UFC 255 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 5

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 11 dnevi

Alex Perez selects baby names; Jennifer Maia is energized by her hometown. Brandon Royval talks about his favorite fighters. Champs Valentina Shevchenko and Deiveson Figueiredo discuss the flyweight divisions.
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Cannabis Use Only
Cannabis Use Only Pred uro
Mystic Fig. Submitted Perez first round.
Anjani Laurens
Anjani Laurens Pred dnevom
💖 彡 Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx 彡 '𝐒 💖 фото и видео x --------------------------------------- -- ---- ---- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸https: //tinyurl.com/K7TV10018 За неимением лучшего слова это потрясающе. Набор яркий. Его насыщенные цвета и клеточный статус привлекают наблюдателей к действию. Костюмы декоративны, красивы и их можно носить одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто не обращает внимания на то, что это люди шутят о частях животны. Вы так взволнованы изображениями, что все они черные
Kuandyk Sanzhar
Kuandyk Sanzhar Pred 6 dnevi
You can call him mystique Deiveson because he predict these things
Garrett Taylor
Garrett Taylor Pred 7 dnevi
People are sheep and easy to manipulate, to their demise.
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale Pred 8 dnevi
I bet Daveson wins by 1st round guillotine!!!
dom bond
dom bond Pred 8 dnevi
Royval has a roy jones style
caylyn111 Pred 8 dnevi
Mike perry
Msizi Nkosi
Msizi Nkosi Pred 8 dnevi
Oh snap Figuereido actually said he will submit Perez in the 1st round, CRAZY !!!!
Otis the Beefy One
Otis the Beefy One Pred 9 dnevi
DC really asked a question then went on his phone lmao
O.D Luthuli
O.D Luthuli Pred 9 dnevi
I fancy how Chito is here chilling vibing and rooting for Perez.
phil shirazi
phil shirazi Pred 9 dnevi
Figgy's manager is so fucking, trash I believe he's Costa's as well. He's always in their ear talking bs.
edit11 Pred 9 dnevi
DC doing a lazy interview
Anthony Garibay
Anthony Garibay Pred 9 dnevi
Daniel Cormier- UFC color commentator 😂😂😂
Anthony Lavelle
Anthony Lavelle Pred 9 dnevi
As if Chito Vera wasn't cool enough, I can't wait to see him fight again
Karolina Ortiz
Karolina Ortiz Pred 9 dnevi
Royval Figgy Valentina
Chef LeFleur
Chef LeFleur Pred 9 dnevi
No way Maia's coach even believes what he is saying...
GankMan Pred 9 dnevi
Valentina fought Nunes 2 times and went the distance, outside of her weightclass, what is maia gonna do exactly?
Canario Boss
Canario Boss Pred 9 dnevi
To bad Vera is going to have to watch his boy get destroyed by Figueiredo.
King BabyYoda
King BabyYoda Pred 9 dnevi
“So we got to have a Plan B and Plan C” jeez birth control for sure gonna help you for the fight 😂
Miranda Pred 9 dnevi
is it just me or does jennifer maia sound exactly like valentina when she speaks portuguese? they have the same voice!
Frog Informática Hacks
Frog Informática Hacks Pred 9 dnevi
gana valentina, figueredo y perry lidtooo mi predicion slpost.info/dev/aojGho6dnoXar5U/video.html
B WRX Pred 9 dnevi
Does anyone know what kind of mask deiveson figueiredo and his team are wearing? Looks badass!
Oliver North
Oliver North Pred 9 dnevi
Which episode does Jennifer Maia get her hair and nails done?
RøSs Pred 9 dnevi
Chito & Alex = Masvidal &colby 2
Austin Spray
Austin Spray Pred 9 dnevi
Fig is mad weird
Blown Pred 9 dnevi
I like Jennifer Maia , she seems like a nice girl, but she gonna get her ass whooped.
Samuel Emery Jiu Jitsu
Samuel Emery Jiu Jitsu Pred 9 dnevi
Ed Muenster?
Yerik Yensenov
Yerik Yensenov Pred 9 dnevi
Alex "Blessed" Perez
The DioShow
The DioShow Pred 9 dnevi
Valentina is the REAL face of the division lol
stef Bruins
stef Bruins Pred 9 dnevi
Maia coach wasn't even wearing body protection and letting her rip the body. Haha
stef Bruins
stef Bruins Pred 9 dnevi
Stefan Bernard
Stefan Bernard Pred 9 dnevi
Msizi Nkosi
Msizi Nkosi Pred 9 dnevi
I'll bet on mia, just to make a killing if she actually does pull it off (not that i think she will)
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts Pred 9 dnevi
Jennifer is gonna be suprised when she gets out striked and fails to take valentina down
Jay Miri
Jay Miri Pred 9 dnevi
That Brandon royval song at 3:50 is dope. Anyone know the name of it?
