UFC Vegas 13: Santos vs Teixeira - Preview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 26 dnevi

Preview the light heavyweight main event between Thiago Santos and Glover Teixeira set to go down on Saturday, November 7 at UFC Vegas 13 in Las Vegas.
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Uz S
Uz S Pred 5 dnevi
Song name????
SPIDERM0OSE Pred 17 dnevi
I love how the Brazilian guys can still summon an outrage as if to say during a fight "How dare you hurt/Attack me !!?" These guys are among the elite of the elite talents on this planet & the highest earners in MMA but they retain that school yard attitude toward a fight. Pro's from other cultures ditch it in the name of wisdom & profit but the Brazilians seem to retain it n keep is as just another weapon or skill.
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy Pred 18 dnevi
Ohh I’m sorry but santos is gonna destroyer glover
PAU CO music
PAU CO music Pred 21 dnevom
Mega Beats 🎸 Pau Co
PAU CO music
PAU CO music Pred 21 dnevom
Mega Beats 🎸 Pau Co
Mma LIFE Pred 21 dnevom
This is be a good and old fighters. It's be very good match
The Pervatasaurus
The Pervatasaurus Pred 22 dnevi
And the Winner by Submission due a Rear Naked Choke! :
Toki Buroak
Toki Buroak Pred 23 dnevi
Glover by TKO late Rd 2.
Afgan good songs
Afgan good songs Pred 23 dnevi
Drip-MBK Pred 23 dnevi
Got goosebumps for this fight.
NoMeCalmoNada Nada
NoMeCalmoNada Nada Pred 23 dnevi
Dos monstruos 👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
PHELEEKS Eh Pred 23 dnevi
Uncle glover is nothing to.play with....I have him winning
DHUL QARNAYN Pred 23 dnevi
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George_Lunatic Pred 23 dnevi
Santos fights Izzy in his first title defense at 205
George_Lunatic Pred 23 dnevi
Glover built like a brick outhouse
trollolol Pred 23 dnevi
R.I.P America
john lo
john lo Pred 23 dnevi
santos should be the -450 favorite, not -240 favorite
Travis Henslee
Travis Henslee Pred 23 dnevi
Want glover to take it
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo Pred 23 dnevi
To me one thing for sure, thiago santos is very strong in his upper body as well as in his lower body, it's almost equal I'm assuming and that's very important for any fighter and that's very important for almost any athlete.. Thiago has powerful punches as well as powerful kicks and for an elite striker he's great at defending against the elite wrestlers and grapplers takedowns and he doesn't allow himself to get controlled by great wrestlers and grapplers too much, for a striker he knows very well how to dictate on how the fight goes because most of the time it's the wrestlers and grapplers who dictates the fights.. And glover Teixeira is a great all around mma fighter, this man knows how to win a fight in many ways.. It should definitely be a great battle between these two I'm assuming.. For me overall, I'm betting on santos winning..
William Kennedy
William Kennedy Pred 23 dnevi
This is going to be a good fight both are coming to win this fight it will not go to decision
rogerio dempo Cardoso
rogerio dempo Cardoso Pred 23 dnevi
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 Pred 23 dnevi
Really excited,let’s go Santos 🔨😎
Boris Reljanovic
Boris Reljanovic Pred 23 dnevi
Man...it almost sucks that these two are fighting! Glover is such a nice and humble guy. From a fighting aspect well rounded, heavy hands...he massacred Smith in his last fight! I think back injuries prevented him to reach his full potential. On the flipside...Santos is a specimen. He carries the speed and agility that he had as 185-er in 205. I think his quickness is gonna be a factor in this fight. He"s just the faster of the two...Teixeira is a slow starter, he won"t be able to keep up with his speed. He"s gonna surprise him with fast combinations that Glover waon"t see coming and finish the job. Glover only chance of winning is to take the fight to the ground. Whatever happens...it"s gonna be ALL OUT war! It"s not going to distance. Respect for both guys...
Novos Tokoss2
Novos Tokoss2 Pred 23 dnevi
Jon Jones won
raging bull
raging bull Pred 23 dnevi
win or lose ill go to santos. who else?
Laura Benjamin
Laura Benjamin Pred 23 dnevi
thiago santos is a bodybuilder or a UFC fighter ? Steroid users are everywhere in this sport
Lucas Godoy
Lucas Godoy Pred 24 dnevi
Hope glover pull the trigger man, he is a such legend!
