UFC Vegas 12: Mitchell vs Fili - Fight Preview

  Ogledi 91,566

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 29 dnevi

Preview the UFC Vegas 12 co-main event between Bryce Mitchell and Andre Fili. Saturday's main card starts at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.
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Hĕdsot ğlurius
Hĕdsot ğlurius Pred 26 dnevi
slpost.info/dev/iY-3ZXtwcXjMt5U/video.html .mens pound for pound bro
Arkansas proud
Junior Jess
Junior Jess Pred 27 dnevi
Bryce 'scared to stand boring fighter' Mitchell.
Henrique Divina
Henrique Divina Pred 27 dnevi
Fili just lost to Ed Sheeran 😢
killa kalli
killa kalli Pred 27 dnevi
Snoozer... ground and pound without the pound...
tom agyarko
tom agyarko Pred 27 dnevi
Cook the opponent to the bone😂
Kamal Kadode
Kamal Kadode Pred 27 dnevi
Dagestan are best fighters in the world not american
Volodia Arnaud
Volodia Arnaud Pred 27 dnevi
I don't know what Mitchell is talking about, if Fili lived with Tonon during his camp it's clearly because he doesn't underestimate him.
Samuel Magnum
Samuel Magnum Pred 27 dnevi
This whole "legacy" talk always blows up in a fighter's face with a slice of humble pie
Alex Rush
Alex Rush Pred 27 dnevi
kevinbr00n Pred 27 dnevi
i feel like fili is not as good as he think he is he was lucky his previous fight.
Jason T
Jason T Pred 27 dnevi
I’ve got Mitchell by slow drawl.
XXX GAMES Pred 27 dnevi
Looks like ufc is now modern wwe
chris blanchard
chris blanchard Pred 27 dnevi
We are going to see the just how good bryce mitchell is tonight !! If he gets by fili hes a contender for real 🤓🙏🤑 ive got 2 rd sub though could see him grapple fucking him for 2/3 rounds
Rune Jense
Rune Jense Pred 27 dnevi
this twister shit...... ITS TIME TO STOP UFC
Deluded Boston Fan
Deluded Boston Fan Pred 27 dnevi
Is the 'I'm a fighter, I've been a fighter my entire life' the biggest cliche in the history of fighting? I mean, come on, every single guy in the UFC says that.
Andrew Loya
Andrew Loya Pred 28 dnevi
Best fight on the card! Fili is bad ass
Earl Louie
Earl Louie Pred 28 dnevi
Go Bryce!
Fritz Pred 28 dnevi
Please people, drop your ideas about a new nickname for Fili, the guy really needs it
Trinity Pred 28 dnevi
1:21 DC: “Yea he’s sooo good on top”
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Pred 28 dnevi
bikerboy72 Pred 28 dnevi
I think Fili is a live dog in this one
KerioFive Pred 28 dnevi
He should have camo shorts now right?
Veni Shanmugam
Veni Shanmugam Pred 28 dnevi
Andre touch feely 😂
NICK G Pred 28 dnevi
MMA Gods, please help Bryce be fast and accurate!!!!
Corrthor The Almighty
Corrthor The Almighty Pred 28 dnevi
Unpopular opinion but I think fili takes this one
Karamjeet Grewal
Karamjeet Grewal Pred 28 dnevi
Team Alpha Male more like Team Little Man loser. Faber most title chance not win lol They only build loser not make Champion ask TJ
Aivarioha Pred 28 dnevi
fili so elite he still fighting tomato cans for 7 years.
Jae Soulchild Han
Jae Soulchild Han Pred 28 dnevi
Give Fili Burgos fight. Would be insane.
ItzSpekz Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce Mitchell will win the most dominate fight on the whole card. This dude is on another level, don’t let the accent fool y’all. People seem to not realize this cat pulled off the most rare submission in the UFC .... which he taught himself from SLpost. He will absolutely smesh Fili.
jon Pred 28 dnevi
woo woo swag let’s go fili tybg
Creimeadhfearga Pred 28 dnevi
Best fight on the card shame it's not 25 mins can't wait
Nate Langston
Nate Langston Pred 28 dnevi
Arkansas born and a bred dudes gonna cook him to the bone
Shlug life
Shlug life Pred 28 dnevi
I will touchy, and he will fili. the goat quote
Bleach Mania
Bleach Mania Pred 28 dnevi
Thunbnail looks like Young Cowboy Cerrone
Reesey Trapgod2018
Reesey Trapgod2018 Pred 28 dnevi
Excited to see a new hall and for this one
CGeis21 Pred 28 dnevi
Why does the thumbnail look like the Walmart version of Cody vs tj?
nir S
nir S Pred 28 dnevi
This guy is such an awesome jiu jitsu player.
