19 dnevi
Not a perfect translation, as always. Yan said her own performance was a bit lacking tonight, which didn't get translated.
AletheAce Pred 20 dnevi
Boring ass fight. Sloppy. Both fighters, especially Claudia, looked like they were stuck in the mud.
Min Su Chi
Min Su Chi Pred 20 dnevi
로드fc에 왜 있었던거눜ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dixie Chan
Dixie Chan Pred 20 dnevi
The chinese translator is trash, he adds and omits stuff as he wished.
TheScotchaholic Pred 17 dnevi
@Nasska B A lot of these translators need to brush up on their knowledge.👍💯
Nasska B
Nasska B Pred 17 dnevi
@TheScotchaholic i think its more than enough for him to fulfill his duty in term of pronounciation n basic communication .no offense, but theres some brazillian ,and russian players n translators are not any better than him or even worse😂
TheScotchaholic Pred 17 dnevi
@Nasska B He needs to brush up on his English.
Nasska B
Nasska B Pred 18 dnevi
actually its yanan husband help her doing the translation all the time
SnesManiac Pred 18 dnevi
Feel free to translate for us.
Sasi Naos
Sasi Naos Pred 20 dnevi
Yan has good control from back and takedowns defense specially in the clinch. She needs to work on developing some insane powers if she is to beat Weili, Joanna and Rose.
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
Yep, she's not ready for any of those 3 and Amanda Ribas.
Matt Bradbury
Matt Bradbury Pred 20 dnevi
Yan deserves that title shot now come on who else can she fight Suarez isn’t even ready to fight yet ?
Matt Bradbury
Matt Bradbury Pred 19 dnevi
@The Isaiahnator Yh true Joanna yan next then or perhaps the winner Of waterson vs Rivas
The Isaiahnator
The Isaiahnator Pred 19 dnevi
@Matt Bradbury Fighters are judged by their performances, not (misleading) records. At UFC 237, Rose looked superhuman (even if just for one round). And she avenged her loss at UFC 251, besides. Plus, there were no clear contenders after the Weili/Joanna fight, so Rose didn't lose any stock. And she's still champion-caliber, so her versus Weili can be considered a superfight. Yan isn't at that level yet.
Matt Bradbury
Matt Bradbury Pred 19 dnevi
@The Isaiahnator why though she’s on a one fight win streak against Andrade which was a close fight yan has beaten 3 ranked contenders and is in a six fight win streak in the ufc but it’s bigger if there is a crowd in China so I suppose if we wait that’s DJ e tko
Artem The Goat
Artem The Goat Pred 19 dnevi
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
The Isaiahnator
The Isaiahnator Pred 20 dnevi
Rose fights Weili next.
Ceasar Moreno
Ceasar Moreno Pred 20 dnevi
Asian translates are comedy
The Isaiahnator
The Isaiahnator Pred 20 dnevi
Claudia always gasses. If the weight cut is too difficult, maybe she should move up to flyweight. But imagine if she has to fight Andrade again... 😬
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall Pred 20 dnevi
Two Chinese girls fighting for the Championship, they would worth watching, 😆 !!!
Kampung Love
Kampung Love Pred 20 dnevi
Claudia should not be in top 5 really. She is very lazy in her strikes. Wasting so much time in her clinching like always. As an experience fighter, she could easily realize that she was losing the round because she was inactive for the 3 last minutes! No punches, no knees no elbows..push her down the rank already. Let amanda ribas in
Veritas Pred 19 dnevi
@Kampung Love I agree. I would like her to avoid Joanna since I feel it's a likely loss to someone who "should" have very little to gain from a win because she's already fought for the belt so much. she doesn't match up well and it would be too many new and uncomfortable hurdles for her with her style. on the flip side, I think Rose and Yan are very boxing heavy, lead leg heavy and have questionable to outright poor wrestling. I think Suarez would maul them Khabib style.
