Top Finishes: Alex Perez

  Ogledi 146,184

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 12 dnevi

UFC flyweight Alex Perez will be the first fighter that earned a contract on Dana White's Contender Series, which Perez did during Season 1 in 2017, to compete for a title when he faces Deiveson Figueiredo in the main event of UFC 255.
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Bob 22
Bob 22 Pred dnevom
He will sub figueiredo in 1 minute and 57 seconds
William Rathbun
William Rathbun Pred 2 dnevi
Figgy by sub in under 2 mins. Wowwww
bobby canton
bobby canton Pred 4 dnevi
That’s why Figgy made his dumbass tapin 2 min 😂😂😂😂😂
Eddie K
Eddie K Pred 5 dnevi
First ref spectacular
Sean Brewer
Sean Brewer Pred 5 dnevi
Fig got that squeeze on perez
Brendan Dorman MMA
Brendan Dorman MMA Pred 6 dnevi
anyone who likes to learn, the first two were anaconda chokes (semantics, but different) and the head and arm worked because he was putting presh down and into the head, as though the chest is a mini ramp. Common mistake with the head an arm triangle is pressure location. This fight should be good later
Vince Petez
Vince Petez Pred 6 dnevi
Reminds me of wanderlei silva
carytowncat Pred 7 dnevi
Wishing him good luck because he and Marlon Chito Vera are amigos, and i dig Marlon. Fig is tough cat. G
Eric Y
Eric Y Pred 7 dnevi
putting everyone on notice, including the commentators. Mad dawg
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Pred 7 dnevi
Goodness this title fight should be good!!!
Spencer Martinez
Spencer Martinez Pred 7 dnevi
Such a good matchup vs Figuereido.
Andy googoo
Andy googoo Pred 7 dnevi
This fight might end up being an absolute banger. It’s a shame though no one is gonna buy the PPV😂
jaime brock
jaime brock Pred 8 dnevi
The last ref is TRINADAD or some shit I forgot his name
Deuceph C
Deuceph C Pred 7 dnevi
frank trigg, sir
Irving-Jo Tario
Irving-Jo Tario Pred 8 dnevi
This will be a great battle between killers who know how to end fights in spectacular fashion.
Naz Tsar
Naz Tsar Pred 8 dnevi
This division have a chance
Murcell Prudente
Murcell Prudente Pred 8 dnevi
i think its a bloody flyweight championship fight...👌
wen bao
wen bao Pred 8 dnevi
dudu is real deal. but Deiveson is another level
a sa
a sa Pred 8 dnevi
Wow, he is very good anywhere. He is legit. His fight is very fun to watch.I will keep watching his fight.
Remington Pearson
Remington Pearson Pred 8 dnevi
Great stop by the ref in that first clip.
Michael Pryor
Michael Pryor Pred 9 dnevi
He's very good, but unless Deiveson comes out flat like he did when he fought Formiga, I'm not sure Alex has any particularly clear path to victory.
rtorbs Pred 9 dnevi
Wow that first submission, dude was out before he could tap. Straight Savage
fk glf
fk glf Pred 9 dnevi
This guy is going to sleep
Jeovanny Sandoval
Jeovanny Sandoval Pred 9 dnevi
Tough competition but I think Daveison takes it
Peter K
Peter K Pred 9 dnevi
2:06 that’s proper fight IQ right there, lots of dudes would have gone to the ground and given up the advantage
JOEY'S WRLD Pred 9 dnevi
another great fighter from the 559
PEPPERBOX83 Pred 9 dnevi
Very good Alex but the current champ has some monstorous power.
Long Live Duck
Long Live Duck Pred 9 dnevi
Wtf this dude is an animal
ReverentGhost Pred 9 dnevi
maybe some day the commentators will stop calling the Anaconda choke a D'arce choke
Rangus Pred 9 dnevi
This is gonna be far better than the JoBe fights God, was I right saying JoBe was in passed his head.
