UFC Vegas 12: Uriah Hall Interview after TKO Win

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 28 dnevi

Uriah Hall talks with Michael Bisping after his TKO win over Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC Vegas 12.
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G Dando
G Dando Pred 22 dnevi
Hal very unlikeable
John Doan
John Doan Pred 23 dnevi
hemant chaudhary
hemant chaudhary Pred 23 dnevi
Superb its very amazing fights
Zeben Teclay
Zeben Teclay Pred 24 dnevi
Khamzat vs Hall
Scorpio Brown
Scorpio Brown Pred 24 dnevi
Silva is still the GOAT
TRM1C Corp.
TRM1C Corp. Pred 24 dnevi
An Additional- E at the end of the 4 letter name is advantageous
fjordag dagsland
fjordag dagsland Pred 24 dnevi
Hall you lost to a gay costa bro👌
Dandan 15
Dandan 15 Pred 25 dnevi
He's Jamaican
Keith Tee
Keith Tee Pred 25 dnevi
He still was very competitive
JustAlan Pred 25 dnevi
Can't argue he was the best of his era Silva held the belt for 2457 days and a 16 fight UFC win streak a record.. can you imagine that now. Titles seem to change hands a lot now days.
ALEXIS B68 Pred 25 dnevi
They look the same height
Snoek Pred 25 dnevi
Bisping a bit drunk? :P
John Snider
John Snider Pred 25 dnevi
Uriah Hall has the skills to beat almost anyone, but he is still haunted by that kick.
davide sessa
davide sessa Pred 25 dnevi
Incredible match! Great man Anderson Silva great respect of Hall, images that I will never forget. It is no longer fashionable to bring this warrior spirit within. This is the way to deal pre and post match in my humble opinion. The spirituality and respect of a warrior who defeats his myth, transport and emotion, well I can not expect it, it was a gift.. This is the real essence of combat, but it’s just an anachronistic view of a man who doesn’t like trash talking and Match Money, but it seems to me that something is changing. There may be antipathies and some pre match statements. Also mocked. But he must finish there, the match will give the verdict, fight with courage and seriousness in compliance with the rules and possibly for the opponent.
nir S
nir S Pred 25 dnevi
impressive finish
Box Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish Pred 25 dnevi
Prime Silva would have destroyed hall god silva was so slow
Lutherius 40
Lutherius 40 Pred 26 dnevi
Just imagine Uriah if he was naturally mean and aggressive.
I don’t know why people are saying Hall is the next big thing, he beat a washed up old man, and now he’s saying he wants a title fight with Izzy? Cmon you need more to go because his loses are almost double digits
Lifter85 Pred 26 dnevi
This is getting ridiculous...Silva should've retired at least 3 fights ago...
KevinDontEatBut Pred 26 dnevi
I want to scan the barcode on his chest.
Robert Evans
Robert Evans Pred 26 dnevi
I remember when he spinning hook kicked that dude on the ultimate fighter and really fucked him up. I wonder if he’s afraid of how powerful he truly is since then, but if he let go and got loose in there he might be the best middleweight in the world. I mean who knows? He is crazy powerful and has kicks built into his muscle memory that can knock out anyone. I want to see him move better and open up more though, my dude looks pretty stiff in there until he explodes. I doubt he beats Izzy if he doesn’t start moving more freely and throwing more shots. We will see. Dope win though I love watching Uriah fight.
Crazy HD Vids
Crazy HD Vids Pred 26 dnevi
What happened to Silva’s chin? Like he hasn’t even been finished that much to the head how is it just gone?
yo Pred 26 dnevi
Don’t let Dana devalue Anderson. He was winning the first three rounds before getting clipped. Dana is a master businessman.
