UFC Vegas 14: Post-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Watch the UFC Vegas 14: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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Alexandros Mpougatsas
Alexandros Mpougatsas Pred 13 dnevi
Soooo bored match... and this coch roufus is so loser all he's fighters lose all time
Casino and Sports
Casino and Sports Pred 14 dnevi
Micheal chandler
ENOUGH! Pred 14 dnevi
so lucky that he didnt die from covid like 40 million other people
Rob S.
Rob S. Pred 15 dnevi
30th UFC appearance and 30th pro MMA win
ElTheDude Pred 15 dnevi
Why does the ufc use a picture of him with a mustache as the thumbnail ¿
Lukas Pred 15 dnevi
I had quite big bet on him and the look of him in 3rd round got me really worried, looked like he wasn't there mentally...probably the covid and other aspects play a part in that.
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info Pred 15 dnevi
0:00 - Rafael Dos Anjos 15:38 - Chair w/ Okada Zoom! That’s it everyone, enjoy!
Rayray jones
Rayray jones Pred 15 dnevi
Felders always a problem to deal with. Debatedly keeps coming up short
Ohm Ra
Ohm Ra Pred 15 dnevi
It'd be funny if Tony negotiations fall trough & Chandler ends up fighting Rafael anyways.
RYAN BLACK Pred 15 dnevi
I had it 50-45. Felder put on a hell of a performance when he was actually on his feet but unfortunately he spent a lot of each round being controlled on the ground. RDA out on a dominant performance to me. It’s not easy to just stand and trade with Felder and holding him down isn’t any easier . Great fight!
Cisco Gaspar
Cisco Gaspar Pred 15 dnevi
Paul Felder did good. He won the stand up and did extremely well scrambling on the ground against a black belt with a full camp training for a grappler.
Daniel Page
Daniel Page Pred 15 dnevi
Congtratz on the win. but most of all. Thank you for being a man for the fighters. too many fighters today would have had the event cancelled, massive respect to you for that 👍
786 body fitness
786 body fitness Pred 15 dnevi
Beautiful video 🌹😍
jaja Pred 15 dnevi
Every fight RDA win, its also win for Khabib. The same with Dustin, Justin, Conor, MJ, Barbosa and so on. i love my fighting logic
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore Pred 15 dnevi
Consummate MMA professional RDA. Respect.
Isaiah Salazar
Isaiah Salazar Pred 15 dnevi
RDA has some pretty good English now.
Syndic Calls
Syndic Calls Pred 15 dnevi
Love love love RDA! Congrats man, you are so humble and such a warrior!
LJ alter bridge
LJ alter bridge Pred 15 dnevi
John Morgan is back.
Shut your fookin mout
Shut your fookin mout Pred 15 dnevi
And uhhhhh.....
Yasir Baig
Yasir Baig Pred 15 dnevi
He straight up comes back to the lightweight division when khabib retires, now you should watch their fight and see why😭
rjjdj djjddj
rjjdj djjddj Pred 15 dnevi
@VBaêta yeah but to be fair he himself said that if now khabib is really retired, the division is open
VBaêta Pred 15 dnevi
Lol wtf you're talking about? He already said he was coming back to LHW division months ago. That's why he was booked to fight Islam this saturday, Khabib sparring partner. Dont just repeat everything you see on the internet kid
Gary Perkins
Gary Perkins Pred 15 dnevi
Leon smoked RDA over a year ago and the commentators are talking of some kind of title fight off the back of this for RDA....lol, are they fucking clueless or what?! Leon still awaits his title shot, off the back of his 8 - 0 rise to contender, and now the ufc throw him in against a nobody hype boy ....Leon has to crush Khamzat good an proper, no mistake !! ;0)
Betmenss Betmeniits
Betmenss Betmeniits Pred 15 dnevi
Michael Chandler is not ufc level, needed Patricio Pitbull for his place
Martin Korn
Martin Korn Pred 15 dnevi
bravo Rafael
LEE BRANDON Pred 15 dnevi
the fight was a let down for me. i mean rda holding on to felders legs the whole fight sucked. look i love wrestling and grappling but he makes it boring and just holds on.