Joel Redden
Joel Redden Pred 24 dnevi
I really hope the winner of this can fight jan before izzy does that way it makes jan feel more like a champ with a defence and I really want to see Santos hold the belt
Nyz TeeVee
Nyz TeeVee Pred 24 dnevi
It's hard to choose between these guys since they're both respectful and very good fighters but, I think Santos has the edge. It will be Blachowicz Vs Santos 2. I have a feeling Santos will be a champion soon.
Azahar Official Channel
Azahar Official Channel Pred 24 dnevi
Bad night for Glover probably
Josh Reilly
Josh Reilly Pred 24 dnevi
I remember some slams from Glover years an years ago that made my skin crawl. Thought he broke a few necks.
Shred Kaczynski
Shred Kaczynski Pred 24 dnevi
Wtf Glover's english is good, he sounds like a fat guy from Boston.
Agnaldo Viturino
Agnaldo Viturino Pred 24 dnevi
przemek zgliwic
przemek zgliwic Pred 24 dnevi
pumped for it. great fight
Sajid Mushfique
Sajid Mushfique Pred 24 dnevi
I am 100 % sure that Brazilian is gonna win...
Muscle Hamster
Muscle Hamster Pred 24 dnevi
Glover is a legend i hope he gets the W
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo Pred 24 dnevi
To me I don't know anything about Glover Teixeira but I just realized he's been fighting for a very long time and he has a great great record too, and now he's 41 years old so age in a way is kinda against him I'm guessing but who really knows maybe age won't be a factor for him at all in this battles vs thiago Santos.. For me I know a lot about thiago Santos and he is very legit in his own rights too, he's a powerful overall striker and he's one of those strikers that doesn't get taken down easily, because there is a lot of great strikers in mma or in the ufc but their takedown defense is not very good if they really get tested to be taken down by an elite wrestler and grappler, thiago takedown defense is phenomenal.. I have just did some research about glover Teixeira and I just realized he's a great all around fighter so wherever this fight goes he's not at a disadvantage, Teixeira is probably a better all around fighter than thiago santos, for me I have never really seen thiago's game overall in other areas but that does not mean thiago is not a great all around fighter maybe he is So for my selection who I believe wins this fight I'm picking thiago santos no doubt..
SirJekyllHyde Pred 24 dnevi
@1:51 In a soft spoken voice "..I'm going to give Glover the worst night of his life".
Naveen Raj
Naveen Raj Pred 24 dnevi
Susuncorda Pred 24 dnevi
Anthony Sergnese
Anthony Sergnese Pred 24 dnevi
beautiful promo, i got goosebumps. can’t wait to see marreta back in the octagon. my favourite fighter for sure
Maybe, maybe not.
Maybe, maybe not. Pred 24 dnevi
The fact that Thiago could walk let alone fight with 3 detached ligaments in his legs is insane, the dude is a machine.
Jared Borellis
Jared Borellis Pred 24 dnevi
Glover is a little slow in his movement so on the feet is very dangerous for him and i believe Santos has a bjj black belt i personally dont think Glover beats Santos but nothing is for sure inside the cage safe bet is Santos tho
Jared Borellis
Jared Borellis Pred 22 dnevi
Well shit congratulations glover 👏🏻
Luca Rossi
Luca Rossi Pred 24 dnevi
Santos is the future champ
Will carter
Will carter Pred 24 dnevi
Thiago Santos is the man
Silver Back
Silver Back Pred 24 dnevi
This is a mismatch if I've ever seen one.
Douche Monkey
Douche Monkey Pred 24 dnevi
Glover the vet will shoot right away after some set up shots or feints and just control him on the ground. But I hope Santos worked on his grappling and takedown D, and wish him to prevail.
TheAntManChannel Pred 24 dnevi
I want Glover to win, can't stand Santos cry baby ass.
My Penis is incredibly small but,
My Penis is incredibly small but, Pred 24 dnevi
stan Pred 24 dnevi
I bet brazilian will lose.
