UFC Vegas 13: Fighters You Should Know

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 23 dnevi

Raoni Barcelos, Tanner Boser and Yan Xiaonan are three fighters you should know heading into UFC Vegas 13: Santos vs Teixeira this weekend.
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Daredevil Hardwood
Daredevil Hardwood Pred 12 dnevi
Like everyone except that Chinese venom
noe noll
noe noll Pred 17 dnevi
1:05..covid 19
molsky eastbekasi
molsky eastbekasi Pred 17 dnevi
karolina low respon.. easy
Hakku malla
Hakku malla Pred 18 dnevi
If you don't know now you know.
WWE and UFC Pred 19 dnevi
William Dawson
William Dawson Pred 19 dnevi
Sounded like fivio foreign when he said "bow" 😂😂 @3:50
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Pred 20 dnevi
Yan xiaonan looks like a chinese cris cyborg
Frank Manzano
Frank Manzano Pred 17 dnevi
Mister Privacy
Mister Privacy Pred 20 dnevi
I would call the ref an dana white rant but, the guys punching the guy on the ground block. At 0:55
C Giles
C Giles Pred 20 dnevi
Zhang and Valentina Shevchenko need to fight at 125 (I want to see Zhangs power with 10 more lbs of weight tested against Shevchenkos kickboxing-can Zhang get inside and connect big on Shevchenko’s chin?? That’s the million dollar question in that fight. I hope we get to find out within the next year).
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Pred 20 dnevi
Perfect timing for the main event to start here ct in mo
Xelal Xelal
Xelal Xelal Pred 20 dnevi
Bay bay trump
TheCrackass Pred 20 dnevi
Best moment of this video starts at 3:03. First that quick takedown and then the 5 punch KO. I pressed several times rhe 10sec rewind, so great .
The Era
The Era Pred 20 dnevi
3:06 beast cant wait to watch this dude Raoni Barcelos
redruM 4woN
redruM 4woN Pred 20 dnevi
Synthia Pyre
Synthia Pyre Pred 20 dnevi
Lately it seems Herb Dean has been possessed by the spirit of Mario Yamasaki.
one foot out the door
one foot out the door Pred 20 dnevi
If Barcelos doesn't get ranked , IT'S SOME FACKIN BULLSHIT
Rice Kingz
Rice Kingz Pred 20 dnevi
1:02 Wong Fei Hung
FF88 Pred 20 dnevi
greatest ufc ko slpost.info/dev/faC1naixc6GV3Ys/video.html
Josh Chapman
Josh Chapman Pred 20 dnevi
“right into the eye with the knuckle, very very nice work”
christopher pritchard
christopher pritchard Pred 20 dnevi
what is wrong with herb dean bro
Ali Pred 21 dnevom
" iam not impressed by your performance "
FF88 Pred 20 dnevi
greatest ufc ko slpost.info/dev/faC1naixc6GV3Ys/video.html
Dominick Dong
Dominick Dong Pred 21 dnevom
옥례정 Pred 21 dnevom
Herb dean wanting to make sure he's dead before he steps in 😂🤣
옥례정 Pred 21 dnevom
not first and im proud
Blue Brothers
Blue Brothers Pred 21 dnevom
1 numarada sıyıran yumrukla çöktü ,bu işi herkese vermeyin hazır paraya konma telaşı herhalde. çinli kızında gücü ölümcüldü 3 .de adama kamyon çarptı.
wastingsanity Pred 21 dnevom
Barcelos was a beast in those clips! Definitely one to watch out for.
Ferda Pred 3 dnevi
He’s got O’Malley next gonna he a fun one
Jason Harr0w
Jason Harr0w Pred 15 dnevi
hell yeah
Eli bookoff
Eli bookoff Pred 21 dnevom
The problem with Karolina is the same problem with Paige. They have not evolved at all. Karolina has no ground game. And she has lost her aggression!! No kicking skills. In her earlier fights in the UFC she was good! But again, she did not evolve, and the others did.
