Rare Submissions in History - The Twister

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell secured only the second twister submission finish in UFC history last year, with the Korean Zombie securing the first back in 2011. We also take a look back in MMA history at two other twisters outside of the UFC.
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Mazlum INCE
Mazlum INCE Pred 2 dnevi
the Ufc when my father entire in my room 1:16
grappler90210 Pred 2 dnevi
Daniel Pred 4 dnevi
I like this and the Von flue
Dewy Wannamaker
Dewy Wannamaker Pred 4 dnevi
I came for the violence. I stayed for the homoeroticism.
Ofer Mashiach
Ofer Mashiach Pred 4 dnevi
Damn, that looks painful and evil.
era Pred 5 dnevi
0:19 that guy in the background starting to uncontrollably hoot and holler with laughter and excitement once he realizes what he’s trying to do is the best
OfficialRiy Pred 5 dnevi
3:46 niiice
Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller Pred 7 dnevi
Its too funny how useless someone looks when trying to defend the twister
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore Pred 8 dnevi
I think the twister and the triangle choke are a couple of the coolest submissions.
Matthew Vicendese
Matthew Vicendese Pred 12 dnevi
Some of these moves are very romantic.
SpencerDonahue Pred 12 dnevi
Legend on the mat, but give this kid a microphone and he just puts his foot in his mouth. His mask comments will not age well as the US is exploding with cases. Funny considering what the UFC has had to do to keep his job for him during the pandemic.
Rainingツ Pred 17 dnevi
change your title to "Rarest Submissions in History" that flows better and makes more sense
sinjara Pred 19 dnevi
No mighty mouse?
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Pred 19 dnevi
Is the last one not a reverse half nelson and not a twister??
vegetamegadisk Pred 20 dnevi
Bayzler is now the WWE women’s tag team champion.
Max Power
Max Power Pred 23 dnevi
Bryce's work ethic is 2nd to none
DaveD Pred 23 dnevi
Shayna Bazler? Wow, that's the first time I've ever seen a pro wrestler win a match with an abdominal stretch.(Wrestling fans will get that one.)
Jonafang K
Jonafang K Pred 23 dnevi
Twister and Kimura arm lock are my fav and greatest fear 😂
Zane Midani
Zane Midani Pred 24 dnevi
How tf do you get a twister from side control I’m so comfused
Ar Alagao
Ar Alagao Pred 25 dnevi
Wished if Zombie and Ortega grappled for at least a round, That would've been interesting to see.
Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick Pred 25 dnevi
I cannot understand for the life of me why it is that they call this a "twister"? That's a reasonably common wrestling move called a "guillotine".
Mason Eggers
Mason Eggers Pred 23 dnevi
doesnt get the ppv buys
Srm Mojahed
Srm Mojahed Pred 25 dnevi
What was Kurt Angel's signature's submissions?
I love the film, i love the submission 😘
Sam 23
Sam 23 Pred 25 dnevi
First guy just let him do it 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ben Grizzly Adams
Ben Grizzly Adams Pred 25 dnevi
At some point Khabib is going to come out of retirement for Bryce Mitchell.
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy Pred 25 dnevi
Oh shit shayna bazlerw!
Letnan Jenderal The Pentagon Ki Ageng Rangga Sasana
Letnan Jenderal The Pentagon Ki Ageng Rangga Sasana Pred 25 dnevi
Sunda Empire is a form of solar empire that has existed since Alexander The Great. There are 324 years BC.
KingWayne714 Pred 25 dnevi
that last one was filthy, i had watch it in slo mo multiple times to see what was actually happening
Moses Chavez
Moses Chavez Pred 25 dnevi
Beautiful side ways neck crank what a joke
bambang zx official
bambang zx official Pred 25 dnevi
*_BUG JONSON ANAK DIDIK PETRIK_* ⬇️ slpost.info/dev/Y7DOq2SlkqLYt6k/video.html
Dogs Bollocks
Dogs Bollocks Pred 26 dnevi
What about the rare submission up against the cage standing,
Roger Thompson
Roger Thompson Pred 26 dnevi
'Rare submissions in history' it sounds like khabib worded the title of this video
Miguel Soria
Miguel Soria Pred 26 dnevi
Its ok coach Matt you'll bounce back
J.Price Pred 26 dnevi
I just wanna thank god that ive never had to feel this.
the good life giove
the good life giove Pred 26 dnevi
If you’ve never been in a twister you will never know how intense the pain is. It feels as if your spine is going to snap and youve no control over it. In one of my gyms we wasn’t aloud to do them along with a few other subs
Eric Haschke
Eric Haschke Pred 27 dnevi
hmm in germany we have a tasty popsicle that is called twister
Agressive Hippie
Agressive Hippie Pred 27 dnevi
Eddie "sideways neck crank" Bravo
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez Pred 27 dnevi
Shayna is a fallout 4 mudcrab
Israel Raiol
Israel Raiol Pred 27 dnevi
Most beaultiful submission ever!
