One Kick Changed Joaquin Buckley's Life

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 12 dnevi

Joaquin Buckley's viral finish, and potential knockout of the year, last month on Fight Island lit up the MMA and sports world. Buckley looks to build on that moment at UFC 255 and climb the middleweight division.
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hobo Pred 4 minutami
just me or does Kevin Iole not even know wth he's typing? @1:04
imeldo marcos
imeldo marcos Pred 27 minutami
That could be fatal honestly.
AlexVids Pred 2 urami
supposedly this guy is a jerk at gyms trying to fight not spare...
Ds s1311
Ds s1311 Pred 3 urami
Will you please kick me in the face? I'll drop like a 2x4 and we can split the money? That kick will never be forgotten, and I would be honered to receive it!!
maven Pred 3 urami
Stopped watchin' when Drumpf was mentioned.
Jon Poole
Jon Poole Pred 5 urami
Congratulations on the win. Nice response to the leg grab.
viasevenvai Pred 5 urami
I think it's from Karate Kid but it's definitely most from TMNT the original 1st movie against the foot clan. 1980's FTW (that's for the win for the real OG)
Crazy 4 Youtube
Crazy 4 Youtube Pred 6 urami
Taekwondo kick. Not one style. Truly mixed martial arts.
Ricardo8388 Pred 6 urami
The only thing bad about that kick was his moustache.
Craymont Pred 6 urami
First Khamzat,now Joaquin,nothing but respect to those guys,but i don't wanna see them end up like Sean O'Malley. Hype is real,but let's wait.
oliver armstrong
oliver armstrong Pred 7 urami
I felt that kick Ricochet in The UK
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Pred 8 urami
Why did they have to make it about politics again
OneEco Pred 11 urami
Don't hype him up too much. I don't want to feel disappointed if he suddenly goes down.
Gilbert Couto
Gilbert Couto Pred 14 urami
FK masks.. fkin sheeple
Tim Tremblay
Tim Tremblay Pred 14 urami
It only takes 1
Sadek Ali
Sadek Ali Pred 15 urami
They kick getting him out the hood
jeremy Meyer
jeremy Meyer Pred 19 urami
It was a good read but most of us who did Taekwondo threw kicks like that every day. The boxing and kicking game and even the grappling game is still way behind in MMA.
Pecanje u pokušaju
Pecanje u pokušaju Pred 20 urami
Look at the first commentator, he hasn't seen anything, only react like a fool hahah 😂😂😂
Lightning P ai
Lightning P ai Pred 22 urami
0:07 Is it just me or the guy on the far left didn't see it ?
cooper23231 Pred 23 urami
*Holland joins the chat*
Liberty Pred 23 urami
I like how his opponent fell to the canvas, like in movies. 👍🏻👍🏻
Alexander Lang
Alexander Lang Pred dnevom
look like a bronny james buffed version HAHAHAHAHAH....
Kevin Weller
Kevin Weller Pred dnevom
Hes going to be a champ if he keeps his mind right! sick kick..
Draven Vise
Draven Vise Pred dnevom
El Dostor
El Dostor Pred dnevom
stop promoting him so much. It's gonna be sugar sean o'malley 2.0 lol
David C.M.
David C.M. Pred dnevom
He is a nice guy
Nameymcnameface Pred dnevom
Teach these guys how to talk. They sound like they never finished grade school.
ambuj dixit
ambuj dixit Pred dnevom
When messi was at the top, people called me over night success, he replied- it took me 17 years to be an overnight see his one kick, but overlook the journey that brought him to this exact moment. Respect for the guy!
Novice Sprinter
Novice Sprinter Pred dnevom
exciting striker. this is definitely a follow
Hvird Berg
Hvird Berg Pred dnevom
This one caster who didnt see the kick and just startes yelling in chorus?
Peter Ortensie
Peter Ortensie Pred dnevom
"You got knocked the fuck out!" - Smokey
Anjani Laurens
Anjani Laurens Pred dnevom
💖 彡 Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx 彡 '𝐒 💖 фото и видео x --------------------------------------- -- ---- ---- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸https: // За неимением лучшего слова это потрясающе. Набор яркий. Его насыщенные цвета и клеточный статус привлекают наблюдателей к действию. Костюмы декоративны, красивы и их можно носить одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто не обращает внимания на то, что это люди шутят о частях животны. Вы так взволнованы изображениями, что все они черные
Irfan Hussain
Irfan Hussain Pred dnevom
Bellamy Blake
Bellamy Blake Pred dnevom
This makes me feel bad for Impa
A N Pred 2 dnevi
i think he gon fuck up that stylish bender cnt
Hamza RL
Hamza RL Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah nice kick, nice that you hit a guy right on his head without any idea what could have happened to him, WHAT A IDIOT YOU HAVE TO BE TO PERFORM SOMETHING SO DANGEROUS THAT CAN KILL YOUR OPPONENT!