Kampung Love
Kampung Love Pred 19 dnevi
@Veritas I still think Tatiana has to prove herself again since she didn't fight this year & her last fight wasn't the top 4. She should fight Joanna/Rose/ Yan to get the title shot
Veritas Pred 19 dnevi
@Kampung Love agree 100%, first person i see to draw the comparison. I think Yan vs Rose is a good test and for Rose it's a much safer fight than Weili. both of them have better boxing then the champ (strictly boxing) but both lack heavily in overall game, especially in areas like clinch, takedown defense and defensive grappling. Rose has better offensive grappling, but still has virtually no functional takedown defense. I think the UFC will try to make Carla vs Joanna2, Carla will refuse and probably look to face Yan. long story short, i think Zhang stays champ another year and the contenders trade wins/losses until Suarez is healthy and makes a push toward the belt.
Kampung Love
Kampung Love Pred 19 dnevi
@Veritas Yan's skill set isn't that high level though. Not strong on the ground & most of all, lazy in her kicks in this bout. She only relied on her punches & Claudia was just her perfect punching bag(just like Aldana). The best version of Yan is in Rose mode. Yan is below Rose in all areas I guess but she could get the title shot if she beats Carla. Dana might make them fight for the title shot spot if Rose failed to beat ZW
Veritas Pred 19 dnevi
she never fights like an experienced fighter. she used to rely on physicality and now it's fading. I'm surprised she didn't get beat up worse.
elemexe Pred 20 dnevi
Yan is such a technical striker but she lacks the ground game. I feel like vs Zhang she might (?) win a decision over 5 with her jabs being faster, but I’d rather see Zhang get fed to Valentina after she beats Rose. That would be probably the best way to grow UFC in the East. Similar to why Khabib is giving up the throne so Islam can pick it up easily
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews Pred 20 dnevi
She bad
pcbh167 Pred 20 dnevi
Love Yan!
XUAN LEH Pred 20 dnevi
The card of Weili vs Xiaonan for the strawweight champion in China will easily break some UFC records.
Chris RHMMA Pred 17 dnevi
I've got Kaalay Jaa_moon
I've got Kaalay Jaa_moon Pred 20 dnevi
Yans got a btful body.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan Pred 20 dnevi
Yan CHINESE kim jong un
WHITE LION Pred 20 dnevi
Any straight man look at Claudio's body and find that attractive?!? 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
Pubtomfoolery Pred 19 dnevi
I think shes cute although her stomach has gone weird over the last year, too much core work?
Ramon vargas
Ramon vargas Pred 20 dnevi
Claudia is attractive except for he feet though
MARKY SPARKY Pred 20 dnevi
The interpreter did not interpret properly
WHITE LION Pred 20 dnevi
Thanks for beating Claudio... 💪🏻🤓😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓👍🏻
Randy Boisa
Randy Boisa Pred 20 dnevi
Rose, dey all taste like butter bring em on.
mslt Pred 20 dnevi
Nice to see tekashi 69 in his new career as a washed up woman fighter
C J Pred 20 dnevi
I think you thought this would be funnier in your head.
turbobenx Pred 20 dnevi
Baylen Miller
Baylen Miller Pred 20 dnevi
so cool mma brings people across the world together
barry walsh
barry walsh Pred 20 dnevi
Respect to both fighter's co main event wtf did each fighter do other than suss another out
MSU SPARTANS Pred 20 dnevi
I hope Santos and Glover is a good bout
MSU SPARTANS Pred 19 dnevi
@Backstage & Behind The Scenes Yup was a great bout not good lol
Backstage & Behind The Scenes
Backstage & Behind The Scenes Pred 20 dnevi
I’d say it was!
Leestheories 117
Leestheories 117 Pred 20 dnevi
Yan can’t knockout for shit, 6 decisions in a row smh not impressed
MSU SPARTANS Pred 20 dnevi
Mira que queire cosa
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
They are all on heaps and heaps of drugs. Show me any other sport where Chinese are competitive. Can't? can only do it in UFC??? Big Think
@Брэндон Кеннеди Isänmesez! my Turkic brother!!! I'm Korean but I lived in Russia and Turkic countries before I hope you're not serious about this LMFAO have a good day man take care! you said, "stop bringing race into this" while you claim that people of Chinese ethnicity cant produce top athletes without drugs and claim china is not capable of being good in sports. literally, all you're talking about is judging race with racism. bwahaha, I hope you're just joking cause this is funny mate. I also never claimed china was a race but you're eyes are on drugs I guess, china is a certain section of the Asian race. China has led the gold medal count in Asia since 1982 (don't forget Asia also includes India, Pakistan, etc) and ranks top 10 to top 5 in the world and does better than some European countries. You admit that other Asian countries like Thailand and Japan have good fighters but claim that China a country of 1.4 billion people can't? Not only does that sound stupid it's just also the complete opposite in reality. China has more top-performing athletes than any other Asian country the numbers don't lie.
