UFC 254: Pre-fight Press Conference Highlights

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred mesecem

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Justin Gaethje and Dana White participated in a pre-fight press conference Wednesday on Fight Island ahead of UFC 254.
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Khabib nurmagedov.... müslim💪🇷🇺☀️⚡👏👏👏👏 İSLAM ☝️
Crown Beast.
Crown Beast. Pred 21 dnevom
Khabib watches is beutiful
MoBoss 10
MoBoss 10 Pred 29 dnevi
I’m just jealous of the weather and scenery
shoeb khan
shoeb khan Pred mesecem
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming Pred mesecem
Here after his retirement
Long Ho
Long Ho Pred mesecem
what's the deal with the video quality UFC??? this is more like upscale 1080p. NUMBA 1 BS
Matt J
Matt J Pred mesecem
Choose difficulty -easy -normal -hard -khabib nurmagomedov
Big Boss
Big Boss Pred mesecem
Khabib ☝🏻☝🏻
L G Pred mesecem
That was a walk in a park
Ahamed Pred mesecem
who is here after the fight?
The Cure
The Cure Pred mesecem
Altair Carter
Altair Carter Pred mesecem
When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. Tonight Khabib will fly like an eagle and remain undefeated😁🦅💪
Benjamin Abenes Jr
Benjamin Abenes Jr Pred mesecem
I got the humble gaethje here
M B Pred mesecem
sorry for your loss
pivovinorakija Pred mesecem
Whoever wins, I will be glad. But I prefer Khabib .
L Lawliet
L Lawliet Pred mesecem
Its truly amazing how everyone knows exactly what khabib is going to do but no one was able to stop him.
CRAIG5835 Pred mesecem
No BS just respect tween these two, good to see.
Wullan Wellisa
Wullan Wellisa Pred mesecem
Semangat indonesia.
CORONA VIRUS Pred mesecem
Wow love the respect! Justin: he's a badass if I'm taken on the ground then I'm screwd. Khabib: he has "Dina mite" in his hand.
Young Buck
Young Buck Pred mesecem
This is the best conference i‘ve ever seen, with the background and the wind it fits just perfectly
hakan mavruk
hakan mavruk Pred mesecem
I like both fighters but idk i see khabib looks a little worried just saying but i still want khabib to win
Marlboro Matt
Marlboro Matt Pred mesecem
Love when professionals fight. I got so sick of that Connor guy always showing off and talking stupid. This is the way it should be.
Mohannad Tube
Mohannad Tube Pred mesecem
Khabib You will always be the hero🥇 and the flag bearer of the Muslims☝🏻 ALHMDULLA 🤲🏻 I wish you the best of luck brother 🥊
Nime Nime
Nime Nime Pred mesecem
The Homer Simpson Gaethje
Arthur Butler
Arthur Butler Pred mesecem
I have never bought a single PPV in my life...but this???? Worth every dime💯🔥🏆
Russell Mania
Russell Mania Pred mesecem
It would nice to see America win but I want to see Khabib win and then go against GSP.
Erick Romero
Erick Romero Pred mesecem
Dana“ this tracking to bring the biggest fight we have ever done” White
kidk007 Pred mesecem
4:03 Tony Ferguson, the type of guy to make a sand castles on the beach during the Khabib / Gaethje stare down.
Brendan Maher
Brendan Maher Pred mesecem
This is gonna be one for the ages boys
voobshepohuy voobshepohuy
voobshepohuy voobshepohuy Pred mesecem
#KhabibTHEBEST P4p#1
Лунтик Лунатик
Лунтик Лунатик Pred mesecem
А они в масках дратся будут🤔
Fabian Skaryq
Fabian Skaryq Pred mesecem
Dustin is to over confident .Americans talk too much
VertO 7000
VertO 7000 Pred mesecem
Dj Usama
Dj Usama Pred mesecem
They are respectable guys i like the way , they faced . It was cool but justin said that if khabib put him down its trouble for him , he knows that
Vikas Bisht
Vikas Bisht Pred mesecem
Why do they expose their game plan before the fight to happen 🤔
arief effendi
arief effendi Pred mesecem
More than 2 round, khabib will win
King Kong
King Kong Pred mesecem
Yh, this is what this sport is about. #RESPECT
Tosin Awe
Tosin Awe Pred mesecem
He's showing Khabib too much respect. Game over!