Millzy Pred 9 dnevi
Unknown fighter really mens flyweight is a wack division
Jee Bee
Jee Bee Pred 9 dnevi
If his toughness can go through against Devieson this will be his key to victory.
P Manny
P Manny Pred 9 dnevi
I think this fight will be extremely competitive, Perez is highly skilled and game and D Figgy is an absolute beast, should be a banger
robinson Nepali
robinson Nepali Pred 9 dnevi
Flyweight going to be interesting
Ebad Ur-rehman
Ebad Ur-rehman Pred 9 dnevi
The first two finishes aren't darce chokes, they're anaconda chokes
Fedor Ferguson
Fedor Ferguson Pred 9 dnevi
Frank Trigg as ref is cool. More ex-fighters should be refs
Jm Dromanah
Jm Dromanah Pred 9 dnevi
Formiga will always be the Gatekeeper of Flyweight
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele Pred 10 dnevi
So much for Flies not finishing fights😎
Rum Yow!
Rum Yow! Pred 10 dnevi
I have a feeling perez would get the W via submission.
Shawn Tuma
Shawn Tuma Pred 10 dnevi
Perez via leg kicks
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore Pred 10 dnevi
2:16 His opponent tried so hard but.. Alex is a kind of animal, what a low-kicks in the knee mdrr.
Yasss Bitch
Yasss Bitch Pred 10 dnevi
Handsome devil.
Nobody likes the chanting Zombies
Nobody likes the chanting Zombies Pred 10 dnevi
So he's putting people to sleep on the ground, stops a top fighter in Formiga with leg kicks, and then proves that he can ko you with his hands. Alright then.
Yazk Habazu1905
Yazk Habazu1905 Pred 10 dnevi
Is it conor commentating in the first clip?
Hatem Alzenaidi
Hatem Alzenaidi Pred 10 dnevi
I miss Joe Rogan
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez Pred 10 dnevi
If he comes in with his chin straight in the air. He getting slept 😴 by Fig.
alexs aquariums
alexs aquariums Pred 10 dnevi
Capitaine Crachat
Capitaine Crachat Pred 10 dnevi
Je ne le connaissais pas,merci de la decouverte.
Jedi-Hyrik Pred 10 dnevi
Tough first title defense for the god of war. Its gunna be good
Nagavito Sumi
Nagavito Sumi Pred 10 dnevi
Winner Vs Benavidez next in line for title 😂
Christian S
Christian S Pred 10 dnevi
Was that Frank trigg in the end ?? As a ref ?
Tris RR karya
Tris RR karya Pred 10 dnevi
Manny Blackstar
Manny Blackstar Pred 10 dnevi
Sacrificial Lamb for Figuredo
Demi Lich
Demi Lich Pred 10 dnevi
Dana White's contender series hasn't produced a lot of contenders lol, Perez looks good but i'd have to go for the champ.
BakrUbaid Pred 10 dnevi
People are sleeping on this ppv, it's gonna be crazy
noah cruz
noah cruz Pred 10 dnevi
UFC Free Fights Figueiredo vs Benavidez 2 Perez vs Formiga+ Shevchenko vs Chookagian
noah cruz
noah cruz Pred 10 dnevi
UFC 255 Prelims on TSN Saturday
noah cruz
noah cruz Pred 10 dnevi
UFC 255 Figueiredo vs Perez LIVE! on PPV Nov 21 Sat.
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts Pred 10 dnevi
If Alex wins by D'arce 💦
nir S
nir S Pred 10 dnevi
Perez is gonna need those calf kicks to slow down Deiveson, this fight is gonna be a good one but I got both Champions retaining.
mcsmokey phatrip
mcsmokey phatrip Pred 10 dnevi
This dude is scary. Cant wait for 255!!!
ARB Pred 10 dnevi
I m so excited for this fight. Both fucking awesome 🔥
World Of Staline
World Of Staline Pred 10 dnevi
i'm sorry he has no chance
DOHC2L Pred 10 dnevi
0:26. Is that the original Darce choke or a modified Darce choke? Legitimately don't know.
