UFC Vegas 13: Andrei Arlovski Interview after Unanimous Decision Win

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 24 dnevi

The UFC record holder for most wins in the heavyweight division, Andrei Arlovski, added another with a unanimous decision win over Tanner Boser in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 13.
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DueceVision Pred 2 dnevi
That was such a robbery
Ruben Silva
Ruben Silva Pred 15 dnevi
i bet boyka can beat his ass
Jabez OnTheSpot
Jabez OnTheSpot Pred 17 dnevi
How in the hell USA is his flag? I thought he's Russian and also he struggled talk english.
Joseph Mercel
Joseph Mercel Pred 18 dnevi
I miss the full haired less bearded Arlovski era.
attracted to the metal like magneto
attracted to the metal like magneto Pred 19 dnevi
Ah my nipples, they hurt when I twist them
Quazar T
Quazar T Pred 20 dnevi
Arlosvki will always be one of my top heavyweights of All time. He paved for me the Heavyweights. If he had better training. I wouldn't doubt he would of became unstoppable.
By Ko
By Ko Pred 20 dnevi
go ahead "the crystal chin"! you still able to become the ufc heavy weight champion!!
Bmore fan
Bmore fan Pred 21 dnevom
Weird he keeps having sparring matches
Brian Harford
Brian Harford Pred 21 dnevom
Wow slpost.info/dev/poren2ScnqzO13c/video.html
Ronnie Fox
Ronnie Fox Pred 21 dnevom
Glover and Arlovski 5-0 and 3-1 their last few. Experience is so slept on by the fans.
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson Pred 21 dnevom
Arloski should have got red carded for running
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson Pred 21 dnevom
That was the most shit fight Ever
A Gough
A Gough Pred 22 dnevi
Terrible performance
Brandon K
Brandon K Pred 22 dnevi
Old dog still got it
RuslanAbasov11 RuslanAbasov11
RuslanAbasov11 RuslanAbasov11 Pred 22 dnevi
Это не боец а какая та лезбиянка
Po Pe
Po Pe Pred 22 dnevi
One of the shittiest fight I have ever seen along with Ngannou vs lewis and all of Jared rosholt fights.
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence Pred 22 dnevi
Arlovski vs olenik
Alian Rodríguez
Alian Rodríguez Pred 22 dnevi
He fix his nose finally
River Wood
River Wood Pred 22 dnevi
First of all, Glover is not in the GOAT debate. Secondly, The judges scored Andre's right hand overhand as a rock, which it wasn't. Boser managed distance and chipped away at his legs. 10-9 Boser. Just look at Arlovski's leg after the third round. 1 right hand is equal to 7 leg kicks, I guess. Smh.
Senile Bald Man
Senile Bald Man Pred 22 dnevi
i had arlovski by points on one of my multis but the judge's robbing Tanner just bothered me, landed double the overall strikes and leg kicks and only got rocked twice in the whole fight
Solar Onteck
Solar Onteck Pred 22 dnevi
Arlovski mi padergivaem tibya
The Josh Gilchrist Network
The Josh Gilchrist Network Pred 22 dnevi
anik was confused then got so happy
Mockracy Pred 22 dnevi
Damn respect legend!!!
Bob Koss
Bob Koss Pred 22 dnevi
TheOnslaughtMiller Pred 22 dnevi
love andrei but he was outstruk the entire fight man wtf
weeyum Pred 22 dnevi
"I see you!" He sounded so happy when he said that.
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Pred 22 dnevi
0:24 Wholesome stuff 😂😂
loudpackalumni YT
loudpackalumni YT Pred 22 dnevi
Dudes like 100
Julien Bedard
Julien Bedard Pred 22 dnevi
Boser won
Mr J
Mr J Pred 22 dnevi
What a G!
An_Highway Pred 22 dnevi
Old school fighters are still matter!
The type of Guy
The type of Guy Pred 22 dnevi
Did he get a nose job?
Cypher Mein
Cypher Mein Pred 22 dnevi
Real tiny with no juice
Johnny Godfuckme
Johnny Godfuckme Pred 22 dnevi
All good eh, just go slam a bunch of beers at Saint Pete's........eh
Craig M
Craig M Pred 22 dnevi
You still cool.