M S Pred 28 dnevi
i'am elite? wo wo..pump your break, kid.
Mr. T
Mr. T Pred 28 dnevi
Why do I hear fiddle music ?
xxlren Pred 28 dnevi
touchy-feely vs thug nasty
Infamous Roy
Infamous Roy Pred 28 dnevi
Thug Nasty camo shorts!!
bigsuff Pred 28 dnevi
Cook em to the bone chef!
Satwik Sengupta
Satwik Sengupta Pred 28 dnevi
This has me lowkey hyped more than the main event
Been a long time fan of urs braddah!!! Always wish the beat for u every fight no Matta what!!
godfrey Francis
godfrey Francis Pred 28 dnevi
Andre fili had so much potential but he is in a talent stacked 145 so never a steady rise in competition plus he cant move up because it's a very slow moving division only if he could makes 135 I could see him becoming champ or top 5
Michael Still
Michael Still Pred 28 dnevi
Fili says he’s elite but has never fought a solidified contender.
Adam Naim
Adam Naim Pred 28 dnevi
yet non of this devision could stand a chance against Zabit.. im sure lots of ufc fans are waiting when will we see him fight again? :')
T Johnson
T Johnson Pred 28 dnevi
Mitchell will smoke Fili.
Manny Pred 28 dnevi
Fili got robbed his last fight
Reilly S
Reilly S Pred 28 dnevi
I'm from Michigan but I'll say it... ARKANSAS!!!!!
Jesus From America
Jesus From America Pred 28 dnevi
OneStonertoRulethemAll Pred 28 dnevi
Every fighter who made it to the UFC is a great fighter, just saying
Skyclad Wanderer
Skyclad Wanderer Pred 28 dnevi
Andre "Touchy" Fili Bruh.....
Wade F.
Wade F. Pred 28 dnevi
Fili soft as baby shit
My Penis is incredibly small but,
My Penis is incredibly small but, Pred 28 dnevi
Fili seems like quite a challenge.
enuff2u Pred 28 dnevi
The fight I am looking forward to on Saturday. A classic striker vs grappler fight.
MJS Pred 28 dnevi
Great fight Mitchell by domination
John The Don
John The Don Pred 28 dnevi
Wtf there's Fili fans everywhere? he's not that good, Mitchell submits him in round 2
Atit Rijal
Atit Rijal Pred 28 dnevi
The Goddess Kali Tattoo on Fili's chest is so awesome.
Qasim Pred 28 dnevi
Kataa Pred 28 dnevi
Cook em to the bones !!!!!
Walker Meiner
Walker Meiner Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce Mitchell with a couple more wins could sell out arenas. Entertaining as hell and LETHAL in there
Lukas W
Lukas W Pred 28 dnevi
Mitchell by submission.
Hotep Tiger
Hotep Tiger Pred 28 dnevi
i always thought this Bryce guy was British lol
Cody Mathes
Cody Mathes Pred 28 dnevi
Fili about to get submitted
HICKSONFF34 Pred 28 dnevi
Who y’all got?! I’ve got thug nasty rd. 2 Sub.
James V
James V Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce Mitchell is the man . Arkansas baby!
ayeka shikhu
ayeka shikhu Pred 28 dnevi
I wanna see a hillbilly ufc champ..lol
Joey Blood
Joey Blood Pred 28 dnevi
People only remember Fili from getting stopped by Yair but he will prove tomorrow that experience matters .
Gomes Apache
Gomes Apache Pred 28 dnevi
stiLL remember him, when some one saying "Legacy"
themobbkillas Pred 28 dnevi
Khabib > everybody else
Trace Finlay
Trace Finlay Pred 28 dnevi
I I want Andre but I think it's going to be Bryce. IDK how or why but that's my prediction.
Remo Vlog
Remo Vlog Pred 28 dnevi
Good job
blockaderunner Pred 28 dnevi
Mitchell has only one nut, why low blows don't affect him much.
Jesus From America
Jesus From America Pred 28 dnevi
Haha good
Elen Guanzon
Elen Guanzon Pred 28 dnevi
I like them both
Josh Pred 28 dnevi
This is a HUGE step up for mitchell.