Eli bookoff
Eli bookoff Pred 21 dnevom
The Team of Weili Zhang wants to fight this women.
tom bob
tom bob Pred 21 dnevom
Voteing is lame
FF88 Pred 20 dnevi
greatest ufc ko slpost.info/dev/faC1naixc6GV3Ys/video.html
Alfonso de Albuquerque
Alfonso de Albuquerque Pred 21 dnevom
wow.. Raoni Barcelos... Impressive
Douche Monkey
Douche Monkey Pred 21 dnevom
Man feels bad watching Karolina take a beating like that.
friday thirteen
friday thirteen Pred 21 dnevom
way to go barcelos
Pj Mack
Pj Mack Pred 21 dnevom
No wonder Hardy had a go at Herb man... 0:30
Incon Pred 21 dnevom
Yan Xiaonan wow! that kick, she is wild
xViits Pred 21 dnevom
Bora Raoni, bora Brasil !
binyamin ibnemjas
binyamin ibnemjas Pred 21 dnevom
I like this music.....darm cool
Lemontarts01 Pred 21 dnevom
"That body shot woulda hurt Alistair overeem" *Whilst comenting on womens division* Fucking savage spitting facts lmaoo
imblck Pred 21 dnevom
Boser looks like Roy Nelson 😂
Frank Manzano
Frank Manzano Pred 17 dnevi
Or his son
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore Pred 21 dnevom
Weshh c'étaient des uppercuts de fouu 3:35 mdrr.
VisInvis Pred 21 dnevom
Omg Herb Dean with the sadistic stoppage. Jeeeesus man 00:20
Joakim Grevér
Joakim Grevér Pred 20 dnevi
Dude took like 2 strikes to the head and 1 to the back common man, he was protecting himself....
Captain Swing
Captain Swing Pred 21 dnevom
WTF is wrong with herb dean🥶, was he sleeping while the punches were landing clean like thunderstorms. He wants people to die here b4 he calls off the fight.
Eddy Roman
Eddy Roman Pred 22 dnevi
UFC and Bellator are killing old men this weekend
FF88 Pred 20 dnevi
facts but what will happen if glover wins slpost.info/dev/faC1naixc6GV3Ys/video.html
sixpool Pred 22 dnevi
3:00 those takedowns are the coolest B)
MERYEM FF Pred 22 dnevi
تونس بلدي 🚩من يحبها 💕يدعموني😔
Horst Hacker
Horst Hacker Pred 22 dnevi
Ah when there where crowds. Sadly all of that is gone.
Aurelius Pred 22 dnevi
1:03 hey it's Corona Chan
Psychic Grimace
Psychic Grimace Pred 22 dnevi
xiaonan hits like a girl lol
Zǐ lóng
Zǐ lóng Pred 21 dnevom
What are you trying to say? Karolina is notoriously durable. You should've seen her eye after the fight.
Acceptance Believes
Acceptance Believes Pred 22 dnevi
Jose Aldo's son is a scary fighter
Gold Only
Gold Only Pred 22 dnevi
I’m so tired of the commentators trying to do the refs job. Shut up and commentate. It’s getting annoying and redundant at this point
DU3L CITIZ3N Pred 22 dnevi
Knuckles to the eye... I need to train that tactic, seems to work well.
Tw0 Crows
Tw0 Crows Pred 22 dnevi
Has Steve Mazagatti Quantum Leaped into Herb Dean?
MrSlade Pred 22 dnevi
Imagine waving a communist flag around like it’s something to be proud of. Guess she should just be grateful her government let her even leave her country
Wutang 666
Wutang 666 Pred 22 dnevi
Not a fan of commentators yelling at the ref at all dude wasn’t taking any serious damage and you need to let shit play out sometimes these guys are fighting for their livelihoods
pgreenx Pred 22 dnevi
Where my boy Sean O’Malley these days?
Frank Manzano
Frank Manzano Pred 17 dnevi
In rehab! Just kidding
Air Cortez
Air Cortez Pred 22 dnevi
Herb Dean with a late stoppage again.. when a fighter covers up and just falls down like that, it's over. Should have been stopped immediately as soon as he hit the mat. Smh
Dylan Carter
Dylan Carter Pred 17 dnevi
@Frank Manzano easily yamasaki.....herb dean sometimes has late stoppages, but it's usually a bi product of not making early stoppages. Yamasaki just let people die
Frank Manzano
Frank Manzano Pred 17 dnevi
Yeah don’t know whose worse Yamasucki or the 🌿 herb man
Andha1 Pred 20 dnevi
@Air Cortez Totally agree
John Michael
John Michael Pred 21 dnevom
@Dylan Carter they be throwing dirt on the casket and shit while Mario just like ❤️ with his hands
Dylan Carter
Dylan Carter Pred 21 dnevom
Could have been yamasaki and he stopped it as they were lowering the casket into the ground and his family was around crying
ma bo
ma bo Pred 22 dnevi
CJ -NYC Pred 22 dnevi
chinese girl fighters are jacked. lol. love it.