Cam McCormack
Cam McCormack Pred 2 dnevi
Seems like a level headed dude. I have a feeling he is going to be a contender
dfarmer1584 Pred 2 dnevi
Classic K.O., no doubt. But step down the hype. This guy reportedly has issues to resolve. This kind of hype could light the fuse that explodes him. It's happened before in many sports, and it will happen again. Good luck Buckley. Thanks for the awesome KO!
austin stavohhh
austin stavohhh Pred 2 dnevi
IM GOING TO BE LUIGI ON THIS....That was intense thanks UFC! Always with the crazy fights! SInce day one
Calvin Perkins
Calvin Perkins Pred 2 dnevi
lol hardy didn't see it. He faked his "oooohhhh" lol
Blanco Pred 2 dnevi
Timing and execution
Aj Pred 2 dnevi
If done correctly - no can defend.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Pred 2 dnevi
Why all the black guys have to fight each other all the time ufc?
Rich Yung
Rich Yung Pred 2 dnevi
Damn he stacked 😳
Antonio Belo
Antonio Belo Pred 2 dnevi
I still doing this shit all of the time
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy Pred 2 dnevi
Beautiful kick. Dude looks like a beast. No trump hate either. Hope he does well
krelshell4 Pred 3 dnevi
0:13 Gathje spelled wrong on the banner
Daniel V
Daniel V Pred 3 dnevi
And this is the guy who still sticking to his job at Walgreens right?
Performance J
Performance J Pred 3 dnevi
Hey guys I am the one kicks brother one diccck
최상원 Pred 3 dnevi
O S Pred 3 dnevi
thanks for promoting taekwondo, it's reputation has been shattered in the last decade, thanks to stupid sparring rules, that got more and more ridiculous
Online Clientone
Online Clientone Pred 3 dnevi
turn the lights off 💡
Jaylon Jackson
Jaylon Jackson Pred 3 dnevi
You're not telling me That's not buff Nick Cannon.
Savage Diamond
Savage Diamond Pred 3 dnevi
This scenario reminded me of Holly knocking Ronda Rousey. Yikes!😬
NaturalBornKilla Pred 3 dnevi
1:36 Tyson Fury’s twin brother 👽
Bethany Frasier
Bethany Frasier Pred dnevom
Vice Richter
Vice Richter Pred 3 dnevi
nigga 10 years from now we gonna be seeing UFC with hollywood style fights playing in front of us xD they gonna be like. "watch out for those buckley kicks" he'll spin on ya. Lmao
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter Pred 4 dnevi
He deserves all the praise he gets, the kick was insane 💯
Geo Leo
Geo Leo Pred 4 dnevi
Is it true that he got kicked out of every gym in st louis?
Carl Darieus
Carl Darieus Pred 4 dnevi
Krause next...
Number Zero
Number Zero Pred 4 dnevi
00:17 Damn
Decem_Unos Quattro
Decem_Unos Quattro Pred 4 dnevi
Alzheimer's in years to come.
ADAM JAMA Pred 4 dnevi
Y'all see his knocked out this passed weekend 😁
Aldee Bryan
Aldee Bryan Pred 4 dnevi
No spellcheck LOL. Bottom line is when you find a guy that moves as slow as his opponent was you can connect with fancy moves but if you’re fighting against a real good fighter and I’ve been in the business for 32 years you have to start using your head. Let’s break it down... The opponent grabbed a foot but did nothing, that is a sign of inexperience and nothing special about the other fighter that received the kick in the face. When The cake was delivered to the opponents face watch the video closely was he watching all the time as the kid connected to his face no he was not that shows our alliance of luck not precision. Ask people in the casinos how long luck lasts. If you cannot see a spin cake in the entire segment of its delivery that tells me two things as a trainer you are not stretching enough - before during and after that’s right before during and after your training and secondly you’re not dedicated enough by following through with watching what happens. He just walks away which is retarded. You never turn your back on your opponent because I know some guys that can take a kick probably five times harder than that and still come at you. They’ve got a neck and head and shoulders like a bloody pitbull. And some of those guys don’t even look like a fighter yeah they can crack coconuts with their skull and walk away with a smile. And there might be a third point which is you never underestimate your opponent… You respect your opponent and when he turned his back and walked away and put his hands in the air, that is a cocky. selfish retarded celebration where in the future your bad habit might prove you to be unworthy of a Title or any kind of win for that matter.