GONGMAN Pred 26 dnevi
fella mack
fella mack Pred 26 dnevi
I really think Anderson just just left himself open and didn’t display any of his many skills in the octagon that we all know he possess. Win or loose he made way more than Uriah On his best day , I believe he took those Falls to show love and promote a loyal fan And put him in the spotlight like with the style bender all at the ufc expense , and who cares about a billionaire industry Dana don’t give a shit about the fighters like that , it’s about The Fans and I salute that man only person ever come close to Silva in different weight class would be Jones they prove they are the top of the food chain with so many tools in their arsenal that still haven’t been done before or after them can’t forget khabib and cejudo
Bart Bitter
Bart Bitter Pred 26 dnevi
Anderson Silva is trash
Top10RandomVideos Pred 26 dnevi
Why is Uriahs face darker than his body
Matheus Sampaio
Matheus Sampaio Pred 26 dnevi
That was sad bro
junkraat Pred 26 dnevi
amn anderson you gonna have these casual thinking you was not that great aint no one in there prime in sports at age 40 that shit might work in hw but not in these smaller weight class
WOL4 Pred 26 dnevi
Izzy didnt give his full performance for Anderson
Tony Avila
Tony Avila Pred 26 dnevi
What a great role model Uriah Hall!
random human
random human Pred 26 dnevi
I have nothing against Uriah, but he will NEVER be champion. He beat a 45 year old former champion and it took him until the 4th round to do it.
Leking Asghedom
Leking Asghedom Pred 26 dnevi
Feed him to Reaper asap💯🔥👆
mike conneely
mike conneely Pred 26 dnevi
With izzy fighting Jan blackhowicz. Uriah should fight Darren till
LTE chanel
LTE chanel Pred 26 dnevi
slpost.info/dev/emioipuIfWOR138/video.html uriah hall vs silva
Đorđe Žutić
Đorđe Žutić Pred 26 dnevi
rematch Costa
D Storm
D Storm Pred 26 dnevi
Silva was always arrogant, egotistical, and devoid of the spirt of a real martial artist. Chris Weidmann showed his weaknesses, and also exposed Silva's bloated ego.
Knowledge Discovery
Knowledge Discovery Pred 26 dnevi
"My name is Conor Mcgregor". Funny moment of Khabib 😂 slpost.info/dev/g27LfnVqep_U0p0/video.html
Ibrahim Martin
Ibrahim Martin Pred 26 dnevi
Sorry Mr Hall you don't deserve a title shot yet. You are not even close.
Vel Mano
Vel Mano Pred 26 dnevi
Everybody beats Anderson Silva nowadays. The man is the black Chuck Liddell. He needs to retire...like years ago. So a win over him is nothing. Well, it's a win but it's not like he fought a guy in the top 10 or just outside the top 10 and is moving up. Uriah Hall is a good guy, he has shown flashes of what he can do but he hasn't put it all together. The most damning thing about Uriah Hall is his 'lack of killer attitude'. He's so passive at times, don't know why. Instead of attacking, he's playing 'touch gloves'. Instead of putting on the pressure in some fights, he's thinking about what to eat after the fight. Like Dana said, the man threw like 11 strikes in that round. Such a low output. It's sad to see Silva lose, he wants to continue fighting or at least go out with a win. The UFC isn't going to allow him to do that. That's some tough conversations he's going to have with his family and his team. Uriah Hall, his last 3 fights were wins (one was a split decision) but they were all against non-ranked fighters. Prior to that, he lost like 5 out of 7 fights...so now he's talking about fighting Israel...pump the breaks, get a few wins against ranked opponents. Show you are championship contender material. Uriah has the physical tools to be champion, but he needs to translate that in the octagon AGAINST RANKED FIGHTERS. Nice win though. Feels like a strong wind blowing by Anderson Silva's chin could of knocked him out. Ha ha ha.
Corenko Pred 26 dnevi
Uriah Hall vs Jared Cannonier is the fight to make.
Deandre Miller.
Deandre Miller. Pred 26 dnevi
So if I outrun Usain Bolt when he’s 50 years old does that make me the next best thing? No right, Uriah better not let this win get in his head otherwise he wouldn’t stand a Chance against Izzy🤷‍♂️
Adolph Fiddler
Adolph Fiddler Pred 26 dnevi
UFC should have sacrificed Silva to Khamzat.
Adolph Fiddler
Adolph Fiddler Pred 26 dnevi
Silva went down from a slap and could not even walk properly afterwards.
R.C.B. Pred 26 dnevi
I will always remember Anderson Silva acting like an a******* and then getting his head thumped by Chris Weidman
Walter Grande
Walter Grande Pred 26 dnevi
Uriah Hall won`t be a champion. The most gun shy fighter on the roster
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell Pred 26 dnevi
Hall looked so happy as Silva raised his hand. Hopefully Silva's words with him gave him the confidence to not be so tentative in his future fights.