moh plus
moh plus Pred 22 dnevi
Barcelona is aldo 2.0
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson Pred 22 dnevi
I’m not impressed by 30 year old fighters even if one of them ever manages to win a title they will be passed their primes by then
Crazimo Pred 22 dnevi
Genuinely a stupid comment
The Messenger
The Messenger Pred 22 dnevi
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dizzy aye
dizzy aye Pred 22 dnevi
So obama is now in ufc
Bearded Badger
Bearded Badger Pred 22 dnevi
Herb dean wanting to make sure he's dead before he steps in 😂🤣
Frank Manzano
Frank Manzano Pred 17 dnevi
He’s smoking to much herb 🌿 😂
Thomas Lunde
Thomas Lunde Pred 20 dnevi
@TK94 2687 Uhm are you sure about that? because to me he clearly is holding a flat hand over his eye before he goes down. Quite often fighters catch a punch to the eye and thinks they have been poked and then they understandably want the time out to recover so they can see properly.
TK94 2687
TK94 2687 Pred 20 dnevi
@Joakim Grevér he touched his nose, not his eyes. he wasnt trying to claim foul he just got crumbled
Joakim Grevér
Joakim Grevér Pred 20 dnevi
The first guy? He was kinda acting like he got eye poked and then 5/7 shots were blocked by his arms... common
Bearded Badger
Bearded Badger Pred 21 dnevom
@Lemontarts01 Thanks I love beards and honey badgers haha
memeking Pred 22 dnevi
Xiaonan is a killer for sure, it takes some balls to enter America as a Chinese person. She's gonna make her name known this weekend.
Jack Cheung
Jack Cheung Pred 20 dnevi
Why does it take balls to enter America as a Chinese person?
Alex Soares
Alex Soares Pred 22 dnevi
The roster is so weak that they have to do these “fighters you should know” ads.
Crazimo Pred 21 dnevom
@YWYP literally this lol they have like 600 fighters on contract, probably more
Leon Brady
Leon Brady Pred 21 dnevom
I dont mind i like being suprised by the unknowns.......
YWYP Pred 21 dnevom
Rather the roster is so big that people don't remember some damn good fighters.
Crazimo Pred 22 dnevi
imagine having a problem with learning about who’s set to fight.
Shaggy mofo
Shaggy mofo Pred 22 dnevi
China virus
One Love
One Love Pred 22 dnevi
I dont like fights at the apex. Was watching bellator and didnt like it a bit but the way they setup everything is way better than apex.
Bes haxhaj
Bes haxhaj Pred 22 dnevi
People who say UFC 2 was “unrealistic” watch the last KO...
whatdudeokman Pred 22 dnevi
Tanner Boser is stepping up to the plate against Arlovski, this dude is a PIMP, if you ever watched an interview with him you already know.
Sugar wall
Sugar wall Pred 22 dnevi
UFC is desperate to promote new fighters after all the retirements they've had
YWYP Pred 21 dnevom
Is normal. Old guys retire, new guys need some promoting.
No 🧢
No 🧢 Pred 22 dnevi
You make it sound like a bad thing 😂UFC is great when it comes to promoting. Nobody wants to watch 40 year old washed up guys on every card like in Bellator
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris Pred 22 dnevi
We need a lot more of these types of videos.
Ezra Daiquiri
Ezra Daiquiri Pred 22 dnevi
Herb dean again with another shit stoppage.
JS808 Pred 22 dnevi
Nuuu Karolina 😥
Halilu Remawa
Halilu Remawa Pred 22 dnevi
Chinese don't like Poles?
Milk Shake
Milk Shake Pred 22 dnevi
Wasn't that first knockout in the video from him hooking the guy in his eye?
Camera Man
Camera Man Pred 22 dnevi
Milk Shake if you replay the vid it looks like it was the front knuckles that the gloves doesn't cover which a lot of fighters use... it hurts a lot
waalex11 Pred 22 dnevi
Seeking Jesus Ministries
Seeking Jesus Ministries Pred 22 dnevi
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Billi Hawk
Billi Hawk Pred 22 dnevi
Late stoppage in the fist😡😡😡
Evan93 Pred 22 dnevi
Either Boser injured that guy with that punch or he is a heavyweight who likes to give up....