POWER Pred 15 dnevi
This dummy can earn his title shot
Official ASAP Preach
Official ASAP Preach Pred 15 dnevi
Good win bubba
nitpoon Pred 15 dnevi
did they get the judge from streetbeefs🤔🤔🤔
Gary Perkins
Gary Perkins Pred 15 dnevi
"Elite" fighters should be able to fight anyone and any style at the drop of a hat (in their div and not every week, for recovery etc)...if you can't cope with that you shouldn't be there !! ;0)
Frank S
Frank S Pred 15 dnevi
If this guy had a personality he would be somebody
TehBliz Pred 15 dnevi
@Frank S Try harder that was weak sauce troll
Drew Pred 15 dnevi
Underrated wrestling
TreDay Pred 15 dnevi
John Morgan - first question - 5 minutes later still asking questions
TreDay Pred 15 dnevi
RDA looking young as hell
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1 Pred 15 dnevi
I realized how much worse of a fighter cutting a lot of weight can make you after RDA got ko’d by Jeremy Stephens. Prime RDA doesn’t get finished by scrubs
4ST induction
4ST induction Pred 15 dnevi
I don’t like RDA complaining about taking felder on 5 days. It was much more difficult for felder. He literally got ZERO wrestling and grappling practice in and that’s all Rda wanted to do.
UZi Gang Chris
UZi Gang Chris Pred 15 dnevi
love rda just for his great english
MMA RoundTable
MMA RoundTable Pred 15 dnevi
Something tells me RDA vs DUSTIN would be a good one 💪, HOOKER is lurking around too.👊
Upstatebackwoods Pred 15 dnevi
Who doesn’t like this guy
Angelo Maraboli
Angelo Maraboli Pred 15 dnevi
I bet conor will say he is willing to fight RDA now! But it won't happen.
The Narrator
The Narrator Pred 15 dnevi
RDA english is very good right now
Edge Omaitc
Edge Omaitc Pred 15 dnevi
Lo Show Di Mezzanotte
Lo Show Di Mezzanotte Pred 15 dnevi
what about al iaquinta ._.
Joakim Grevér
Joakim Grevér Pred 15 dnevi
Raphael "Frankenstein" Dos anjos
Arsalan shah
Arsalan shah Pred 15 dnevi
He is back to the division he dominated.Even if he doesn't become a champion again,He will surely be a hurdle for alot of Lightweights arounds to win reach the title.
Stanislav Zaverukha
Stanislav Zaverukha Pred 15 dnevi
RDA looks like Jack Sparrow
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
Maybe Dana just drove home cause he was pissed at that judge
Mohammad Porky Haram
Mohammad Porky Haram Pred 15 dnevi
Mexican Frankenstein gets the w
pervinder singh
pervinder singh Pred 15 dnevi
serious respect to RDA ...have fought every top to bottom contender in two divisions he won some lost some ...newer took the other way ...faced every body
Monoï Pred 15 dnevi
now that Khabib is retired there is people comming from nowhere to get the title.
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
Yea such an exciting division
A Roger
A Roger Pred 15 dnevi
He’s all smile when mention about conor. 😂😂😂🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯
Lil Ty
Lil Ty Pred 15 dnevi
RDA just got another big fan . Man I respect the hell out of you
Ferita Keyy
Ferita Keyy Pred 15 dnevi
Here is what Dana had to say "I don't know man" "We will see how this thing plays out" "Fuck this year man" "Is it done "Waiting" Yes its done" "Have a safe trip home"
Eugene List loves Truth
Eugene List loves Truth Pred 15 dnevi
Tony does a berrel roll during fight to recall his childhood
p0kerviK1N67 Pred 15 dnevi
5:44 did that idiot not listen to what was just said??
Tomy Jeankins
Tomy Jeankins Pred 15 dnevi
0:10 I finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
YouWantTheTruth Pred 15 dnevi
Sorry RDA but fans DONT want to see u V Conor. With the greatest respect to you Conor would smoke you within 2 rounds.