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 19 dnevi
@YUNGBOI FROMTHESIX China is a country not a race you imbecile. Thailand, Laos and Japan have some of the greatest fighters on earth. Stop bringing race into this losing argument. China can't compete the fact still remains. None of you idiots have at all argued this. You just bring in bs claims wah boo hoo you're racist. Doesn't work on me.
turbobenx Pred 19 dnevi
@Брэндон Кеннеди u obviously spewing out fake news and not researching enough. Chinese has one of the most medals in the entire world. That is a fact.
Katie Kobliska
Katie Kobliska Pred 19 dnevi
@Брэндон Кеннеди sometimes I’m reminded like this that there’s still people in this world like you that still have such racially focused and racist ignorant mindsets. 🤦🏻‍♀️
It’s clearly racist. You’re denying the fact that a person of Chinese ethnicity can’t be winning at a high level in mma 😂🤣. I’m not Chinese but it’s the fact of how racially focused your opinion is which is dumb😂Also China has always in the past and today been in top 5 to top 10 in producing Olympic medals in summer olympics. In the last two Olympics China dominated powerlifting and also produced multiple gold medals and silver/bronze in swimming, gymnastics, ping pong, cycling, table tennis, diving, badminton, fencing, shooting, and one gold medal in boxing. East/southeast Asian countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand have always produced world class level athletes. We are all just human you work hard or you don’t that’s it
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
1989 Tiananmen Square Protest
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
@fiendin281 What would make you think im not muslim? I havent mentioned faith once
fiendin281 Pred 20 dnevi
@Брэндон Кеннеди haha i think it's time you convert to islam now before it's too late.
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
@turbobenx No I don't. Your 100 families saw to that. There will be recompense. Mark my words.
turbobenx Pred 20 dnevi
You got your own country to worry about lame ass.
Queen Mary I
Queen Mary I Pred 20 dnevi
Hey UFC, Cruz and Anik are doing great at commentating, seriously keep them around. Cruz is a natural speaker. Lots of guys just don’t got it Seriously good job 👍
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
Yeah ok. Test her.
turbobenx Pred 19 dnevi
@Брэндон Кеннеди what else you got to say after I proven the facts to you?I'm waiting ... And still waiting
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
@C J Pathetic. I've looked for you didn't find even 1
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
@C J Show me Chinese athletes in mma. Give me even one man. What ever they are using its easier to hide in a female body.
Брэндон Кеннеди
Брэндон Кеннеди Pred 20 dnevi
@C J im confused why you didn't answer my question if it was so easily disproved?
C J Pred 20 dnevi
Брэндон Кеннеди uhhh theres plenty? I’m confused why you would ask that like people couldn’t easily answer it. I’m also confused by why your so sad that you get triggered by someone succeeding. It’s really pathetic, just shut up and stop being jealous.
Warpzii -.-
Warpzii -.- Pred 20 dnevi
How are people saying claudia got robbed. That shit confuses me
Probably cause a good chuck of them didn’t really even see the fight but want to root against a Chinese athlete due to COVID-19 racism
Believe It Landscape & Maintenance
Believe It Landscape & Maintenance Pred 20 dnevi
Hidden Steroids. China is a lieing Communist strong hold
Aleksey Selin
Aleksey Selin Pred 20 dnevi
0:38 activedating-24.online
Kuroi Berserker
Kuroi Berserker Pred 20 dnevi
May be we will a Chinese champion vs a Chinese challenger very soon
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
the reason
the reason Pred 20 dnevi
Not Chinese gene editing once again
Ashish Rai
Ashish Rai Pred 20 dnevi
Women from West Taiwan don't play around. #WestTaiwan
SupremeSanda Pred 20 dnevi
oh oh oh~ the same weight division as Zhang? Dana & match maker will have a hard time to find her next opponent.