Redrover Pred 27 dnevi
Can someone explain to me what’s hurting during this submission?
Tristan Winchester
Tristan Winchester Pred 27 dnevi
Your spine is getting twisted, which is insanely painful. Plus your neck is also getting twisted, so it hurts baad.
Macabree Pred 27 dnevi
your spine with a added neck crank. Its like someone trying to twist your spine until it snaps.
aymen ob
aymen ob Pred 27 dnevi
what if he dnt tap ? he dies from a broken neck this should be illegal
Mike L
Mike L Pred 27 dnevi
-calls my son upstairs. "Come here I wanna try something"
Tom Evers
Tom Evers Pred dnevom
@Mike L Mike it’s cool bro, no one cares that we used to date. SLpost Is super accepting of everyone.
Mike L
Mike L Pred dnevom
@Tom Evers reported. Weirdo.
Tom Evers
Tom Evers Pred dnevom
Mike L. Call him down so we can show him a few positions. Like doggy, cowboy, missionary.
Carlos Moon
Carlos Moon Pred 21 dnevom
I hate antifa snowflakes
I hate antifa snowflakes Pred 27 dnevi
Hey man it's part of why God blesses us with them. Plus they get to learn on top of it lol
Shlumpyx4 Pred 27 dnevi
Eddie Bravo smiling so hard rn
SeanyC Pred 27 dnevi
Great submission awareness by the ref, ready to save that guy spine 🤣
lucas williams
lucas williams Pred 27 dnevi
Oh I never knew Shayna got a Twister
RAHUL MAJUMDER Pred 28 dnevi
Didn't knew shayna and asuka had a match in ufc!
World's Entertainment
World's Entertainment Pred 28 dnevi
Zain Trook
Zain Trook Pred 28 dnevi
Well that's some dangerous Spooning right there.
Unc0ver_YT Pred 28 dnevi
Where is Khabibs
A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty
A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty Pred 28 dnevi
This sport is crazy 😍
james lawrence
james lawrence Pred 28 dnevi
The rarest submission in the UFC was when Conor tapped Khabib and they didnt call the fight off. disgraceful!
Asher Chaffee
Asher Chaffee Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce Mitchell’s nutsack is back
Ry Joe
Ry Joe Pred 28 dnevi
Ouch !!! #ThatsAllFolks
Gil Montes
Gil Montes Pred 28 dnevi
i dislike cormier so much
reece greco
reece greco Pred 28 dnevi
TAROTAI Pred 28 dnevi
I just called my Chiro - my neck is out
JL Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce Mitchell looks like Bryce Dallas Howard
Your Favorite Sociologist
Your Favorite Sociologist Pred 28 dnevi
Tomorrow's headline: "Eddie Bravo admitted to hospital for priapism."
Alfredo Morais
Alfredo Morais Pred 28 dnevi
I’d like say that is a fight. But it doesn’t. It’s horrible fight and not acceptable this kind of submission. We cannot say that fighters know Jiu Jitsu.
Dead Brother
Dead Brother Pred 28 dnevi
I Wonder if that girl likes lucky charms
Carlos Makiiti
Carlos Makiiti Pred 28 dnevi
Twister looks like a good stretch lol
Dakota Pred 28 dnevi
Why don’t these guys just get up
Kyle Pred 28 dnevi
My man in the thumbnail has entered what I call "Hisoka mode" with the smile
Jrp. Samotsari
Jrp. Samotsari Pred 28 dnevi
What a Fight
Gavin Bennett
Gavin Bennett Pred 28 dnevi
If they were not wearing any clothes this would look kinda gay don't you think
Uniq Zzz
Uniq Zzz Pred 28 dnevi
Devon1798 Pred 28 dnevi
Don't forget Bryce Mitchell has TWO twister submission victories in the UFC making him the only fighter to ever pull it off twice! I feel like the kid has a bright future ahead of him. Not to mention he's an interesting interview.. everyone should hear him talk about the time he rear-naked choked a deer to death while hunting 😂😂
Chad Barrett
Chad Barrett Pred 28 dnevi
He doesn't have two, he has just one.