Narcos cc
Narcos cc Pred 15 dnevi
Tony Ferguson destroy RDA back in the days
zxftabbn iigzfsljsdlkds
zxftabbn iigzfsljsdlkds Pred 15 dnevi
Rda has one of the greatest resumes in the ufc
Jerry van Beusichem
Jerry van Beusichem Pred 15 dnevi
“Justin Poirier”
Nicolas Mendes
Nicolas Mendes Pred 15 dnevi
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Pred 15 dnevi
Rafael "the kids didnt feel a thing" Dos Anjos
Ray Webb
Ray Webb Pred 15 dnevi
Hooker would tare RDA up...
Elijah Antony
Elijah Antony Pred 15 dnevi
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
What? Wipe your screen
Vic Ribeiro
Vic Ribeiro Pred 15 dnevi
I don't know much about RDA, but he seems like a nice dude. Respectful. Class act.
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 14 dnevi
@Vic Ribeiro he is a very nice and humble guy .
Vic Ribeiro
Vic Ribeiro Pred 15 dnevi
@John Adams I've seen some of his fights, but not many interviews.
John Adams
John Adams Pred 15 dnevi
U missed his whole career basically lol
Drew O'Donnell
Drew O'Donnell Pred 15 dnevi
What’s more legit, UFC Judging or USA Elections?
Metalogic Pred 15 dnevi
USA elections by far
Jayce Pred 15 dnevi
Paul F is one bad dude. Sure rda is too. But 5 days notice and scrap like that.. dude a bad bad man. Props to the Irish dragon
Hamidi Amor
Hamidi Amor Pred 15 dnevi
MrHandsomeboynow Pred 15 dnevi
I thought this guy (RDA) had one last fight left...
Sean Hokanson
Sean Hokanson Pred 15 dnevi
Would feel great for RDA if he somehow got the Conor fight
Cranjis McBasketball
Cranjis McBasketball Pred 15 dnevi
Dos anjos vs McGregor still needs to happen
Sean Hokanson
Sean Hokanson Pred 15 dnevi
Was I the only one who was impressed by BOTH Felder and RDA?
aki root
aki root Pred 15 dnevi
UFC should select the reporters in the press conferences. Stupid questions, man. Come on. Do your homework. Rafa looked amazingly good. Very sharp. He would fight anyone not like that bumm conor or dustin.
Tyler Hussin
Tyler Hussin Pred 15 dnevi
I always love listening to RDA because he’s very articulate (especially for English being his second language) and I’m always surprised how smart he is.
John Adams
John Adams Pred 15 dnevi
Thats racist
LordKira Pred 15 dnevi
as much as I like RDA (met him in an airport long time ago as a college student and he was extremely cool to talk to as was his entire entourage) I don't think this fight really does much for his credentials he fought felder who had 5 days to prep but has said he hasn't set a foot in a mma gym for the last 4 months but only worked on his endurance I understand that he still got paid and a fight and a win so not all his prep Wass wasted though
bloodclart barber
bloodclart barber Pred 15 dnevi
All conor does nowadays is call out main event winners on twitter lol
Lars Marius sivertsvik
Lars Marius sivertsvik Pred 15 dnevi
MMA judges needs to be Held accountable for the judging. A LOT of home-turf judging going on.! Felder 50-45.?!??!??!?? Thats FRAUD.! Straight up. RDA won ALL rounds. Same with Barboza fight, Felder was given the W the 2nd time. And lets be honest Felder did NOT Win either of the fights vs Barboza... Again home-turf judging, which is fraud. UFC needs to do something with judges.!!!
Supercoollooking Pred 15 dnevi
And gaethje did not win round 1 against khabib
Fraser Lockhart
Fraser Lockhart Pred 15 dnevi
Felder got a 48-47 not a 50-45....
mr. gamebred
mr. gamebred Pred 15 dnevi
He got smoked standing up .
Drew Britain
Drew Britain Pred 15 dnevi
RDA V CONOR IS THE MATCH TO MAKE CONOR HASNT FOUGHT ANY DECENT 155 Dustin was 145 im not excited to see that again after the first round knock out RDA IS THE FIGHT TO MAKE.
Hayden W.
Hayden W. Pred 15 dnevi
Dana didnt talk tonight?