Wamrage76 Pred 22 dnevi
3-1 in his last 4. One more win and he might get a title shot. HW division is a complete joke.
Ceasar Moreno
Ceasar Moreno Pred 22 dnevi
20 years later fights like a bish
A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty
A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty Pred 22 dnevi
I will never forget that outstanding KO Arlovski vs Fedor. He was literally in the shadow realm 😁🙈
Konstantin Kirchhoff
Konstantin Kirchhoff Pred 22 dnevi
Look at kharitonov that was shadow realm too lol
jensen Pred 22 dnevi
Andrei "I see you!" Arlovski and Jon "Hey! I see you too my man" Anik are best friends.
deathkight234 Pred 22 dnevi
When did his nose get fixed??
Arnav Dhankar
Arnav Dhankar Pred 22 dnevi
Remember this guy with long hair and hairy chest, looked like a murderer he was a fuckin beast.
sean cam
sean cam Pred 22 dnevi
Did anyone think that was Roy Nelson
PeteyTheRipper Pred 22 dnevi
Love arlovski! Hope he gets a couple more wins before retirement
jay sullivan
jay sullivan Pred 22 dnevi
That fight was very close. I figured the leg kicks would score higher, but it turns out the big shots scored higher.
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 Pred 22 dnevi
Is this guy immortal?
Ruben Silva
Ruben Silva Pred 15 dnevi
Ye he is a universal soldier
soursaladass123 Pred 22 dnevi
They look the same except arlovski has black hair and the other dude has red hair
Kevin X
Kevin X Pred 22 dnevi
AA’s accents is more Russian than Khabib actually...
Konstantin Kirchhoff
Konstantin Kirchhoff Pred 22 dnevi
Well Belarus is basically Russian people. He speaks Russian.
Сергей Колосов
Сергей Колосов Pred 22 dnevi
Мои поздравления Андрею! Очень рад за вас!Привет с приморского края !!!
MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life
MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life Pred 22 dnevi
Tren 200mg a day. 1k test Dbol 100mg Anadrol 100mg Anavar 100mg Test C 1k Deca 1k a day Mix with power raid Zero Cycle every 2 years. .. Biden stole the election and never won it. The saddest part is that it happened because they know Trump's supporters are too decent to demonstrate sharply and are not going to burn stores. We have not fought hard enough in recent days, it was only in our hands. Trump is fighting for us and we are not able to fight for him.
Bolder Boulder
Bolder Boulder Pred 22 dnevi
Yep, Trump won.
Jay 2
Jay 2 Pred 22 dnevi
“I S E E Y O U !!!!”
Sagar Bhopal
Sagar Bhopal Pred 22 dnevi
This was a horrible decision...
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Pred 22 dnevi
after watching this fight im 10000% convinced some little thai half his size would beat the absolute shit out of him on the feet
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Pred 22 dnevi
Good night for the older guys. Wu! Go older guys! ✊
Harley French
Harley French Pred 22 dnevi
Old man power on the rise never count them out i watched my dad fight younger men all the time and he never back down it was his heart that won him the fights i have seen first hand old man power its legit 💪👏
Ismail Cigerli
Ismail Cigerli Pred 22 dnevi
That a robbery the other guy was better
Introvert Melanholikovich
Introvert Melanholikovich Pred 22 dnevi
Andrei i see you arlovski)
Conor Mcleod
Conor Mcleod Pred 22 dnevi
what did he say about the Dana White "voices"?
Conor Mcleod
Conor Mcleod Pred 22 dnevi
@Dom Hallwood it makes sense given how much he makes every fight
Dom Hallwood
Dom Hallwood Pred 22 dnevi
he said hes following the gameplan rather than trying to get a KO for danas 50k bonus
Conor Mcleod
Conor Mcleod Pred 22 dnevi
who would have thought that Arlovski would become a boring heavyweight? The guy hasn't finished a fight since 2015. Anyway he has to fight like this or he's getting knocked out.
friday thirteen
friday thirteen Pred 22 dnevi
the veterans killed it tonite....still banging after 20 years
Worst Comment Ever
Worst Comment Ever Pred 22 dnevi
fucking insane that Arlovski is still going.