Donny Ven
Donny Ven Pred 28 dnevi
Fili wins DEC
Nahum Gomez
Nahum Gomez Pred 28 dnevi
This is not a huge step up at all whatsoever for Bryce. This is the second gatekeeper he has to fight in Andre. It is however, the first of many opponents who have more experience than Bryce.
Mark Peel
Mark Peel Pred 28 dnevi
I disagree. Fili is not ranked. Bryce is fighting anyone who calls him out. Most fighters only want to fight other higher ranked opponents. Hes going to gnp and then submit him. Everyone was talking about how Rosa was a legit black belt in BJJ, but Bryce completely dominated him from bell to bell. I don't see Bryce losing to Fili. Since joining the UFC Fili has never won more than 2 fights in a row against other non ranked fighters.
James Mcknight
James Mcknight Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce is awesome
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Pred 28 dnevi
‘’Thug Nastyy” my old basketball teammate in Cabot . 501 baby
David Perez
David Perez Pred 28 dnevi
This fight better than the main event! Can’t wait
Etnies6307 Pred 28 dnevi
Let's get this upset Fili !
Kyro Fletch
Kyro Fletch Pred 28 dnevi
War Fili
Anthony Hood
Anthony Hood Pred 28 dnevi
I'm a Fili fan but Bryce is a *true* Monster.
Cico1127 Pred 28 dnevi
Fili "when I'm in my zone I'm the best fighter in the world" 😂😂😂 YEAAAAAA OK
Cico1127 Pred 28 dnevi
@CornerPressurE well, sometimes the person we have to convince is ourselves and confidence is a key attribute to have as a pro on that level. But you also have to be real to yourself. Not saying fili isn't good, he's great but he's not ranked for a reason.
CornerPressurE Pred 28 dnevi
I get what you mean, but if a fighter doesn't feel that way, they probably shouldn't be doing it as a career.
Nvm M
Nvm M Pred 28 dnevi
Team alpha male really fell off can’t remember the last time I saw a new guys from there besides song yadong
Yair Colon
Yair Colon Pred 28 dnevi
Finally got those camo shorts!!
Cody Saunders
Cody Saunders Pred 28 dnevi
Big Win coming for Fili
Henry Downes
Henry Downes Pred 28 dnevi
Which fighter wants it more. This is gonna be good.
Henry Downes
Henry Downes Pred 27 dnevi
@blockaderunner there's certain incentive. i'm ready i'm ready .)
blockaderunner Pred 28 dnevi
Fili has a new mortgage.
Lee Roy
Lee Roy Pred 28 dnevi
Imagine if Hall comes out and smashes / tkos silva
Bigg Country Gaming
Bigg Country Gaming Pred 28 dnevi
Only looking forward to this fight and the Crocheting guy's fight, the rest of the card i just want to see violence
Diego Farias
Diego Farias Pred 28 dnevi
i thought that was dc coaching touchy fili. what’s y’all predictions tho?
mega raouf
mega raouf Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce smart money. Khabib style wrestling.
ScullyPlays Pred 28 dnevi
Cant wait for this one
buyerofsorts Pred 28 dnevi
No doubt the fighter whos nuts itch the least during the fight will win. Good luck to you both!
argenis espinoza
argenis espinoza Pred 28 dnevi
DC: 1:23 😩😭😅😂🤣
El Persa
El Persa Pred 28 dnevi
Good Fight!!!
Big Lou
Big Lou Pred 28 dnevi
Bryce wins via twister sub in 2nd round, possibly late 1st. Fili is a douchewaffle.
Joseph McCoy
Joseph McCoy Pred 28 dnevi
This is the real main event hands down. Bryce is getting that Sub. #14-0
Reptilian Alien
Reptilian Alien Pred 28 dnevi
This should be the headliner. I love both these fighters but I’m the biggest Bryce fan. I’m so pumped
Pono Kanaka
Pono Kanaka Pred 28 dnevi
fili going lick dis haole boy cheeeee
Retsu Unohana
Retsu Unohana Pred 28 dnevi
Striker vs BJJ?
Townsend Hamilton
Townsend Hamilton Pred 28 dnevi
Bro I think we can all agree if fili wins we’re gonna be disappointed.
blockaderunner Pred 28 dnevi
So will Fili if he loses cause he just bought a new house which means, new mortgage.
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