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
It's weird, nobody seemed to attend the post fight presser except Dos Anjos
Shadab a Siddiqui
Shadab a Siddiqui Pred 15 dnevi
I saw his fight with khabib man, he gave him a hard time, definitely a Brazilian gansta
planb4321 xiong
planb4321 xiong Pred 15 dnevi
RDA-this dude fought everyone from 55 to 70 what a stud
The Chosen Moose
The Chosen Moose Pred 15 dnevi
@Narcos cc Who cares? RDA also lost to Jeremy Stephens back in the day, what's your point?
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
He fought all killers aswell
p0kerviK1N67 Pred 15 dnevi
he is! RDA definetly not the cherrypicking type. what a warrior 👍
Narcos cc
Narcos cc Pred 15 dnevi
Tony Ferguson destroy RDA back in the days
MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life
MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life Pred 15 dnevi
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Patrick Cunningham
Patrick Cunningham Pred 15 dnevi
Olive ewe
Zak Ali
Zak Ali Pred 15 dnevi
Rda will destroy conor.!!!!!
Zak Ali
Zak Ali Pred 15 dnevi
You might be right lol. Thing is though RDA has brilliant GROUND GAME. Connor will get taken down. Also when RDA fought Nate he ruined Nate's legs. So RDA needs to stick to the kicks an ground work. Don't get me wrong I like Connor's stand up it's brilliant. But RDA has more tools in the bag! I think lol. None the less styles make fights, all the trash talk when they were meant to fight before needs to be addressed. unfinished business.
Haste Spell
Haste Spell Pred 15 dnevi
Wait What? Isn't he the same guy who Eddie and Tony smoked ? Conor will maul him.
Joakim Grevér
Joakim Grevér Pred 15 dnevi
yeh, lol
Álvaro Pred 15 dnevi
fight between two REAL badasses
Gda Rippa
Gda Rippa Pred 15 dnevi
RDA vs Hooker would be fun
LJ alter bridge
LJ alter bridge Pred 15 dnevi
@Gda Rippa haha
Gda Rippa
Gda Rippa Pred 15 dnevi
@LJ alter bridge - My bad RDA vs prostitute
LJ alter bridge
LJ alter bridge Pred 15 dnevi
Why are you swearing.
james lawrence
james lawrence Pred 15 dnevi
Typically Conor is always mentioned. I love casual fans - they hate Conor but they can't keep him out of their mouths. stfu. if you have been following the sport for less then 5 years you dont deserve to comment. u casual fcks. Conor is the KING!
Dijhon Graham
Dijhon Graham Pred 15 dnevi
james lawrence
james lawrence Pred 15 dnevi
pretty simple, anyone who has anything to do with Khabib, any team mate, anyone does not deserve a main event shot. they are pull out agents - constantly! Islam pulls, Khabib pulls, khamrat pulls, they all pull!!!!! pathetic
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
Lol pull out agents, that's a new one
nameunselected Pred 15 dnevi
I’d Love to see rda get the belt back years later
shimigi7 Pred 15 dnevi
I like Dos Anjos ,but no way the Ufc makes Conor-Rda right now. Maybe if Conor will lose to Poirer and won't walk away.
wut up Goblin
wut up Goblin Pred 15 dnevi
rda saying aaaaaaa before everything he says cracks me up😂
H H Pred 15 dnevi
@Adam 12:39 he does it when speaking his first language 😶
Adam Pred 15 dnevi
It's not his fist language in fairness. Probably takes a second to think about what you want to say when you're not completely fluent.
Darius Beach
Darius Beach Pred 15 dnevi
RDA deserves multi millions and it’s honestly sad
MrAliLonghorn Pred 15 dnevi
Where is Dana!!!!!!!!
kevin Pred 15 dnevi
@Supercoollooking lol why?
Supercoollooking Pred 15 dnevi
Check his insta he made a video driving home straight after the 5 round ended
PISTOL PETE 604 Pred 15 dnevi
Anybody who thinks rda is washed up is way off he looked dangerous tonight more to come he sounds motivated
Charky Icenhour
Charky Icenhour Pred 15 dnevi
Great work Yellow!! Multiple. takedowns. Nice punches!!