Ethan Bray
Ethan Bray Pred mesecem
It’s mixed martial arts. Not wrestling for 25 min. I miss the old UFC days where they’d stand you up when the crowd was booing.
Ethan Bray
Ethan Bray Pred mesecem
Dana “this is the biggest fight we’ve ever done” White
gtlo1974 Pred mesecem
Two greatest warriors in UFC hard to pick!
Evy dewiyani
Evy dewiyani Pred mesecem
justin win KO 2 round
Tess Tikles
Tess Tikles Pred mesecem
Justin is well rounded fighter his striking and leg kicks can be the difference for him but grappling he'll get mauled not like Khabib's other opponents but I don't see justin out grappling Khabib. May the best man win!
Idrees Yousafzi
Idrees Yousafzi Pred mesecem
Great to see the mutual respect they have for each other May the best win
GGG Great
GGG Great Pred mesecem
Allah is with khabib khabib doesn't need anyone else
Karma Pred mesecem
I’m happy ppl around the world came enjoy this on a more convenient time. As for us in the USA, I’m gonna wake up around 11am, eat a huge breakfast and then start watching all the fights and then eat some more
MVP_KZ Pred mesecem
Justin is very strong, but Khabib is the GOAT :)
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Pred mesecem
3:06 Tony is an ass! I'm not a Tony fan anymore
hadi sharif
hadi sharif Pred mesecem
Salman NABIJI Pred mesecem
Love to see khabib in octgon Again by his unbeatable record
Febry Surya
Febry Surya Pred mesecem
I Love You Muslim Khabib
Febry Surya
Febry Surya Pred mesecem
Go Wins
Z S Pred mesecem
Justin Gaethje looks like Cole Phelps from La Noire game.
Ian Colman
Ian Colman Pred mesecem
True fighter
V3gaS Pred mesecem
I love how Dana always exaggerate with the pay per view numbers. He always says the fight is tracking to be the biggest fight they have ever done.
C Nuci
C Nuci Pred mesecem
Love how Justin's like fuck that fake belt.
Nikola Miler
Nikola Miler Pred mesecem
GL to JG...
ChiliContestWinner Pred mesecem
Khabib was going to take off his belt too. He was like are we taking a pic without belts?
Bobby D
Bobby D Pred mesecem
Khabib is gonna destroy him
Beau Benal
Beau Benal Pred mesecem
Khabib he's going to smash justin just look at the fight justin Gaethje vs dustin poirier Poirier smashed him very bad and look at Khabib how he smashed poirier how can you tell justin going to win the fight against Khabib that bullshit that what everybody was saying about the fight Khabib vs Mcgregor stop speculation look a the fact
ChiliContestWinner Pred mesecem
Khabib: American wrestling try for one take down only, Dagestan wrestling you try for 100 take downs. Cain Velasquez: Am I a joke to you?
Stelios Nikolidakis
Stelios Nikolidakis Pred mesecem
0:07 Ozzy?
Tolulope Adegoke
Tolulope Adegoke Pred mesecem
I love both guys, I'm on the fence again ugh
Christopher Leech
Christopher Leech Pred mesecem
Khabib is 💯 but I've got my 💲on gaethje #3round KO!
Sobek GG
Sobek GG Pred mesecem
True Champions, biggest two
Leo Pred mesecem
Damn, wish the best for both these fighters, and it’s rlly never like this for me. There’s so many things to look forward to in this fight, Khabib getting more slick with his boxing, Gaethje used to wrestle a lot with top dawgs back in the day, and is rlly good. It’s gonn be wild
einsof Pred mesecem
habibçim niye gelip şans öpücüğünü almadın benden
selami karakurt
selami karakurt Pred mesecem
beyler TÜRK varmı
Jamshed Davlatov
Jamshed Davlatov Pred mesecem
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed Pred mesecem
Very calm press meet 👌🏻
Adil Hussain
Adil Hussain Pred mesecem
When this match starts? Date?
ibo ismaylov
ibo ismaylov Pred mesecem
Xabib exi.Azərbaijan Love you.God save us.Allah.Allah.Only Allah Ekber.
Kaatima Abdullahi
Kaatima Abdullahi Pred mesecem
Mike Talas
Mike Talas Pred mesecem
I appreciate the respect that these two great fighters are displaying. Nothing but class for both men! May the best man win tomorrow!