Virender Chaubey
Virender Chaubey Pred 24 dnevi
I donnt know about Jan but T Santos got style to beat Israel Adesanya
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo Pred 24 dnevi
To me I think jan has powerful striking overall to finish his opponents, but his movement as a striker is not very good for adesanya which will be the issue for jan for sure unless jan catches him in vunerable position standing at the right time with a powerful shot at the right place..to me I don't think jan could just stand with him all fight long or if he's going to just do that he's going to have pressure him at times and hopefully he gets him against the cage and get into his range and then let his powerful hands go or kicks, basically what I'm trying to say is that Jan has to turn the stand up striking into close close range dirty striking and if he's not able to do that then he's obviously going to have to grapple him to the ground or even grapple him to the cage, it's easier said than done for sure but that's what jan has to do..and jan is mostly a striker not really a wrestler or a grappler but he's going to have to incorporate more wrestling and grappling into his game plan vs a challenger like adesanya for sure, he needs to put more emphasis on that in his training..to beat a fighter like adesanya you have to fight kinda like almost a true mix martial artist..or maybe not because khabib proved you could still be almost one dimensional as a fighter and still be very dominant..
KennethPlays Pred 24 dnevi
Im going for Santos. Could be a long wait for him tho if Jan/Izzy fight and if izzy wins then izzy/jones.
Кирилл Боровой
Кирилл Боровой Pred 24 dnevi
'' I ' ve already conquered Yana Kunitskaya and now it's time to conquer the belt'' Tiago ''the conqueror'' Santos :)
winn htun
winn htun Pred 24 dnevi
I’d love to see him win here and see izzy win against jan as well, then see izzy vs thiago.
Egg gaming
Egg gaming Pred 24 dnevi
I want Glover Teixeira to win.
ferg Pred 24 dnevi
marreta is the future
Chris Pred 24 dnevi
Jose Nuñez
Jose Nuñez Pred 24 dnevi
Im going for thiago because why not
Tonći Grubšić
Tonći Grubšić Pred 24 dnevi
Let s go Glover
Martin Korn
Martin Korn Pred 24 dnevi
Santos gonna win
Ginger Bread
Ginger Bread Pred 24 dnevi
If Thiago wins he deserves that rematch against Jones
Ofelia Michel
Ofelia Michel Pred 24 dnevi
Dont ever overlook the OG Glover Texeira he will prevail
Rorschach Pred 24 dnevi
Clearly Santos will win...
alex Pred 24 dnevi
Thiago is a New champion , without Jones
The Nazgul
The Nazgul Pred 24 dnevi
great career for Glover, hope he wins
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MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life Pred 24 dnevi
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André Nascimento
André Nascimento Pred 24 dnevi
Two legends i don't want to lose 😔
Mansore Arman
Mansore Arman Pred 24 dnevi
Teixeira is the Best
Sebastian Williams
Sebastian Williams Pred 24 dnevi
thiago by ko or glover by freak accident
one4all Pred 24 dnevi
Santos would have beaten Jones if he didn't go into the fight injured. Even then it was still a close spit decision. He already knocked out Blachowics, the new champ.
Naveed Ahmad
Naveed Ahmad Pred 24 dnevi
No matter what, both are going to lose to Jan anyways.
Naveed Ahmad
Naveed Ahmad Pred 24 dnevi
@Joel Sanchez yes I know. Jan said that he is looking forward for the rematch. He is very confident now.
Joel Sanchez
Joel Sanchez Pred 24 dnevi
You do know Thiago knocked out Jan last year right?
Mega Win
Mega Win Pred 24 dnevi
What’s the music
Prashant vyas
Prashant vyas Pred 24 dnevi
Glover: 40 year old body and 60 year old face
dorik_nolove Pred 24 dnevi
Thiago Santos is the future LHW Champion
I_Am Letsholo
I_Am Letsholo Pred 24 dnevi
The veteran Teixeira is one tough guy, i don't see Santos coming out of this
Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler Pred 24 dnevi
someone is gonna get knock out, this wont go 2nd round, 1 tap, im putting my money on santos, but than again my prediction is always wrong hmm
Amir Ashraf
Amir Ashraf Pred 24 dnevi
Both are legends..all the best both ov u
argiris kehayias
argiris kehayias Pred 24 dnevi
If Glover can take Santos down, he will win the fight very easily.
Alex Pred 24 dnevi
Glover wins. Before Santos lost to Jones, he was on a four fight winning streak. Glovers current 4 fight win streak is much more impressive. People have recency biased over the last Santos fight. Yes great fight I also think he won. But both ACL injuries and he isnt young either. dont sleep on glover here (especially at +200 for all my gambling friends).
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Pred 22 dnevi
@Alex being THAT triggered by 2 words on a SLpost comment section says that you are, in fact, as big a douche as they get😂 get a life, Janet. I stand by Santos streak being better. Which again, has nothing, and had nothing to do with the fact i was well aware Glover could beat Santos.