Wohn Jick
Wohn Jick Pred 15 dnevi
The number of takedowns RDA secured tonight will guarantee a match with Connor will not happen lol Connor ain’t stupid
Re Dark
Re Dark Pred 15 dnevi
Damn, I really want to see Islam vs RDA. Still, congrats to both RDA and Paul Feder...
Yan Yan
Yan Yan Pred 15 dnevi
termita358 Pred 15 dnevi
RDA English is great. Real warrior . Felder is a Boss too. 💪💪💪
bikibaws Pred 15 dnevi
respect to RDA. i was worried he was slipping into a renan barao situation. one day you're a dominant champ then you forget how to win after a couple of losses. not this legend.
Aivarioha Pred 15 dnevi
​@Gda Rippa Lawler fought in Strikeforce and in UFC for total of 11 years, he held a title just once for a bit longer than 12 months in that whole period of time after winning it by a split-decision. Quite unimpressive. That was during his prime. He also had a pro MMA career 8 years even before that run. That is a 20 year period of taking consecutive hits to head and going through wars... Yet you're an absolute moron who thinks he had much left in him in terms of performances. Lawler was never the same after T-Wood KO loss and by the time he fought RDA people with a functional brain already knew it's the twilight of his career and he was kept in the roster out of respect for the future Hall of Famer. His record shows exactly that. Secondly, your question about Khabib makes no sense because the time he fought Khabib, a lot of people didn't even know who Khabib was like we do now. That happened 6 years ago. Please learn how to do math. Thirdly, because you can't have a discussion without insults, that only speaks of your high ego that tries to compensate for your low intelligence and that does no good for your integrity. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Gda Rippa
Gda Rippa Pred 15 dnevi
@Aivarioha - That was 2017 Lawler, Lawler was Champ in 2016 😆 Magny has always been a top 10 welterweight in the World dumbass 😂 RDA was Champ at 155 and the last weight cut almost killed him so he decided to move up and he fought monsters like Usman He tried his luck at 170 and he went 4-4 so he decided to go back down to his natural weight class Do you think he’s scared of Khabib? He already fought Khabib and he has fought guys like Usman and Tony so he ain’t scared of anybody By the way he announced his comeback to 155 before Khabib fought Gaethje Try again kid
Aivarioha Pred 15 dnevi
@Gda Rippa Yes you can. Because he couldn't drop to lower weight class so he chose the only option that was there, go up a weight class... And who did he beat? Taric Saffeidine? Who is that? Robbie Lawler? Isn't he supposed to be retired by now? Neil Magny? A guy who can't check a leg kick even if his life depended on it. Ok good job, RDA. You beat 2 decent welterweights that people heard of and still appreciate... You earned yourself some bigger names... and then what? 5 fights, 4 losses... BACK TO LIGHTWEIGHT because Khabib retired. That is pretty sad. We saw how RDA just couldn't do anything to Kamaru or Colby. I mean if you think that RDA was ever an elite fighter for more than a few hours... you're just fooling yourselves.
Aivarioha Pred 15 dnevi
​@bikibaws if RDA is all these "dominant", "legend", "champ" words, then who is Tony Ferguson and Colby Covington? They never touched the real belt, yet they both destroyed your fake champ like it was a walk in the park. :D Just because he scrambled 1 or 2 wins at the right time, don't mean anything... He beat freaking Pettis to win the belt... The most overrated fighter in the world who got exposed and lost more fights than he won in the past 5 years. And WTF is "prime cowboy" anyways? Same story. It's a comical statement. He is a 50/50 coin flip. Another piss poor example. The dude has some insane exploitable weaknesses.
bikibaws Pred 15 dnevi
@Aivarioha im sure RDA is losing sleep that he didn't meet your mma expectations and qualifications. A dominant champ is a champ who defended the title. Beat contenders, beat former champ, defended title. And not just by clinging to a decision. You don't remember rda stomping prime cowboy. For that time in the division he took hold of it and owned it. That's dominance. You interim belt era fans will never understand. The last 5 years of giving away interim belts like peanuts devalued what being a champion is.
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Pred 15 dnevi
Rda u suck man..boring fight and boring fighter!I think it's time now u should retire!!!👎👎👎
Abang Kacak
Abang Kacak Pred 15 dnevi
Smart move RDA...good for you, former champ you and conor that make sense
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