Thomas J
Thomas J Pred 9 dnevi
Los Mandados by Vicente Fernández also well known as Cain Velasquez's walkout song slpost.info/dev/ZGyeoqCfl2iyu4M/video.html
Filip Drule
Filip Drule Pred 9 dnevi
zey are.
Stickman to Spartan
Stickman to Spartan Pred 9 dnevi
6:03 DC taking the piss with his phone 🤣🤣🤣
Myles Scott
Myles Scott Pred 9 dnevi
Let's go alex Perez and go valentina shevchenko go Mike Perry go paul Craig go Brandon royval
sven trogrlic
sven trogrlic Pred 9 dnevi
I'm sorry for Maia, because she is such a sweet heart, but Valentina is twice as fast as her....and this fact will also make a big difference in the fight today!
Ruben J. Dijkstra
Ruben J. Dijkstra Pred 9 dnevi
Los mandados! 🌹
Mubeen Ahmed
Mubeen Ahmed Pred 9 dnevi
Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Keanoff Pred 9 dnevi
People sleeping on this card. Lot of good fights, couple all-time greats fighting
Edward Hitten
Edward Hitten Pred 9 dnevi
Ditch those masks!!!
Sir Aragon of Enid
Sir Aragon of Enid Pred 9 dnevi
Surely Maia has watched tape on Valentina,... right?? Maia's coach is delusional.
cody stokes
cody stokes Pred 9 dnevi
Man I love Chito and also Royval. Like him even more that he knows words to thug alibi that’s just a fire low key youngboy track
American NightmareXXX
American NightmareXXX Pred 9 dnevi
Love chito vera !! Finally shut suga shorts o'malley up and beat him down.
Eder Alvarez
Eder Alvarez Pred 9 dnevi
Daveison got that arms dealer vibe
Prashant vyas
Prashant vyas Pred 9 dnevi
This card deserves to be underrated. Its decent but not that good. The two main fights are gonna be one sided
Kiean Coba
Kiean Coba Pred 9 dnevi
honestly think royval or moreno can beat perez.
Hootakai Pred 9 dnevi
Hope Valentina is open for TUF Coach sometime that would be great 👍
spine spindle
spine spindle Pred 9 dnevi
Figueiredos walk off at the end was epic👌🏻🤣
Illuminator Pred 9 dnevi
Figueiredo is AESTHETIC as all hell!!!
Pretty UNraggedy Bruh
Pretty UNraggedy Bruh Pred 9 dnevi
Why are perez and maia so annoying compared to davison and valentina
John Metcalfe
John Metcalfe Pred 9 dnevi
With Deiveson wearing the yellow mask, and the words (from Wallid) "Terror zone!", I can't help but think of Scorpion! "Get over here!"
Steven Pred 9 dnevi
Great job production team! It really helps fans get involved when they know some background of these fighters. Start with an interesting character and some of them will become superstars.
Illuminator Pred 9 dnevi
I have a brother named Steven and he's an asshole. Because of this, I automatically think any Steve is an asshole. Thank you for changing my perception 👍
Marlonv42 Pred 9 dnevi
Brandon Royval has had such a badass journey :) happy for him!
Carles B
Carles B Pred 9 dnevi
The end of the vlog where Deiveson's coach told him to picture himself knocking out or submitting his opponent right here....Deiveson looked like an anime villian with a plot to destroy the world.
Nick Rodriguez
Nick Rodriguez Pred 9 dnevi
i like Chito. I feel he has a chip on his shoulder after that O'Mally leg kick debacle. He wants to slap leather. i know it!
CrwndBro Pred 9 dnevi
Let’s go Mexicans putting in that work baby 💪🏻
Dhruvish Kapadia
Dhruvish Kapadia Pred 9 dnevi
This vlog was building up great excitement until 8:25 when Wallid Ischmail opened his irritating mouth!👨🏻‍🦲
Micheãl Pred 9 dnevi
SHOOTER Pred 10 dnevi
@4:42 Artist/Song Name: Youngboy Never Broke Again - Thug Alibi
Terry Burke
Terry Burke Pred 10 dnevi
Valentina is right about her weight class
Paul Hau Yon
Paul Hau Yon Pred 10 dnevi
Dude,what's up with the figueiredo's manager? Don't know why by I just don't like him, just saying...