You’re Kind
You’re Kind Pred mesecem
Fight with free legs and hand don’t not grab kabib it’s not wwe
salim charif
salim charif Pred mesecem
Why does a wrestler shiver? Gaethje
United_Kingdom Pred mesecem
behnam kramani
behnam kramani Pred mesecem
Khabib ,inshallah, I no 1000% khabib انشاالله حبیب برنده است ۱۰۰۰٪ به زور الله پاک برنده است،به یاری الله مردم رنجدیده افغانستان برایش دعا خواهند کرد Khabib, I LOVE YOU
Week3nd Warrior
Week3nd Warrior Pred mesecem
I love how Justin doesn’t even wanna hold that fake belt.... he’s a class act... too bad khabib is going to smash him 🤷‍♂️ but that’s mma I guess
Columba82 Pred mesecem
Good to see the mutual respect
Sakib Ahsan
Sakib Ahsan Pred mesecem
I love Khabib Nurmagedov & I also Love Justin Gaethji. They both are awesome fighter with a great personality... But when time to talk about the match then I'm care about Khabib brother's Legacy... Love for both...
Cal Bradley
Cal Bradley Pred mesecem
KYOZAKI Pred mesecem
GSP the type of dude to give his opponent corner advice between rounds.
Azamjon Hojiboev
Azamjon Hojiboev Pred mesecem
Gaethje is a good guy, a mannered real man and a WARRIOR
Nagavito Sumi
Nagavito Sumi Pred mesecem
Style makes fight, my money is with Geathje D1 wrestling background to stay on the feet and better striker.
Jake Jimenez
Jake Jimenez Pred mesecem
Justin gonna make Khabib back up
ronn ronn
ronn ronn Pred mesecem
Man I'm so pumped that my head looks bigger in mirror 😅, this is going to be a war🔥
Cody Adams
Cody Adams Pred mesecem
I smell an upset.
Hasaan Williams
Hasaan Williams Pred mesecem
Everyone has a game plan & knows how to beat Khabib until your in the Octagon with him. Much Respect to Justin Gaethje I know he’s no pushover but cmon man lol
BASIC EKE Pred mesecem
Justin “The dense bones” Gaethje
Panji Kinda praja
Panji Kinda praja Pred mesecem
Bismillah khabib.....
Abdullah Pred mesecem
After the fight🥇, im gonna eat some boorgers🍔.. 😂😂😂
The Dude
The Dude Pred mesecem
Such professionals. I like both of them. Such great guys with great morals. B👏good luck to both of them!
hanspeter Pred mesecem
Finally some western guy who shows respect and doesnt come out with his shitty trash talk strategies.
aimi hafizah
aimi hafizah Pred mesecem
This is whole new level. They should let everyone in this world see this. Like the world cup final. For free. But... Ahh.. If you know what i mean
kim jong
kim jong Pred mesecem
Khabib get new belt collection for this match!!!khabib will win this match for his beloved father!!!AL-Fatihah amin x 3
Marcella Mathis-Baryl
Marcella Mathis-Baryl Pred mesecem
The guy that said the worst part of this fight is that one of them will lose is totally SPOT ON! Personally, I'm rooting for Khabib because he's my fav no matter who he's fighting, plus it's his first fight after losing his dad and I'm pretty sure he'll be fighting in honor of him. Justin, however, is an exceptional fighter wrapped in all kinds of violence. He also has grappling skills so IF anyone is able to beat Khabib and break his no loss record, it'd be him. Both have earned the right to be where they're at and 🤢 I just need this bout to be over.
Kagemusha08 Pred mesecem
Notice how Justin gives his Interim belt away at the end and keeps posing for photos. Great mindset to be in: as of a hungry challenger.
Kenza mo
Kenza mo Pred mesecem
Remember : they both have the same manager Ali Abdelaziz !!
Anthony L. Kerr
Anthony L. Kerr Pred mesecem
Best press conference ever. True class from two of the best. Well done!
Patrick Wojciuk
Patrick Wojciuk Pred mesecem
Khabib: “I’m gonna go all night” lol
SohaibAlvi CCM
SohaibAlvi CCM Pred mesecem
Win or lose I will support both guys , both are great 👍
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