Fighter Timeline: Andrei Arlovski

  Ogledi 318,793

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 24 dnevi

Andrei Arlovski defeated Tim Sylvia at UFC 51 in 2005 to claim the interim heavyweight champion and later that year was elevated to undisputed champion. 15 years later, Arlovski now holds the UFC record for most wins in the heavyweight division with 18.
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Tony .K
Tony .K Pred 4 dnevi
Andrey K
Andrey K Pred 5 dnevi
Ему соперников из пив-бара подбирают ? Почему какие то пузаны все ? Так не честно.
romvitu Pred 9 dnevi
still chickens to speak out against filthy animal who is dictator Lukashenko. Just a chicken!
Олег Журавлев
Олег Журавлев Pred 11 dnevi
Для чего язык показывать. Детский сад
Инокентий Сматкуновский
Инокентий Сматкуновский Pred 11 dnevi
Dagestan with arlovski
Vuk Cevu
Vuk Cevu Pred 12 dnevi
Legend 👏👏💪
Денис Тёркин
Денис Тёркин Pred 13 dnevi
Легендарны йбоец!!! Желаю спортивных успехов!!!
리외ㅏ이 Pred 13 dnevi
Most durable hw in mma now
El El
El El Pred 13 dnevi
Dude needs to retire.
Blaze Roman
Blaze Roman Pred 14 dnevi
this feature was long coming , Arlovski is an animal and have been through hellish battles and still going strong at his age.
Think for yourself.
Think for yourself. Pred 14 dnevi
Grabbed the cage in his debut
Константин Ладонин
Константин Ладонин Pred 15 dnevi
Федор потушил ему свет красиво.
Vasiliy Nikitin
Vasiliy Nikitin Pred 15 dnevi
Вот не был бы таким конченным понторезом - цены бы ему не было бы!
antfolchiable Pred 15 dnevi
Arlovski and Buentello was crazy. Been a fan of Andrei for a long time. Too bad his chin went downhill after Fedor.
Ваd Santa
Ваd Santa Pred 15 dnevi
chuck4abuck1 Pred 16 dnevi
So he never lost a fight ....
Extra Fight
Extra Fight Pred 16 dnevi
It’s really fantastic UFC
pewhiepie 1
pewhiepie 1 Pred 16 dnevi
Happy day 🤗
Nav0nod Pred 16 dnevi
Farmer Thai
Farmer Thai Pred 16 dnevi
and how Emelianenko cut him down on takeoff - everything is ingeniously simple :)
Barrington Smythe
Barrington Smythe Pred 16 dnevi
He the man
al barky UFC win
al barky UFC win Pred 16 dnevi
One of the best. Way better than most of today's fighters
Kelvin Campuzano Montenegro
Kelvin Campuzano Montenegro Pred 16 dnevi
Arloskov is a great fighter...!!! I never loss my confidence in him...!!!
Vini Mendonça***
Vini Mendonça*** Pred 16 dnevi
Arlovski forgot his takedown and submission skills.
Classic P
Classic P Pred 4 dnevi
He took Struve down a couple of times.
1guy1girlfishing Pred 17 dnevi
Mr Glock23
Mr Glock23 Pred 17 dnevi
This guy has one of the best jaws I. The business. GLASS JAW that is 😂
volkan Vy
volkan Vy Pred 17 dnevi
Une légende 💥💥💥👊👊👊
J Greenseed
J Greenseed Pred 17 dnevi
Ahhhh days of affliction
ioannis killis
ioannis killis Pred 17 dnevi
wheres the travis fight????that was probably the best hw of all time
Sym Cardnel
Sym Cardnel Pred 17 dnevi
I always thought Andrei's brutal loss to Brett Rogers, in 2009, exposed his inability to take a punch and 'knocked out' his confidence forever.
Matt Beladiri2
Matt Beladiri2 Pred 18 dnevi
I'm now 40yrs old with a big belly, and arlovski is still muscular with 6pack abs. This is awesome 👏
adam king
adam king Pred 18 dnevi
b4 anyone had internet we thought affliction was just a fight shirt sold at wmart 😂
artofwarfly Pred 18 dnevi
Андрюха красавчик!