Arccway Pred 26 dnevi
Sidi Pred 26 dnevi
Did Silva told the guy to enjoy his woman tonight!? Lol did anyone heard that at the end of the fight?
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 Pred 26 dnevi
How can you not love this guy? What martial artists should be outside of the ring. I will say i think he needs one or two more wins before facing Izzy. I think he should run it back with Costa first. That seems to make sense in the quest for the belt. But yeah. If there's anyone i want to see as a champ it's this guy. That's just me but if you look at things from a more collective standpoint i think plenty of other people would as well. And not simply for who he is outside the cage but in it as well. He's like a real life ninja. You think people wouldn't line up to see a champ like that? Come on. He gets flashier finishes than both Anderson and Izzy.
Zane Wilson
Zane Wilson Pred 26 dnevi
Let's go Uriah hall! Destroyed that retiree home old pathetic loser.
FurdTerguson Pred 26 dnevi
Does anyone else ever get tired of the fake Brazilian honor? Step 1: Selectively kiss and grovel ground depending on your opponent. Step 2: (Only if you DIDNT lick the floor they walk on.) If it doesn’t go your way jump around and scream and cry like a child. Step 3: Attempt to rally your countrymen and form a riot at the venue after everyone is already leaving. The long history of Brazilian sportsmanship
Dom Quiles
Dom Quiles Pred 26 dnevi
Silva won all 3 first rounds until the knockdown
Kafee Al_Qahtani
Kafee Al_Qahtani Pred 26 dnevi
You are not the champ
Tutu Nicenice
Tutu Nicenice Pred 26 dnevi
When the spider was still in his prime we use to ask our selves How is Anderson gonna win the fight today? We already knew he was going to win the fight but we just didn't know how he was gonna win..
Austin ATOM
Austin ATOM Pred 26 dnevi
Hall vs Cannonier is next
Cartney84 Ian
Cartney84 Ian Pred 26 dnevi
Sounds like bisping wanna fight Silva in bellator 🤣
RimShot Pred 26 dnevi
He’s humble and well spoken
jensen Pred 26 dnevi
Win or lose, it's always respect for the Spider!
Shizzle Pred 26 dnevi
Anderson basically gifted him this win, you can tell Hall isn't at the mental level he claims to be in these fights. His movement is worryingly hesitant, he doesn't let his hands go despite having the skill to do so, he just seems like he doesn't want to be there. Also the way he was overreacting to Silva's every move doesn't help his case. This guy needs some serious mental coaching if he wants to be a title contender.
Victor Palacios
Victor Palacios Pred 23 dnevi
Bruh don't try to demean halls W hes as good as they come.. This is still a competitive silva even at 45 ? Halls W is well deserved
Gee Cee
Gee Cee Pred 26 dnevi
Damn, Silva was so rocked he was going on the wrong side of the ref
Larry Daniel
Larry Daniel Pred 26 dnevi
I've always thought uriah would've been champ, from the tuff days
p2187 B
p2187 B Pred 26 dnevi
Uriah Hall will never make it far with this mentality.. you supposed to kill your opponent not cry and hug him.. dude landed like 3 punches in round 2 wtf
FF88 Pred 26 dnevi
the full ko of anderson silva vs uriah hall slpost.info/dev/lWTdamR4XZbDqp0/video.html
Papa Brejj
Papa Brejj Pred 26 dnevi
I just wish that Anderson had retired after the Chris Weidman leg break. Keep your head up Uriah, nobody wants to retire their hero, but you (Anderson) need to have the self respect to retire when the time is right. I mean look at Khabib.
Joe dickroot Rogan
Joe dickroot Rogan Pred 26 dnevi
This was more convincing than how Izzy beat him
Marquis Harris
Marquis Harris Pred 25 dnevi
Izzy beat his other oppoents better then hall has
LandoOutlandish Official
LandoOutlandish Official Pred 26 dnevi
I read somewhere that Halls brutal KOS over people actually get to him mentally because he’s such a nice guy. The moment he shared with Silva all but confirms this.
