Fighter Timeline: Shogun Rua

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 14 dnevi

Take a journey through some of the highlights of Mauricio "Shogun" Rua's illustrious career. From the 2005 PRIDE FC Grand Prix to UFC light heavyweight champion, Rua will always have his place in MMA history.
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Karamjeet Grewal
Karamjeet Grewal Pred dnevom
This guy not good by today fighter standard. He made a name rack up easy win back in day fight tomato can in Pride. You call him Legend but today fighter all kill him. Not a top 10 fighter in today world. He was never good only over-rated.
Anjani Laurens
Anjani Laurens Pred dnevom
💖 彡 Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx 彡 '𝐒 💖 фото и видео x --------------------------------------- -- ---- ---- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸https: // За неимением лучшего слова это потрясающе. Набор яркий. Его насыщенные цвета и клеточный статус привлекают наблюдателей к действию. Костюмы декоративны, красивы и их можно носить одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто не обращает внимания на то, что это люди шутят о частях животны. Вы так взволнованы изображениями, что все они черные
Pete Melabianakis
Pete Melabianakis Pred 6 dnevi
kenzo Boyka
kenzo Boyka Pred 7 dnevi
The best fighter
Martin Latour
Martin Latour Pred 7 dnevi
shoulda retired 10 years ago
Cody Cregger
Cody Cregger Pred 8 dnevi
Dude was a savage in his prime
Joshua Pak
Joshua Pak Pred 8 dnevi
Shogun in his prime was an absolute gift. That Grand Prix run in 05 was the kind of run they write for movies. He’s had a good stint in the UFC as a whole becoming their LHW champ and all but the older fans know that the UFC got Shogun as he was beginning to fade. Would have loved to have seen Shogun and Jones go at it in their respective primes. Would’ve been a much better, back and forth fight than what we got I think.
james howlett
james howlett Pred 8 dnevi
I miss PRIDE FC what a mood !
james howlett
james howlett Pred 8 dnevi
Shogun hadn t be helped with UFC rules who forbid stomp kicks !
Ali Chaudhry
Ali Chaudhry Pred 8 dnevi
Dang... injuries ruined one of the greatest talents ever...he still a legend though...
Loose Ozzy Political Punting
Loose Ozzy Political Punting Pred 8 dnevi
Shogun was the first one to conclusively end the UFC lhw jumble of title holders. As soon as he did the prodigy jones joined lol...
Loose Ozzy Political Punting
Loose Ozzy Political Punting Pred 8 dnevi
People dont know this guy was on another level once
yeshua sage
yeshua sage Pred 8 dnevi
Where is the tehuna kill
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique Pred 9 dnevi
Shogun,uma lenda do MMA!
Jester Sings
Jester Sings Pred 9 dnevi
Why would you highlight a loss instead of honoring the wins in a timeline? There were so many other fights to showcase.
Douche Monkey
Douche Monkey Pred 9 dnevi
Shogun, Hunt and Saku gotta be the few guys that didn't take roids back in their Pride days.
Selling Silverman
Selling Silverman Pred 9 dnevi
Pride rules, rule!
Hocine Neghza
Hocine Neghza Pred 9 dnevi
Pls song
Mostafa El-Sayed
Mostafa El-Sayed Pred 9 dnevi
My fav Shogun moment was exposing the overrated Machida which the UFC portrayed him as the 'Welcome to the machida era) but Shogun showed everyone that when he is healthy, he is the best LHW, unfortunately, injuries were his worst enemy, I hope he gets one last run then retire in pride
Douche Monkey
Douche Monkey Pred 10 dnevi
Shogun this your final run. Would like to see a rematch with Anthony Smith, OSP and Gustafsson. TBH thought he lost against Lil Nog in the trilogy and Mauricio might be the most washed up but would love to see him avenge some of his losses against guys that are on the decline as well.
El Shogun
El Shogun Pred 10 dnevi
Shogun is my favorite fighter of all time. Hope he can get the w, would be so heartbroken if he takes another L.
Prince Jaren
Prince Jaren Pred 10 dnevi
No James Te Huna Knockout
Lucas Pereira
Lucas Pereira Pred 10 dnevi
Shugun Legend
BIGGYLUV Pred 10 dnevi
Lol wtf Mario was there totally out of character. Early stoppage. Chuck was getting up.