Joakim Lager
Joakim Lager Pred 28 dnevi
I Wonder what Max halloway do? Its dead quiet from him.
Miljenko Stefanic
Miljenko Stefanic Pred 28 dnevi
Watching ufc for years, I've never heard of twister, amazing.
pepperachu Pred 28 dnevi
I miss Goldberg
soulassassin0g Pred 29 dnevi
If Leonard would have just withstand the pain for just a few seconds more he would of survived to see the next round.
Grapefruit Simmons
Grapefruit Simmons Pred 29 dnevi
Last one is not a twister. Looks more like a half nelson
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Pred 29 dnevi
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roziel mamuaya
roziel mamuaya Pred 29 dnevi
The Twister should be ilegal, it can broke ur neck before tap ... Broken leg or arm its ok but neck ? 👻
Robert Jay
Robert Jay Pred 29 dnevi
I did this to my girl the other day. We will see if she shapes up and stops talking shit. Lol. God damn feminists
David Hingston-Yahyaei
David Hingston-Yahyaei Pred 29 dnevi
Shabi Kafo from Sydney Australia did the Twister
TommyMarin42 Pred 29 dnevi
Twister is brutal
Do‘stlar hamisha OMAD li insonbo‘linglar. OTA ANANG giz HAJ ziyoratlariga borish nasib qilsin. Fikrimga qo‘shilganlar pastdaki silka orqali qanalga obuna bo‘lib qo‘yinglar. slpost.info/dev/mmS7hHihomWz0mI/video.html
aussie battler
aussie battler Pred 29 dnevi
The twister is a brother on brother move...don't care what anyone says I still have ptsd
Boss Arie
Boss Arie Pred 29 dnevi
All the submissions of the fighters here are very good , but it's useless if they are fighting Khabib😂
Kj Solomon
Kj Solomon Pred 29 dnevi
💯 % submission rate.. Twister..
gqn2 Pred 29 dnevi
2:23 Pretty sure abs don't bend that way.
Josh Green
Josh Green Pred 29 dnevi
Shayna Bazler vs Off Brand Asuka
POP MUSIC Pred 29 dnevi
Wish anyone see these comments: = Always Be Strong and Peaceful ❤️ = Achieving Much Academic Success = Happy Family Make A Lot Of Money ==> Someone kind to help my channel ❤️ 💛 💙💗💚🎄
2 Train
2 Train Pred 29 dnevi
that’s how I hit my shorty from the side
Valentino Di Paolo
Valentino Di Paolo Pred 29 dnevi
The latest one is the weirdest submission I've ever seen 😳
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee Pred 29 dnevi
I’m sorry but all of these are wrestling positions if you tap to this within 20 seconds you’re a pussy and a dummy for getting stuck in a guiotine(twister for not wrestling folk)
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee Pred 29 dnevi
That is literally just a giotine in wrestling. You have. A leg ride and you put their arm over your head not complication
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Pred 29 dnevi
Last one looked like the ball and chain
Long Distance
Long Distance Pred 29 dnevi
I have seen a lot of fighter who have tatoos lost to fighter without tatoo
Chad Barrett
Chad Barrett Pred 28 dnevi
@Long Distance who cares?
Long Distance
Long Distance Pred 28 dnevi
My point is the tatoos doesn't make you look stronger
Chad Barrett
Chad Barrett Pred 28 dnevi
And your point is?
Knowledge Discovery
Knowledge Discovery Pred 29 dnevi
"My name is Conor McGregor".😂. funny moment of Khabib slpost.info/dev/g27LfnVqep_U0p0/video.html
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris Pred 29 dnevi
Nice clickbait, that's not even a twister.
TypeSly Pred 29 dnevi
The coolest submission of all time. The twister.
Chris Stogsdill
Chris Stogsdill Pred 29 dnevi
Mitchell got that twister twice!!
D Mastery
D Mastery Pred 29 dnevi
Never actually seen that before thats sick 🔥🔥
나고 Pred 29 dnevi
정찬성 코브라 보러온 한국인
H A F F Pred 29 dnevi
shout out thug nasty
Arkansas in the house
Patrick Boian
Patrick Boian Pred 29 dnevi
Submissions are so awesome.
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