Alex Pred 22 dnevi
@Buck Futtler ive been wrong before. but ive never been as big of a douche about it as you were lmaooo. "ha, ok..." about as petty and immature as a middle school female lmaoooo. yeah i might be a loser for jumping on to talk shit immediately, but ill never be half the douche bag you are hahahah
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Pred 22 dnevi
@Alex losers like you who jump on SLpost comment sections to talk trash as soon as a fight ends are the lowest of the low! I bet you feel so accomplished now 😂 and oh no! Dont make fun of my fake SLpost name! Whatever will i do!!??
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Pred 22 dnevi
@Alex when did i say Glover had no shot at winning? And yeah, your dumb ass has never picked a fight wrong on SLpost i bet😂
Alex Pred 22 dnevi
@Buck Futtler its one thing to be wrong but to be ignorantly wrong lmfaoooo. Maybe take up golf "ha, ok...." says buck futtler
logan mason
logan mason Pred 24 dnevi
If Jan vs Izzy happens and Izzy can pull off the win at LH, I know I would love to see Santos vs Izzy at 205.
Tentang Terkini
Tentang Terkini Pred 24 dnevi
Virall terbaruu.!! *Seni bela diri Jeblag (AL JABBAR) Pondok Pesantren Darul Falah jambudipa cianjur MALAM 12 MAULID* 👉slpost.info/dev/ga6_g6ScqGnO2Jk/video.html
MERYEM FF Pred 24 dnevi
تونس بلدي 🚩من يحبها 💕يدعموني💔
Oscar Claasen
Oscar Claasen Pred 24 dnevi
This is going to be a fight! But Santos will be on his best as always,,,,,,,,,win for Santos!
Dimitri Davis
Dimitri Davis Pred 24 dnevi
Santos beats him easy!!! This just a knock off the ring rust fight for Santos... He's the best at 205
Tim Kincaid
Tim Kincaid Pred 24 dnevi
And you deserve to be champion 🏆🙏
Jack Cheung
Jack Cheung Pred 24 dnevi
Let'S go old man!
Vijay Rai
Vijay Rai Pred 24 dnevi
Texeira wins this match
Archy Cruzz
Archy Cruzz Pred 24 dnevi
When's this?
Randall Pred 25 dnevi
Sorry Santos, be prepared to be grounded and pounded.
Gustavo Antonio
Gustavo Antonio Pred 25 dnevi
Interim title should be on the line for this fight. I guess it would be fair. Minimum. 🇧🇷
UmaiQual Pred 25 dnevi
Is it this saturday?
watch my world
watch my world Pred 25 dnevi
great man - slpost.info/dev/epupYJqLfKWY3mY/video.html
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 25 dnevi
Two of the nicest guys of the today MMA .
Nick R
Nick R Pred 25 dnevi
Is glover the dude that beat the shit out of smith ?
Альберт М.
Альберт М. Pred 25 dnevi
Будет интересно!
Midas Mike
Midas Mike Pred 25 dnevi
Love you ALWAYS GLOVER!!!but let's Go Thiago Santos I love to watch you fight .My man you are t hff e NEXT CHAMP
Midas Mike
Midas Mike Pred 24 dnevi
@WWE and UFC it was removed
WWE and UFC Pred 24 dnevi
UFC Channel click the link slpost.info/dev/pHCoa32HqICW0Ys/video.html..
LegacyEvoAce Pred 25 dnevi
Almost feel bad for Glover, hopefully it won’t be to brutal, just normal brutal the way I enjoy mma 😂
William Munny
William Munny Pred 25 dnevi
This is gonna be an awesome fight!
Mann Made
Mann Made Pred 25 dnevi
Abdulkarim Elnaas
Abdulkarim Elnaas Pred 23 dnevi
I think every Muslim fighter in the UFC doesn't have any tats and there are many of them at this point, especially from around Russia.
noah bleckner
noah bleckner Pred 23 dnevi
Yeah there are definitely people without tattoos but they’re in the minority I think.
Wayne Cho
Wayne Cho Pred 23 dnevi
TKZ and Dominic Reyes neither have it
Chingshang Soibam
Chingshang Soibam Pred 25 dnevi
Big fan thiago
Sasori Azams
Sasori Azams Pred 25 dnevi
I can't believe thiago lost to Vincent luque earlier in his career😂
E. Avila
E. Avila Pred 24 dnevi
NUWAN Sampath
NUWAN Sampath Pred 25 dnevi
Vincent luque is Tough Fighter.
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