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
No problem at all: Either Joanna or Carla.
Miguel Izaguirre
Miguel Izaguirre Pred 20 dnevi
like your video Soo much
eazybred Pred 20 dnevi
waalex11 Pred 20 dnevi
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
Why are you surprised? She's only had one submission in the UFC despite being a BJJ black belt - which is sad, and she still hasn't improved her cardio.
Pj Mack
Pj Mack Pred 20 dnevi
Always spoil the result you tube before I can get to the bay of pirates to steal this booty
Ragnarr Loðbrók
Ragnarr Loðbrók Pred 20 dnevi
Congrats Yan. Also DAMN, what a battle by Barcelos and Taha. Barce is a monster and Taha showed great heart, not a single quiter's bone in that man. 🙌
Daniel Pred 20 dnevi
I would love to see Yan Xiaonan vs Zhang Weili! These female fighters from China don’t play! 🇨🇳 🐉 like Zhang said, she wants to break the stereotype that East Asian women are weak and submissive!
TheScotchaholic Pred 11 dnevi
@NO PLACE TO HIDE These two pairs could be a possibility on the same card and held in China - probably March or April. If Yan and Zhang both win, the UFC will definitely have them both back in China for a title bout for the summer or fall. I think the UFC will go for the sure bet and book Weili vs Xiaonan in China, over Weili vs Rose. The UFC wants that Chinese $$$
Divine L
Divine L Pred 18 dnevi
@TheScotchaholic damn in that case I'm just gonna pray that Yan becomes the number 1 contender bc that fight would be EXPLOSIVE
Veritas Pred 19 dnevi
@koji yes, it's a stereotype in the west.
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
@姜涵之 Yes, Yan and Zhang are both in the strawweight 115lb division.
姜涵之 Pred 19 dnevi
Are they in same weight class?
Oreo-San Pred 20 dnevi
chinese baby please!!!
Mike Braaf
Mike Braaf Pred 20 dnevi
I am impressed!good fighter!and pretty too see,I LIKE HER
Ser Dunk
Ser Dunk Pred 20 dnevi
There was a ufc tonight???
Takagi Shingo
Takagi Shingo Pred 20 dnevi
the AGNOSTIC formerly known as incomprehensible14
the AGNOSTIC formerly known as incomprehensible14 Pred 20 dnevi
IKR? Damn you Covid-19! Damn, damn, daaamn!!!
Gorilla barrel
Gorilla barrel Pred 20 dnevi
still going on
Bo mal patriote
Bo mal patriote Pred 20 dnevi
Make Corona great Again...
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje Pred 20 dnevi
That was the easiest bet ever lol easy money yan xioanan via decision. Claudier last fights were win/lose and she never had a 3 winsstreak since her first loss. On the other hand yan xiaonan never KO anyone beside cans with no experience in her first 5 fights.
Milan Adhikari
Milan Adhikari Pred 20 dnevi
Gadelha literally hugging Yan for a total of more than 4,5 minutes.
Frenzy F0k
Frenzy F0k Pred 14 dnevi
Khabib Nurmagomedov does the same and nobody says anything
Cristian Lizama
Cristian Lizama Pred 19 dnevi
Her gas tank sucks after the 2nd round she was fading away
Nasska B
Nasska B Pred 19 dnevi
@Pubtomfoolery claudia did have a slight advantage on physical strenght compared to yanan, thats why she keep hugging her all the time...but yanan dint seems really gassed out, and it make the fight looks boring
Pubtomfoolery Pred 19 dnevi
Was disappointed in her performance. I suspect shes on her way out, no pace/cardio and no KO power just "strength" which gasses her out in a round. And I'm a fan but man, I think shes headed the same direction as Paige from here on out.