Lucas Simões
Lucas Simões Pred 10 dnevi
pLAnetZodD Pred 10 dnevi
My first favorite fighter when I was a kid. What a legendary warrior
Vagif Babayev
Vagif Babayev Pred 10 dnevi
BCRLP 182 Pred 10 dnevi
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele Pred 10 dnevi
Holy fuck Shogun is amazing, the power🤯💯💯
DimasFahrezi Pred 10 dnevi
His soccer kick was legend
Strictness of Death
Strictness of Death Pred 11 dnevi
I liked this guy’s muay thai skills
ReLevAnT thOuGhT !
ReLevAnT thOuGhT ! Pred 11 dnevi
why dont ufc organization recruit fighters from all over the world afterall it helps to more popularize ufc organization all over the world in an easy way ! they should have open their sub branches all over the world✅which will make ufc a non defeatable no 1fighting org as well as business org .we want easy entry from Nepal .f
ReLevAnT thOuGhT !
ReLevAnT thOuGhT ! Pred 10 dnevi
@José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici ya thanks :)
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 11 dnevi
Really .I agree .
Monty Monty
Monty Monty Pred 11 dnevi
3:23 "this Mauricio Shogun, 23 years of age, undefeated..." **Foreshadowing**
Wrenchettes Pred 12 dnevi
One of my fav MMA fighter of all time. hard to watch vs rampage. my other fav fighter of all time.
jonnnyonion Pred 12 dnevi
Was robbed in the first fight with Machida thanks to Cecils peoples.
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva Pred 12 dnevi
Shogun é lenda 🏆🔥🇧🇷
Tito Brozzi
Tito Brozzi Pred 12 dnevi
For the casuals , specially those who never saw him , Shogun was the best fighter in the world when he was only 19 years old , I don't think Jones or any one could have been able to beat him back then.
BEDDY BEDDY Pred 12 dnevi
lucidsolutions Pred 12 dnevi
I thought this was Cain Velasquez for years.
djeeee911 Pred 12 dnevi
Don't forget he humiliated Mashida and survive TRT Henderson twice!
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds Pred 12 dnevi
I started watching MMA because of Shogun. Legend
djeeee911 Pred 12 dnevi
Brazilians under rules of all knees and soccer kicks allowed...
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 11 dnevi
jassim wardi
jassim wardi Pred 12 dnevi
Mr. Pred 12 dnevi
nah he ducked Romero and picks and chooses fights he thinks he can win. Forrest whooped him and Forrest was and is garbage.
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 11 dnevi
Thomas Hilton
Thomas Hilton Pred 12 dnevi
The fight vs Henderson is still the best fight I’ve ever seen live. Should of put his knockout against Te-Huna in this too. Hope he knocks out Craig and then calls it a day. Legend War Shogun!!!
AK 464
AK 464 Pred 12 dnevi
The new ufc is so boring compared to this . All the fighters fight the same and have PR teams
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts Pred 12 dnevi
Pride rules ❤missed those days
ShinjiIkariFTW Pred 12 dnevi
His counter of machida was legendary
R Q Pred 12 dnevi
Y'all need to put some respect on Akira Shoji's name. That poor bastard got fed to the wolves on many occasions
Matias Asconeguy Raco
Matias Asconeguy Raco Pred 12 dnevi
put it back in with a punch, lol 4:55
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 11 dnevi
Kkk .
Matias Asconeguy Raco
Matias Asconeguy Raco Pred 12 dnevi
foot to d butthole dat hurts 3:19
Matias Asconeguy Raco
Matias Asconeguy Raco Pred 12 dnevi
Face of a proud man 2:48
Jose Luis Martin
Jose Luis Martin Pred 12 dnevi
Si en la UFC valiera dar patadas en el suelo, Mauricio sería probablemente el número 1 del mundo.
Camilo Caropreso
Camilo Caropreso Pred 12 dnevi
Nothing between 2011 and 2018 in Shogun's timeline???
Billy and Tater Outfitters
Billy and Tater Outfitters Pred 12 dnevi
Loved this guy, what a beast.
Martin Korn
Martin Korn Pred 12 dnevi
They was so young
Daniel Pred 12 dnevi
This man got submitted by Forrest Griffin and Chael Sonnen. Fake Brazilian
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 11 dnevi
El Persa
El Persa Pred 12 dnevi
Real B M F
UserFT Pred 12 dnevi
Let's go Mauricio! Win or lose, always my favorite fighter. Definitely needs to be in the HOF for UFC Champions.
Lil' Fire
Lil' Fire Pred 12 dnevi
Mario Yamasaki is the only man who ended many fighter’s careers by never being a fighter in combat sports history
João Washington Nucas
João Washington Nucas Pred 12 dnevi
One word: legend!