TheOnslaughtMiller Pred 22 dnevi
Wanted Arlovski to win but didnt mind an up and comer like Boser to win too
Adorel Yakhnis
Adorel Yakhnis Pred 22 dnevi
It's nice to see Arlovski reach 30 wins, dude is my favourite heavyweight in UFC history. I remember watching long hair Arlovski win the championship and be an absolute beast when I was a kid, future hall of famer for sure you don't see many former champions at his age still fighting in the UFC 20 years later.
2ossy Pred 22 dnevi
He lost some mass and I think did a nose job?
Absurd Andy
Absurd Andy Pred 21 dnevom
Dude his nose used to be on the side of his face, I doubt it was cosmetic LUL
Anthony OG
Anthony OG Pred 22 dnevi
Good fight for Arlovski too
B Knight
B Knight Pred 22 dnevi
Not the best stoush.
Gregor Zorgenbaum
Gregor Zorgenbaum Pred 22 dnevi
nLesLiFe Pred 22 dnevi
boser sucks
Dwein Sensei
Dwein Sensei Pred 22 dnevi
He looks like King Leonidas
John Doe
John Doe Pred 22 dnevi
King Arlovski
Jesaya Giordano
Jesaya Giordano Pred 22 dnevi
Yo i was about to say that lol
Nasty business.
Nasty business. Pred 22 dnevi
No he looks like arloski..
Александр Пушкин
Александр Пушкин Pred 22 dnevi
AletheAce Pred 22 dnevi
Tremendously boring fight
Hannu Bhardwaj
Hannu Bhardwaj Pred 22 dnevi
Ran the whole fight lmao. Nice pay check
K Pred 22 dnevi
“Old school guys are still cool and very good” 💪💯 С победой брат!!!
Russell Jones
Russell Jones Pred 22 dnevi
@ТАНКАЧ 50RUS He's from Belarus and Belarusian
ТАНКАЧ 50RUS Pred 22 dnevi
Андрей молоток!💪🏻🇷🇺
George Pier
George Pier Pred 22 dnevi
Андрей красавчик!
Khabib Fans Channel.
Khabib Fans Channel. Pred 22 dnevi
slpost.info/dev/mIXVgWd_nKnWyIM/video.html Quick Highlights. Main event
Pablo J Padilla
Pablo J Padilla Pred 22 dnevi
Arlovsi is Hall of Fame bound!
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Pred 22 dnevi
Arlovski has always been my favorite. Love him.
Cheap Dost
Cheap Dost Pred 22 dnevi
THIS MAN IS A LEGEND OF THE SPORT .... Since 2000 dominating
jonnnyonion Pred 22 dnevi
Only thing more disappointing then the fight was the result.
Ocean Pred 22 dnevi
Bullshit call by the judges, stats don't lie.
cattalkbmx Pred 22 dnevi
He started his UFC career 20 years ago. Damn.
juan almos
juan almos Pred 22 dnevi
dude is like fuck it,I need the money
Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis Pred 22 dnevi
This boy needs to retire 🗑
Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis Pred 22 dnevi
@TheKid Because he is not that good
nico Mpower
nico Mpower Pred 22 dnevi
@TheKid and 3wins of 4 fight
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Pred 22 dnevi
😭 MAGA TEARS 2020 😪😢🤧🤮😂.
W ̄ ̄
W ̄ ̄ Pred 22 dnevi
Funny they were talking about the Andrei not taking a risk but we never saw Boser really risk anything either
Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis Pred 22 dnevi
Because he was out striking him the whole fight
colin wj
colin wj Pred 22 dnevi
Didn't think arlovski won but Tanner boser should have done way lot better than what he did, given that he looked way faster than arlovski
Martin XAX Pe-duo
Martin XAX Pe-duo Pred 22 dnevi
I sense some nerves for Boser
RøSs Pred 22 dnevi
Pit-BULL defeats BULL-doser. That was pne boring ass tight though..
I LOVE GRAPES Pred 22 dnevi
Andre arlovski and glover won the old times still got it
W ̄ ̄
W ̄ ̄ Pred 22 dnevi
W ̄ ̄
W ̄ ̄ Pred 22 dnevi
Dacian American
Dacian American Pred 22 dnevi
Glover Texiera a portugese brazilian is the best white brazilian mixed martial artist.