Nasska B
Nasska B Pred 19 dnevi
yes, yanan is a beast,its obvious that claudia cant stand those heavy punch n swift strikes from nan, so she have to hugging all at the time n wrestling on the ground, comsumes opponents stamina n energy.
Larry Meals
Larry Meals Pred 20 dnevi
Yan, Yan, and Jan
JK96 Pred 19 dnevi
incase any1 is wondering, petr yan grandpa from his dad side is chinese.
UFH Pred 19 dnevi
All top fighters, all wear red
MrHandsomeboynow Pred 19 dnevi
They gud
CM Puk
CM Puk Pred 20 dnevi
Weili sister
TheScotchaholic Pred 19 dnevi
Not even close....
CJ Pred 20 dnevi
Fabio da Silva
Fabio da Silva Pred 20 dnevi
Claudia Gadelha is to far from her best days. I think she is done for the UFC. Maybe she could do some good fights in lower level events
Lonzo Gastineau
Lonzo Gastineau Pred 19 dnevi
@Rorschach That's a real thing. Sometimes someone's body gets used to the drugs (steroids) and they become less effective.
Whitemug Collectives Post-production Services
Whitemug Collectives Post-production Services Pred 20 dnevi
@Gabriel Kok you mean GO UP to flyweight??? 🤣 Dumb
Gabriel Kok
Gabriel Kok Pred 20 dnevi
@The Isaiahnator either go down flyweight OR go to lower regions like invicta
The Isaiahnator
The Isaiahnator Pred 20 dnevi
She could move up to flyweight and find new life in a weaker division. Strawweight is too competitive now.
Rorschach Pred 20 dnevi
yes, roids losing his effect but she maintains that macho man sweet voice xD
espada9 Pred 20 dnevi
The Chinese are killin it, first they get their puppet sleepy Joe into the white house and now another big win in the UFC. CCP have dominated 2020.
Alex7aj Pred 20 dnevi
Gadhela is done
Rampage Azee
Rampage Azee Pred 20 dnevi
She's pretty
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY Pred 20 dnevi
Now open your eyes 😂
Светлана Рагульнева
Светлана Рагульнева Pred 20 dnevi
0:19 activedating-24.online
Willy Arizala
Willy Arizala Pred 20 dnevi
Yan can cook
Cultural quotes - مقتطفات ثقافية
Cultural quotes - مقتطفات ثقافية Pred 20 dnevi
1st of all, congrats to Joe Biden for the great victory in elections, 2nd please support my channel with subscribe, like & share
Patrick Bird
Patrick Bird Pred 20 dnevi
Damn I’m racist af I thought that was the champ (Wei Lei) like how’s she fighting only 3 rounds, 🤦‍♂️ wei lei is an MMA future hall of famer tho real talk
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Pred 19 dnevi
@Patrick Bird no if u look at them side by side they actually look like sisters, they got similar features and skin tone, and wtf how is that racist lmao
Patrick Bird
Patrick Bird Pred 20 dnevi
I’m from Hawaii and graduated high school in south east Asia I should know better. Still glad to see this level of talent from China especially female talent
turbobenx Pred 20 dnevi
I meant, all Asians look the same to others and all others look the same to Asians. T
Ville G
Ville G Pred 20 dnevi
Why don't they just buy a larger cage?
Spills51 Pred 20 dnevi
China is moving in lol...Although Wei Lee lost to Joanna...Just sayin :p
turbobenx Pred 20 dnevi
@W B sure. Whatever make you sleep tonight. Keep being salty.
Dxgener Lation
Dxgener Lation Pred 20 dnevi
Joanna win the alien forehead that true😂 and weili the champion won the champion belt for sure 💪💪
Raw Swisher
Raw Swisher Pred 20 dnevi
Joanna didn’t win shit.
W B Pred 20 dnevi
She did. Leaving it at that.
Mr. Iveroni
Mr. Iveroni Pred 20 dnevi
She didnt lose to Joanna bro stop it 😂
Spills51 Pred 20 dnevi
Someone get that girl a pair of those giant hands with a thumbs up that they use at sporting events.....
Mark Hennessy
Mark Hennessy Pred 19 dnevi
Why ???
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