Aldee Bryan
Aldee Bryan Pred 4 dnevi
Aldee Bryan
Aldee Bryan Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah it would’ve been impressive if the guy was in a fight and a guy that moves slow. The guy he was fighting relies mostly on muscle movement he’s not a true blue slayer Stephen so he’s got to Marshall lives like a show in Tampa has come on man don’t get a big head over a fucking dumb kick. That’s when you get your ass whipped when you overestimate other fighters that everybody is a slow is the guy you were fighting
Craig Bielsky
Craig Bielsky Pred 4 dnevi
James Sicat
James Sicat Pred 4 dnevi
This dude fought again a month after that and KOing his opponent again at UFC 255
Tron_23 Pred 4 dnevi
I mean maybe. If he loses his next 3 fights no one will have speak of him again.
Wandi Kila'
Wandi Kila' Pred 4 dnevi
pijit.balik dong
Erlish Soldivillo
Erlish Soldivillo Pred 4 dnevi
Classical ko
Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler Pred 4 dnevi
Mark of Cain. A brutal criminality legalized inside the octagon.
Dylan Hirsch
Dylan Hirsch Pred 4 dnevi
Did the other dude die...??
Juan Villasenor
Juan Villasenor Pred 4 dnevi
I love his demeanor. Characteristics of a GOOD man. God bless wish you success. 😎👍
Roblox Dad
Roblox Dad Pred 4 dnevi
Anyone else notice how hard he was swinging on his sparring partners... I might owe James a sorry....
Rex Luther
Rex Luther Pred 4 dnevi
Great Prospect I Hope He Prosper Big
Mourad Bouskla
Mourad Bouskla Pred 4 dnevi
Nice kick...but that could be it
Some guy 707
Some guy 707 Pred 4 dnevi
Imagine what the other guy feels like
Elmer Carbajal
Elmer Carbajal Pred 5 dnevi
im 19 is it too late to start training
Night Security
Night Security Pred 5 dnevi
No doubt , it was a 50$k finish of the night knock out
King Bee
King Bee Pred 5 dnevi
I don't feel bad for him. Why would you hold on to his leg and not do anything? Sell himself up for failure lol
john farmer
john farmer Pred 5 dnevi
Same for Pettis. What happened to that guy?
MrBimbles SonofDimbles
MrBimbles SonofDimbles Pred 5 dnevi
wonder if the UFC payed Joshua for that trump quote lmao
mtaylor935mt Pred 5 dnevi
We live in a very weird world. A person can become a celebrity and change their life because they kick someone in the face a certain way.
The Changing World Order
The Changing World Order Pred 5 dnevi
Aaroneus James
Aaroneus James Pred 5 dnevi
He never saw it coming.
Gem Pred 5 dnevi
Joaquin vs Khamzat perfect fight to make
Paul's Health & Fitness
Paul's Health & Fitness Pred 5 dnevi
I wonder how that guy who got KOed feels, whatever his name is
PaperGrape Pred 5 dnevi
It's just one kick, homie. Good luck with all the other fights
PaperGrape Pred 5 dnevi
Who told him the name of that kick after he did it ...
VargooCS Pred 5 dnevi
I mean not really. He was already signed with a bright looking future but oka boomer
Jn Mc
Jn Mc Pred 5 dnevi
What a kick! The other guys face and eyes were like 🤪
Mark Moore
Mark Moore Pred 5 dnevi
Wow, amazing ko
MOXIE SWITCH IT Pred 5 dnevi
You right, it did but not for the better. Now we know hes a truly shitty person. Ask his ex coach about it.
L0V3 ViSi0N
L0V3 ViSi0N Pred 5 dnevi
Keep it modest man and don’t let the ego take over and remember to protect your groin at all time. However, it is great to see a big man can kick so well.
Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow Pred 5 dnevi
Taekwondo kick 🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋
JJ Pred 5 dnevi
That fall was pure gaming like.
Kalvin Devonshire
Kalvin Devonshire Pred 5 dnevi
I really got a kick out of these comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Nick Pred 5 dnevi
Flawless victory
Leah Anna
Leah Anna Pred 5 dnevi
Wow 😳 what a kick
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