Bo mal patriote
Bo mal patriote Pred 22 dnevi
Don't forget Marlon Moraes, Vicente Luque, Renato "babalu" Sobral, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Murillo Bustamante, Vitor Belfort (French father & Greek Mother).. Are / were top Caucasian Brazilians fighters too
Lawmzuala fanai
Lawmzuala fanai Pred 22 dnevi
Boser Got Robbed ....
Steven Barcenas
Steven Barcenas Pred 22 dnevi
Everything MMA
Everything MMA Pred 22 dnevi
Boser got robbed.
Artem The Goat
Artem The Goat Pred 22 dnevi
@Erick Delgado yes
Everything MMA
Everything MMA Pred 22 dnevi
Erick Delgado No, the fans AND Boser did.
Erick Delgado
Erick Delgado Pred 22 dnevi
No, the fans did
Diogène Le Sinistre
Diogène Le Sinistre Pred 22 dnevi
Arlovski still out there taking names!
gidmanone Pred 22 dnevi
Arlovski is only fighting for paycheck.
gidmanone Pred 22 dnevi
@Řôběřť ť it seems English is not your first language. Only is the Operative word in the sentence
Řôběřť ť
Řôběřť ť Pred 22 dnevi
Everybody is fighting for paychecks, as they should
TK94 2687
TK94 2687 Pred 22 dnevi
he's been in the ufc for 20 years and is still winning, too. why not get paychecks?
ТАНКАЧ 50RUS Pred 22 dnevi
Андрей отличный как боец, как человек! Respect to Andrey
Cheezusfries 3
Cheezusfries 3 Pred 22 dnevi
His record 30-19 nearly 20 losses
Kris 9mm
Kris 9mm Pred 22 dnevi
Well he has been fighting for almost 20 years. 1 lost a year isn’t great also isn’t bad when you count the wins.
William Smith
William Smith Pred 22 dnevi
Look at the names on his resume, though. I don't think there's another fighter with that name-dense and extensive of a resume except Overeem. It's hard not to lose a few when you're fighting Fedor (was winning up until he ran into a blind punch), Overeem, Stipe, Big Ben (beat him twice with Big Ben being on a 13 fight win streak for the first fight), Josh Barnett (PEDs), Frank Mir, Bigfoot (x2 and the first time was juiced Bigfoot that was a monster), Anthony Johnson (got his jaw broke in the first round because the round went 10 seconds longer than it was supposed to and still put up an incredible fight), Tim Sylvia (4 fucking times!), Travis Browne (top 5 heavyweight fight ever), Roy Nelson (first guy to actually ko Nelson; still one of only 3 guys to finish Roy and Roy's resume is cartoonishly full of names --- not unlike like Arlovski's), Fabricio Werdum, Sergei (insane power), Pedro Rizzo (robbed of being the champion vs Randy, immediately after), Ricco Rodriguez (forgotten UFC champion), and Francis Ngannou (same as Sergei).
TD Edition
TD Edition Pred 22 dnevi
Thas normal
Deedo Hopkins
Deedo Hopkins Pred 22 dnevi
Boser the weird kid in the back of class who says he’d beat you up because he knows karate
Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis Pred 22 dnevi
But he has really beat people up in the ufc.. And you are a bum
sainttrunks1982 Pred 22 dnevi
This Fight's robbery makes Bobby Green's Robbery look like a legit loss.
Subazh 96
Subazh 96 Pred 22 dnevi
Great to see him again
Bazooka Tooth
Bazooka Tooth Pred 22 dnevi
Damn Tanner was on the come up too.
Anthony Hertlein
Anthony Hertlein Pred 22 dnevi
He'll be back, they gave him Arlovski as his first big test to see if he should be in there with the big dogs right now and unfortunately he came up short. He'll be back in no time
Levi Pred 22 dnevi
Andre lost this one
306 Waterfowl
306 Waterfowl Pred 22 dnevi
Andrei lost that fight, poor boser man
Nolan Himself
Nolan Himself Pred 22 dnevi
sainttrunks1982 Pred 22 dnevi
How GOOD was Andrei Arlovski Actually?
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