diepanh luu
diepanh luu Pred 18 dnevi
qua hay ok
Nikolai Z
Nikolai Z Pred 18 dnevi
I have to give Andrei Arlovski his credit this guy is 41 years old still doing the damn thing respect to this Belarusian Beast
МАГА АЛИЕВ Pred 18 dnevi
The Aviator
The Aviator Pred 19 dnevi
If theres an iconic welterweight (GSP), Iconic middleweight (Anderson Silva), HW would be Arlovski
Ulex Pred 19 dnevi
This "sport" is so fucking 🥴
Steven 23
Steven 23 Pred 19 dnevi
Max Dogel
Max Dogel Pred 19 dnevi
Бьёт только мешков)
Max Dogel
Max Dogel Pred 19 dnevi
А это Андрей стеклянная челюсть)))
Rob Cortes
Rob Cortes Pred 19 dnevi
What a great fighter i enjoy all his fights
Juyesunim 333
Juyesunim 333 Pred 19 dnevi
This dude and Jon Jones fight too bad Andrei not young anymore
John Batcheler
John Batcheler Pred 19 dnevi
Edvaldo Arcanjo
Edvaldo Arcanjo Pred 19 dnevi
O cara é bom.
S N Pred 19 dnevi
The original Pitbull. I remember his fang mouthpiece was one of my first memories in MMA. It's as iconic as the ice shorts Liddell wore or the flame shorts Tito sported.
limitnl Pred 19 dnevi
Where was his fight againsg fjödr? :D
YOUENNNN Pred 19 dnevi
What a legend, you make belarus people so proud
Artemania clayarte
Artemania clayarte Pred 20 dnevi
Arlovsky just fights with drunkers.
Nasty business.
Nasty business. Pred 20 dnevi
jamal modica
jamal modica Pred 20 dnevi
the godfather of MMA!, im surprised they left out his legendary win vs travis browne, one of my favorite fights all time.
Chris Mariscal
Chris Mariscal Pred 20 dnevi
Future hall of famer
Peter Mesa
Peter Mesa Pred 20 dnevi
Andre is a beast ... always gives his all
Re'em edri
Re'em edri Pred 20 dnevi
he looks like a huge tyrion from game of thrones
Andrei Ivanov
Andrei Ivanov Pred 20 dnevi
V rossia govoryat chto u nego hrustalniyi podborodok..... eto pravda?
Chris F
Chris F Pred 20 dnevi
One of the scariest fighters to watch.
H P Pred 20 dnevi
why does he remind me of george michaels
Ggg !
Ggg ! Pred 20 dnevi
А в конце надо было поставить бой с Федей 🤣💪
Josh Shoup
Josh Shoup Pred 20 dnevi
I’ve been watch Arliski fight for 20 years. He is 41 and in bettor shape then I was in 2000
KEITH KEEFER Pred 20 dnevi
Andre the heavy weight beast
KEITH KEEFER Pred 20 dnevi
Denis Jerkovic
Denis Jerkovic Pred 20 dnevi
Felt like dude always ran in the ring, cool teeth btw.
CornyBum Pred 20 dnevi
Wow...remember Affliction putting on fights? What a blast from the past. Now I'm remembering Andrei Arlovski getting knocked out mid-flying knee by Fedor Emelianenko, and the day the MMA world hoped a deal would be made to bring Fedor to the UFC...and our hopes being dashed. Hah, how time flies...
C Giles
C Giles Pred 20 dnevi
Arlovski is one of my favorite fighters. I used to throw several combos when I worked the heavy bag that he used in those title fights against Tim Sylvia. Aroivski at the top of his game was well worth mimicking-he would piece a MF up all day like it was nothing just like Frank Mir could snap, choke, or tap out ANYBODY in mma if the fight went to the ground during the pinnacle of his own pro fight career.
C Giles
C Giles Pred 20 dnevi
Stipe Miocic is one of the top HWs in MMA history but not THE best- Arlovski, Fedor, Randy Couture, JDS, Cain, Overeem, Frank Mir, Shane Carwin, Brock Lesnar, & Tim Sylvia all during the prime of their careers could’ve damn sure given Stipe all he wanted in a fight and several of them (Fedor, JDS, Overeem, Cain, Mir) I think would’ve beaten Stipe in a fight especially Fedor. A young, top of his game Fedor circa 2005 would’ve kicked Stipe’s ass all day.
GanjaBear29 Pred 20 dnevi
He a decorated vet of the sport. Should dress like Gaddafi in his military outfit, when he enters that cage.