Tomiqi Pred 22 dnevi
xiaonan is awesome to watch
Tomiqi Pred 22 dnevi
Cregan Stark
Cregan Stark Pred 22 dnevi
Yan Xiaonan is a monster. Zhang Weili took the spotlight but Yan has been silently taking heads. They’re headed for a showdown. She was the first signed for a reason
Kampung Love
Kampung Love Pred 21 dnevom
@Cregan Stark never had I compare ZW & Yan's skill sets in my comment & I was & still as calm as a croc when replying you for sure. No need to highlight who's the first to enter UFC because what really matters is the type of fight you're going to bring & what really excite people. People want to see who's the best, not where the fighters come from. I'm not Chinese or a Western, but I enjoy great fighters. Stop playing a race card here of how it will bring more business. BTS has proven that they are popular around the world not because of their race but their talent.😏
Cregan Stark
Cregan Stark Pred 21 dnevom
@Kampung Love Man you’re comment is that of a simp. Emotional as hell like someone is talking about your girlfriend or something. Pay attention to what I commented. It doesn’t matter when Zhang Weili signed or why. Point stands Yan was the first and on the UFC radar for her skills and to market to China. Nobody is saying Zhang Weili sucks or that Yan Xiaonan is better. The point is Zhang has outshined Yan but she (Yan) will become popular soon and challenge for the title.You’re acting as if you’re the only person who’s watched Zhang Weili last few fights. Everyone saw the Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Zhang Weili fight.
Cregan Stark
Cregan Stark Pred 21 dnevom
@Pragya Manral that’s exactly right. It’s too easy to pin her down. Cailin Curren was able to inch back into their fight that way
Cregan Stark
Cregan Stark Pred 21 dnevom
@Tzar Leonardi well Zhang Weili actually got bumped up early. The company “reason” is that no one wanted to fight Zhang Weili except Jessica Andrade. The other rumor is that she’s the ufc attempting to undermine ONE championship. Either way Zhang Weili was pushed forward quickly as many people complained about her getting the title shot
Cregan Stark
Cregan Stark Pred 21 dnevom
@HenryDavidT well Zhang Weili is really just way more powerful. Yan has good power but she’s not on Zhang Weili level. Yan is lacking in only really one aspect and that’s her grappling. It’s too easy to tie her up and or pin her down. That’s also what Zhang Weili has above her
Pedro R
Pedro R Pred 22 dnevi
BARcelos Jose aldo 2.0
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 20 dnevi
@Pedro R Why the offense ? I just added a information .
Pedro R
Pedro R Pred 20 dnevi
@José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici exactly 2.0... idiot
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 21 dnevom
He is a wrestler .
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Pred 22 dnevi
Should be a great card
Artur Sodré
Artur Sodré Pred 22 dnevi
Xiaonan 🔥🔥🔥
WHITE LION Pred 22 dnevi
Santos gonna send Teixeira to a nursing home. That's just elder abuse on part of the matchmakers. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
WHITE LION Pred 22 dnevi
@broootal that's very true. Thanks for reminding me. 💪🏻🙂👍🏻
Azmonarth Pred 22 dnevi
bro teixeiras better grappler and wrestler, if he takes thiago down, what definitely will happen he has great chances to get the win via submissions or tko. a striker has always two things to worry, a wrestler only one thing.
Alvin Marvellus
Alvin Marvellus Pred 22 dnevi
Uncle glover will upset you
broootal Pred 22 dnevi
Texeira practically retired Anthony Smith
Dee A
Dee A Pred 22 dnevi
I said make the god dam fight 😂
WHITE LION Pred 22 dnevi
Barcelos reminds me of Aldo.
Mark Constantine
Mark Constantine Pred 19 dnevi
@Noe egel casual
Noe egel
Noe egel Pred 21 dnevom
@José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici only for you LOL
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 21 dnevom
@Noe egel no .He is very entertaining .
Noe egel
Noe egel Pred 21 dnevom
@José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici yeah only for you LOL
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Pred 21 dnevom
@Noe egel but, he is a exiting champion .
Rage Against My Hairline
Rage Against My Hairline Pred 22 dnevi
At this point, we pretty much all know basically every fighter, these videos are just a "Hey, remember this fighter? Yeah, they've got a fight this weekend".