Bikini Fashion
Bikini Fashion Pred 10 dnevi
and new!!
ZX14R BUSA KILLER Pred 10 dnevi
Alex Perez aka Lil Ferguson.... #darce #elcucuy
Shams Iftikar
Shams Iftikar Pred 10 dnevi
He is good
Christian Guzman
Christian Guzman Pred 10 dnevi
This dudes squeeze is ridiculous
ŞOKOMİKO Pred 10 dnevi Türk ünlü oyuncuları bayan olsaydı nasıl olurdu
ŞOKOMİKO Pred 10 dnevi Türk ünlü oyuncuları bayan olsaydı nasıl olurdu
Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson Pred 11 dnevi
Shout out to Yves Edwards on the commentary
zippy0099 Pred 11 dnevi
...sooo... was that an arm triangle or a von flu? And why, please?
786 body fitness
786 body fitness Pred 11 dnevi
Beautiful video 😍
Rorisang Pred 11 dnevi
The UFC have to promote the flyweight division better. They should stop promoting it by making bantamweights to go down and fight them.
Jo TV Pred 11 dnevi
trigg seems like a good ref in his outings i have seen him in
zitoScine Pred 11 dnevi
Dude's legit!
Bentekkers Pred 11 dnevi
This guys leaving the octagon in a body bag
Leo Nguyen
Leo Nguyen Pred 11 dnevi
He lost to Benavidez soundly and Deiveson destroyed Joe B but every fight is different hopefully
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill Pred 11 dnevi
That was an excellent ref stoppage on that first D'arce choke.
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill Pred 10 dnevi
@Rafiq Je That's what i thought at first, but I figured the announcer was more informed than myself.
Rafiq Je
Rafiq Je Pred 10 dnevi
Алина Солнцева
Алина Солнцева Pred 11 dnevi
Ух какой, неугомонный))). Впечатляет
DAStrong Pred 11 dnevi
Perez by TKO in the 3rd. Too much pace and gas for Figueiredo (who is going to be looking for the KO early)
Neeraj Bholan
Neeraj Bholan Pred 11 dnevi
Perez is good. Really good.
James Devine
James Devine Pred 11 dnevi
If your leg is getting smashed, why not switch stances?
Lance Sims
Lance Sims Pred 10 dnevi
You cant really switch stances at that high a level unless that's something you've trained or have a like a natural talent. Most dudes have no power or technique from their opposite stance. Its like your writing with a pencil and your right hand begins to hurt you cant just switch to your left hand and finish writing. Hope this helps make sense of the situation.👍
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts Pred 11 dnevi
This guys submissions are legit as fuck. Those were good ass darce chokes. Then he used the van flu choke after. Sorry if I spelt that wrong I’m not to sure how to spell that. But damn this fight should be legit as fuck! I’m excited
Acchul Asrul
Acchul Asrul Pred 11 dnevi
Deiveson vs Perez will be great fight
Leo Carr
Leo Carr Pred 11 dnevi
Damn he really knock him the 1st contact...
Gustavo Lopez
Gustavo Lopez Pred 11 dnevi
Man! Alex Is the real deal! I hadn't seen his highlights. I hope he beats Figuereido but he's an animal too! Should be a good fight
Lord of the belts: The return of the KING
Lord of the belts: The return of the KING Pred 11 dnevi
Will be interesting if he can win the title, I don't think the UFC has yet had a Latino type fighter become champion yet. Reyes tried and got close, but he didn't get the nod. I feel Cain is kind of like a fake Mexican so he doesn't really count, he is way too pale and he even posted his DNA test results and he is nearly entirely just Spanish in DNA. This Perez guy is the classic Mexican type that could become the champion, we will wait and see.
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 11 dnevi
Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock... ?