PKV1611221 1611221
PKV1611221 1611221 Pred 26 dnevi
Beautiful respect recognised towards each other
Ziga Vidmar
Ziga Vidmar Pred 26 dnevi
That light skinned black guy has no chin. Absolutely zero chin. We may aswell call him chin boy
Albert Alberto
Albert Alberto Pred 26 dnevi
I wanted Silva to win but i knew Uriah Will win
Michael Santos
Michael Santos Pred 26 dnevi
Simplismente à Lenda 🙏
wagsbass Pred 26 dnevi
Uriah please don't fight Izzy, do yourself a favour
DrJones694 Pred 26 dnevi
No bragging about winning this fight the man the legend is 46 years old Uriah looked good and I've rooted for him since day 1 But don't get too hype about this fight he's years past his prime and unfortunately still fighting
Bubblin Criss
Bubblin Criss Pred 26 dnevi
When the spider catches an 'L' I go watch his highlights... Legend
Ethnicleanser Berg
Ethnicleanser Berg Pred 26 dnevi
I know he's young, I know he's hungry. I definitely know he's on the juice.
FF88 Pred 26 dnevi
no way he was sluggish the whole fight slpost.info/dev/lWTdamR4XZbDqp0/video.html
아닥 Pred 26 dnevi
동정심만 들게할뿐 멋있는 은퇴는 아니다
Masoud Ahmed
Masoud Ahmed Pred 26 dnevi
Stop feeling sad for the 🕸 he really enjoyed it❤️❤️
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Pred 26 dnevi
Two men who defeated Anderson.
Abed Hammoud
Abed Hammoud Pred 26 dnevi
The end: thank you Mike.. I lav you
Martin Korn
Martin Korn Pred 26 dnevi
I knew it
Samus Pred 26 dnevi
Anderson should have stopped fighting to get that money for his retirement , this affects his legacy. He cant now compete against new kids from the block and i hope he stops looking for money fights while destroying what he built.
salucho974 Pred 26 dnevi
Congratulations Uriah 🎉 you're good guy and great fighter! 🎊🕷️Legend! 👍🏾🙏🏾
christopher waldrop
christopher waldrop Pred 26 dnevi
Paycheck. Stupid fight
M T Pred 26 dnevi
Uriah I think is no1 contender ahead of Robert Witticker and I'm an Izzy supporter NZ all the way
Thatsgoodmoney Pred 26 dnevi
Rematch Costa
WSGtr Pred 26 dnevi
Uriah "Crying Time" Hall
インペリアル Pred 26 dnevi
silva is stupid for trying to fight hall, he had a death wish..
Jake Q17
Jake Q17 Pred 26 dnevi
So much love for Anderson. Big respect to these guys. 🙏
Kelvin Alarte
Kelvin Alarte Pred 26 dnevi
costa and hall 2, pleaseeee..
Dragon Seven
Dragon Seven Pred 26 dnevi
rip anderson silva you were a legend
ZUFFER 167 Pred 26 dnevi
Your right Uriah,Izzy's lookn for easy fights..
Darock Iscooking
Darock Iscooking Pred 26 dnevi
Ezy gonna fuck you up
Lqkers UHC
Lqkers UHC Pred 26 dnevi
Silva was winning too cmon man:/
Simphiwe Ntsindiso
Simphiwe Ntsindiso Pred 26 dnevi
It's sad to watch Silva lose, but let's give Uriah hall some credit for his performance
POP MUSIC Pred 27 dnevi
Wish anyone see these comments: = Always Be Strong and Peaceful ❤️ = Achieving Much Academic Success = Happy Family Make A Lot Of Money ==> Someone kind to help my channel ❤️ 💛 💙💗💚
Alfonso davis
Alfonso davis Pred 27 dnevi
0:10 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
optic A
optic A Pred 27 dnevi
Dana said hall is the most gun shy fighter in the UFC ...... I'm hoping hall can get another fight and end it quick people including myself believe hall has what it takes to make a run at the belt let's hope we get to see it
Walter Bank
Walter Bank Pred 27 dnevi
Silva is my man...But we all know with age comes wisdom....knowing that you don't move the way you use too is crucial....In his mind he was moving but his body did not respond....Old fighter should teach and not fight past their prime!
Judo Judo
Judo Judo Pred 27 dnevi
Imagine covid was real all homeless would be dead
Judo Judo
Judo Judo Pred 24 dnevi
@Hamza Hussain it’s so sad the there trying so hard to brainwash people millions protesting around the world against covid cdc saying there’s no testing available for covid yet they have not isolated covid.. media won’t report that
ZBS Pred 27 dnevi
Silva was actually doing pretty good tonight. I'd think that for being 45 years old he'd be worse.
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