Ethan Sin
Ethan Sin Pred 12 dnevi
the last samurai
Marius Baranauskas
Marius Baranauskas Pred 12 dnevi
Epic fighter with epic walkout track :)
Asian Mcgee
Asian Mcgee Pred 12 dnevi
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima Pred 12 dnevi
That is how good a 41 yo Dan Henderson was.
Tow B
Tow B Pred 12 dnevi
Pride was the best
the fabulous four
the fabulous four Pred 12 dnevi
This is why John Jones is the best ever. And some other things.
iTxip Pred 12 dnevi
As a fan I want him to stop, his chin is gone and has been for a while. I want him to retire with hall of fame honors and be linked to the sport in some way, but hes had his share of physical punishment and then some.
MA. VLOG Pred 12 dnevi
@.the legend Shogun rua...👍👍
Watch This
Watch This Pred 12 dnevi
Marko Sekulic
Marko Sekulic Pred 12 dnevi
I feel the pride era and early ufc were the golden years of MMA, because back then there were still some unknown things when it comes to the styles of fighting but the fighters were already at a very high level.
Adam Brennan
Adam Brennan Pred 12 dnevi
I'll never forget that flying spinning kick against Ricardo Arona. Shogun was a real-life Samurai in his prime.
abonne toi pas
abonne toi pas Pred 12 dnevi
Welcome to the Machida Era Hum..
KankyKoo Pred 12 dnevi
One of my favourite fighters when I first got into mma back in 2010 just wish he retires now hes not the same
Kévin Legrain
Kévin Legrain Pred 12 dnevi
Pride rules were dirty as hell man..
Kane Pred 12 dnevi
I miss the old school UFC days!
Mulyadi Kurniawan
Mulyadi Kurniawan Pred 12 dnevi
Sama Jon jones babak belur Shogun rua...wkwkkkk
Jonas Pimf
Jonas Pimf Pred 12 dnevi
One Name > Jon Jones
Ash Bash Sneakers
Ash Bash Sneakers Pred 12 dnevi
If he was still able to use gear I wonder how much better his record would be
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill Pred 12 dnevi
Those Pride clips remind me on when I would be excited to receive the latest issue of Full Contact Fighter in the mail.
cht469 Pred 12 dnevi
*SHOGUN and WANDERLEI are LEGENDS !!! I miss the good old Chute Boxe days.* *Shogun was robbed in first of the Machida and Hendo fights !!!*
Julz Cdg
Julz Cdg Pred 12 dnevi
His pride dominance is still one of the best runs/campaigns i've seen in MMA to date. What a legend.
Exploring the Ka with Ra Castaldo
Exploring the Ka with Ra Castaldo Pred 12 dnevi
He influenced my life more than any other fighter
Emilio Yap
Emilio Yap Pred 12 dnevi
4:24 when Ubereem wasn't on horsemeat but still had a soft chin.
Alex Sutton
Alex Sutton Pred 12 dnevi
The Hendo fight was the GOAT fight
Risotto Pred 12 dnevi
first fight he stomped his face in tf
VDK Studios
VDK Studios Pred 12 dnevi Gaethje speaks about how strong Khabib is
Jeremy LeBlanc
Jeremy LeBlanc Pred 12 dnevi
Chute Boxe was frightening back in PRIDE
DannyBoy Bogdan
DannyBoy Bogdan Pred 12 dnevi
That hendo fight took 10 years of life off both fighters in one night
786 body fitness
786 body fitness Pred 12 dnevi
Beautiful video 🌹😍🤩
Rudy Cordova
Rudy Cordova Pred 12 dnevi
6:43 I think shogun respects machida because he stopped before the ref even noticed
bone Pred 12 dnevi
That legend
Alex Hoy
Alex Hoy Pred 12 dnevi
5:18 if he dies he dies
M.shadows Pred 12 dnevi
Shogun finishes are so classic
M.shadows Pred 12 dnevi
Shogun vs Hendo was great
BruteSportsTV Pred 12 dnevi
Shogun is a str8 Monster!!!
Ofelia Michel
Ofelia Michel Pred 12 dnevi
Were are truly privileged to still watch this man fight unfortunately his career is coming closer to and end but nevertheless a true warrior a real Shogun
MiՏᝨER ᗩᖇᖇᝪᗯ
MiՏᝨER ᗩᖇᖇᝪᗯ Pred 12 dnevi
Да он не плохой боец. Но против Джонса он выглядел ничтожеством.
Username0123456789 Pred 12 dnevi
02:14 - what the eff was the ref waiting for?!?!?
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