Alan F
Alan F Pred 11 dnevi
Title shot off guys you've never heard of and a guy the UFC just released. Rad. :/
JerJerBynx Pred 11 dnevi
He checked it. Yeah but that hurts
jacob price
jacob price Pred 11 dnevi
Will carter
Will carter Pred 11 dnevi
its gonna be a great fight
FlawlessGold Pred 11 dnevi
No one expects this kid to win. But who knows
Kev Pred 11 dnevi
Upset alert 🚨
Myles McCartin
Myles McCartin Pred 11 dnevi
God this fight is gonna be insane, his submission are disgusting doesn’t even need correct placement
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd Pred 4 dnevi
@N N mate you clearly would try and defend a ppv with a headliner of two guys off the street. Stop trying to verify yourself as a hardcore by defending a card and then saying “these are all spired class fighters you just don’t know the sport enough”, classic mate. If u were A REAL FAN you would know that there are no fights under the co main and main even good enough to be a fight night main event. I don’t think you understand the term ‘ppv worthy’ because you are either this deluded kid that thinks a welterweight clash of number 24 vs number 25 in the world as a main event is ‘ppv worthy’ or some rich sheltered nerd who has too much money from daddy. Going into the two titles fights on paper it was EASILY the least competitive fight I have ever seen on paper and the bookmakers agreed with me (biggest favourite in a title fight in ufc history) and then there is the main event which just isn’t ppv worthy, fair enough it’s a good fight but it shouldn’t be any higher as a co main event, and even then the main event would have to be a BLOCKBUSTER of a fight to make the card ppv worthy like a khabib or Conor vs a good challenger. Anybody else than that you would probably have to have figuerido as a co co main as the lowest of a three title fight card. Learn the sport did and be realistic instead of trying to prove yourself to people like this guy who replied by trying to defend trash cards. I bet even if you talked to Dana white and he was honest he would say ‘your crazy if you pay sometimes upwards of 70 dollars for this card, absolutely crazy’. Stop being a bitch and be realistic, and stop with all that casual shit, that word has single handedly crushed this community, not sure how long you have been watching this sport and been involved in this community but trust me that word is why I’ve stopped debating shit like this with kids like you.
Platinum Gaming
Platinum Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
@N N stop wasting your time on casual fans bro. Got first hand experience, they’re too thick and delusional ahaha
N N Pred 9 dnevi
@Dave Lloyd dude just stop honestly, I’m tired of seeing everyone say this card is trash. The two title fights alone make the ppv worth the purchase but if you didn’t realize there are good fighters all throughout the card let me give you some names; Daniel Rodriguez, antonina shevchenko , ariane lipski, Jordan Wright, joaquin buckley ,brandon moreno, Brandon royval, kyle daukas, Alan jouban, shogun, mike perry. If you ain’t a real fan just say it
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd Pred 10 dnevi
Myles McCartin you are way too hyped for this event my dude😂😂 one of the worst ppv I have ever seen on paper and easily the worst ppv with two title fights I have ever seen since I started watching the sport religiously (2014).
Ajay Rana
Ajay Rana Pred 11 dnevi
Fig is gonna murder this guy. Had to skeet a victory on Formiga with leg kicks lol
Mr Dee
Mr Dee Pred 11 dnevi
And Formiga beat Figuereido. Your point is moot.
L.Y. R.V.
L.Y. R.V. Pred 11 dnevi
Another hype train that’s gonna get exposed, just like O’Malley and Acosta, I’ll give him 2 rounds of life, after that he’s dead meat.
Cheerio Jack
Cheerio Jack Pred 11 dnevi
0:15 this dude is so aware of his opponents, that knee was some 1000 iq shit.
Cantthinkofaname Pred 11 dnevi
Im here wondering why did didn't give the fight to Moreno who is ranked higher
Introduce Anarchy
Introduce Anarchy Pred 11 dnevi
Kid is scary
Tim Wolfberg
Tim Wolfberg Pred 11 dnevi
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