Danny Lenard
Danny Lenard Pred 10 dnevi
Mike perry just overtook chimaev as the most cringe fighter out there. He is a bum
Olender Pred 10 dnevi
Fire card!
Joe Thiboutot
Joe Thiboutot Pred 10 dnevi
I love the 125 pounders!!! So exciting to watch!
Home Lander
Home Lander Pred 10 dnevi
Mia jaw is huge I’m thinking TRT
aual slh
aual slh Pred 10 dnevi
valentina is like a female khabib,so calm and dangerous
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell Pred 10 dnevi
Really are some killers on this card
VO Transport
VO Transport Pred 10 dnevi
Those Brazilian couches are funny they already talk shit to Adesania and what happened?
Angelus Pred 10 dnevi
Love the attention Chito's getting. Just wish it wasn't at the cost of ma boy
Ofelia Michel
Ofelia Michel Pred 10 dnevi
Valentina is the real life black widow although she is facing a formidable opponent hope she gets that w on Saturday
Dee A
Dee A Pred 10 dnevi
DC disrespectfull AF for doing that
Stretch Nj24
Stretch Nj24 Pred 10 dnevi
I fuck wit Brandi Royval alot.. Think dudes really good and you can see the Diaz influence when he flex after a fight!
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Pred 10 dnevi
Alot of mexican warriors out there tommorow. Lets get it and remember the warrior gods are looking down on yall🙏
Dany Handsome
Dany Handsome Pred 9 dnevi
The only mexican is Brandon Moreno.
Shekayne Te Paora-Rees
Shekayne Te Paora-Rees Pred 10 dnevi
Perez will stop Diverson 🤫
dis person
dis person Pred 10 dnevi
lmao at DC looking at his phone while valentina is answering his question
SkyeKingdom Pred 10 dnevi
Mike Perry missed weight because of Brandon 'Rawdawg' Royval
TheFrancoDanko Pred 10 dnevi
please show more food and eating. i wanna see what the fighters eat
Eli Swagata
Eli Swagata Pred 10 dnevi
Very disappointed with the decision to go with Noah
Colin Shea
Colin Shea Pred 10 dnevi
Royval in the Jamal Murray jersey is money!
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Pred 10 dnevi
I wanna see Antonina shevchenko break the top 10 there's really exciting fights to be made
Whose House Football
Whose House Football Pred 6 dnevi
She's 0-2 against top 10 opponents already
Constantly hungry
Constantly hungry Pred 10 dnevi
i’m big fan Deiveson
ferg Pred 10 dnevi
Perez has those mexicans around him. i think he will win
kirkikane Pred 10 dnevi
DaNangDick Pred 10 dnevi
Chito looks fried.😄
Christian Castro
Christian Castro Pred 10 dnevi
dam its tough for me to pick between royval and moreno :/
lt mannered
lt mannered Pred 10 dnevi
omg I love Shevchenko, the accent!!
PROUD FATHER Pred 10 dnevi
This kid Figueiredo has the potential to be as big as Jose Aldo sometimes the things he says about his opponents are demonized
waavyjones Pred 10 dnevi
This wallid guy so fkn annoying
Jimmy De Leon
Jimmy De Leon Pred 10 dnevi
Does Jennifer maia know who shes fighting...shes about to be on the knockout end of a highlight reel..
Whose House Football
Whose House Football Pred 6 dnevi
She wasn't
Halfsquatch Pred 10 dnevi
So looking forward to these fights.
BrianNichol Pred 10 dnevi
Please don’t make fun of me guys. But I’m excited for this flyweight fight!
BrianNichol Pred 10 dnevi
These flyweight fights***
Aaron W.
Aaron W. Pred 10 dnevi
I’m ready for both
J.M Vaken
J.M Vaken Pred 10 dnevi
Is this the year 2020 worst PPV card?
Life Pred 10 dnevi
idgaf whos fighting UFC fight week is unmatched
djallil jackson
djallil jackson Pred 10 dnevi
wallid ismael always crazy kkkkk
ruin3r Pred 10 dnevi
I wonder if Megan Olivi showed up at Deveison's hotel after the last two fights.
kurgon1976 Pred 10 dnevi
for some reason I can't get excited about this card.
Stuntman1979 Pred 10 dnevi
Shevchenko. By assassination 🤟🏾👨🏽
Don L
Don L Pred 10 dnevi
I can't see anyone taking the belt from him
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