Rey Morales
Rey Morales Pred 20 dnevi
Wow the most unimpressive highlights against fat lards... not expecting much
tajma hall
tajma hall Pred 20 dnevi
I really like this new fighter timeline series keep it up ufc
Patrick M
Patrick M Pred 20 dnevi
He was pretty dangerous up until his chin gave out. Glass jaw
Patrick M
Patrick M Pred 20 dnevi
@Victor Palacios if I was a casual I wouldn't know he has a glass jaw. It's not really up for debate, his past fights are on film. Lol He's chinned out. I didn't say he wasn't talented. But talent will only get you so far in that ring, you have to be able to take as much damage as you dish out and he can't do that anymore.
Victor Palacios
Victor Palacios Pred 20 dnevi
Casual comment. He just dominated a younger fresher competition . my boys still got it 💯 dont fool yo self
Tom Saint
Tom Saint Pred 20 dnevi
Love that guy, used to wake up 4am to watch him fight
SuperSourWombat Pred 20 dnevi
He grabbed the cage so hard in the first clip. Was it legal back then?
graeme wolk
graeme wolk Pred 21 dnevom
Not many people ko big Ben 👊
Михаил М.
Михаил М. Pred 21 dnevom
Outstanding champion!!!
p thompson1979
p thompson1979 Pred 21 dnevom
One of my all time favorite fighters
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair Pred 21 dnevom
2:54 that's why big John is the goat
Arnav Dhankar
Arnav Dhankar Pred 21 dnevom
Prime Andrei was just another level
Arnav Dhankar
Arnav Dhankar Pred 21 dnevom
Damn! People overlook how good of a fighter he was
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon Pred 21 dnevom
Arlovski Cheated on his first fight with that Fence Grab
Vinod vijayan
Vinod vijayan Pred 21 dnevom
Good fighter. But this one he maintained top position with the help of the fense
rita the cat
rita the cat Pred 21 dnevom
Grabs cage at 0:48 to maintain top control and the armbar
Mike Lenchenko
Mike Lenchenko Pred 21 dnevom
never striked his opponent more than it needed respect for this
FC Pred 21 dnevom
Big Tyrion Lannister
blargl100 Pred 21 dnevom
two angles of arlovski's fence grab 0:49 and 1:03 into a submission
Corin kirkland
Corin kirkland Pred 21 dnevom
CaptainAmazing01 Pred 21 dnevom
Is Kevin Spacey the ref at 09:23
Hiraether Pred 21 dnevom
I was born and partially raised in Edmonton, Alberta and I'm STILL pulling for Arlovski tomorrow. Such a fucking legend. Never gave up no matter the tribulations, has never been discouraged from his goal of recapturing gold. He takes on all comers, always: fellow legends, young destroyers, phenoms, debutants, everyone. It really is remarkable. NO ONE fights at heavyweight at the most elite level of this sport for twenty fucking years and counting, and is still always a threat. NO one, save maybe for Overeem but he's mixed in kickboxing. The original Pitbull is the only real one. Long live this warrior.
D Zare
D Zare Pred 21 dnevom
Back when ufc 2 Xbox, favorite player in heavyweight. Quick ass hands
Virtual Slayercat
Virtual Slayercat Pred 21 dnevom
Surprised that they didnt highlight the Travis Browne fight. I jumped out of my chair during that one.
Moodswingsposse Cellflipparachi
Moodswingsposse Cellflipparachi Pred 21 dnevom
You guys saw the cage grab on the first sub?
Jose Rodolfo Cornejo Zapata
Jose Rodolfo Cornejo Zapata Pred 21 dnevom
El soldado universal
кАнал Добра
кАнал Добра Pred 21 dnevom
glass chin
LEECH REFORGE Pred 21 dnevom
4:57 ortiz lol
kaerbear Pred 21 dnevom
Well, now I'm off to watch Fedor knock him tf out 😄💪🏽❤️
LR266 Pred 21 dnevom
Always love watching that Sylvia win.
1MuchButteR1 Pred 21 dnevom
7:41 that Belarus/USA flag lol
Francesco Ciorpoido
Francesco Ciorpoido Pred 21 dnevom
Why his opponents always look like fat truck driver?
HeckYeahMane Pred 21 dnevom
Chiny legend
Mike G
Mike G Pred 21 dnevom
None going to say nothing about Andre grabbing the fence to help complete that armbar lol
Joseph D Fred
Joseph D Fred Pred 22 dnevi
He has been my favorite fighter since I was a kid. So intimidating looking. But one of the sweetest dudes on the planet.
Mohammed Umar Farooq
Mohammed Umar Farooq Pred 22 dnevi
Lightning speed it's seems like was taking taking taking taking down him but it was knockout
Robert Saladino
Robert Saladino Pred 22 dnevi
No Brown knock out?
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