A4 Pred 22 dnevi
Huh... it’s almost as if that’s the point 🤔
Rage Against My Hairline
Rage Against My Hairline Pred 22 dnevi
@Aviad Yemini I did say "basically". It's not like they're putting these ridiculously obscure fighters in these videos, more like guys and girls who haven't fought in a while. I've been watching for about 12 years but I definitely don't consider myself 'hardcore'; like, I don't know every up and comer in every promotion, but I think I've seen pretty much everyone who's had a fight in the UFC do the dance, most of the Bellator fighters, and a few others. Sorry, not trying to be some pompous asshole boasting about how knowledgeable I am. I just watch pretty much everything I have access to cos there's fuck all else to watch on TV these days. Even SLpost has gotten considerably crappier these past 8 or 9 months. It's like: "HEY! Let me recommend you the same 100 videos over and over! What? You've already watched them? Let me recommend you the same 100 videos over and over! Also, you should watch those videos you've already seen again. And then again... Hey! Let me recommend you the same 100 videos from yesterday, and how about watching those ones you've already seen again?" It's maddening. So yeah, sorry for the rant, but I watch quite a lot of MMA. Mostly UFC.
Aviad Yemini
Aviad Yemini Pred 22 dnevi
Only hardcore fans know every fighter
Delta Fibonacci
Delta Fibonacci Pred 22 dnevi
This is more for the causals who don't know.
That MMA Guy
That MMA Guy Pred 22 dnevi
China is on the rise
matt tim
matt tim Pred 22 dnevi
@Ezra Daiquiri Yup couldn't agree more.
Ezra Daiquiri
Ezra Daiquiri Pred 22 dnevi
@matt tim exactly, but I'm excited for these Chinese fighters. This ain't a racist thing like cnn, this is a stop the new world order and one world government thing 🤪
matt tim
matt tim Pred 22 dnevi
Only Trump can stop it. Joementia has been sold out to China years ago.
K. T.
K. T. Pred 22 dnevi
Ezra Daiquiri
Ezra Daiquiri Pred 22 dnevi
Not if trump can stop it. Keep america, America 😁
George Kulko
George Kulko Pred 22 dnevi
A a a A aa A A A a A Crazy combos by the Chinese fighter though
WHITE LION Pred 22 dnevi
I respect the toughness of Karolina...but got dam she takes a lot of punishment every fight. Possibly CTE in her future. If I were close to her I'd recommend either going down to a B or C league like Bellator, Invicta...or just open an mma gym for girls. It's just too much punishment she's taking.
Pragya Manral
Pragya Manral Pred 21 dnevom
Yup or move up a weight class. She looks drained and washed up.
Matthew Anthony
Matthew Anthony Pred 22 dnevi
Agreed. She’s cute enough we’re she can be successful out side of fighting, no need to get beat up anymore for a living
Tom Brennan
Tom Brennan Pred 22 dnevi
The noise from Xianan @ 2:10
Frank Manzano
Frank Manzano Pred 17 dnevi
Yeah sounds like battle cry from mortal kombat
JK96 Pred 21 dnevom
It’s going to be even louder now that there’s no audience, lol.
hoherspatz Pred 21 dnevom
its like playing tekken xD
Ciccio Pasticcino
Ciccio Pasticcino Pred 22 dnevi
Barcelos looks like a problem for the division
Aje do Oki do
Aje do Oki do Pred 22 dnevi
Fighter you should know, Gadelha boys 😍
WHITE LION Pred 22 dnevi
WTF is up with Herb Dean? The guy clearly gave up. Why did he have to take all those unnecessary hammer fists??? 🤨🤨🤨
Monkey Nibba
Monkey Nibba Pred 22 dnevi
Herb deans brain was lagging on that first guy
Thomas Lunde
Thomas Lunde Pred 20 dnevi
@JJ Hat only one punch went through the guard and that was the point where Herb stepped in and called it. It was not a late stoppage, the dude was not even rocked when he went down. And if he would have tried to get up immediately or grab a leg then he would probably have been knocked out cold.
Tw0 Crows
Tw0 Crows Pred 22 dnevi
Again, for years people have said best referee, why? Hes done this for a long time
First person
First person Pred 22 dnevi
@JJ Hat lmao, of course brain damage isn't good. But this isn't even bad compared to other stoppages. Y'all love to exaggerate shit.i agree we should call out bad stoppages but this ain't it.
JJ Hat
JJ Hat Pred 22 dnevi
@First person lol i been watching since I'm 10 with my dad and I'm 29 rn I've watched plenty of bad stoppages, but is not like if the guy is even fighting for something, I bet u didn't even know about him till this moment, common dude once u fall covering ur face and won't even try to upkick ur opponent or even try to grab an arm is enough to stop it, what if he would've gotten a bad hit to the head and put to sleep, if u knew about the sport u would know that's not good for ur brain.
First person
First person Pred 22 dnevi
@JJ Hat 😂 just look at the older fights. You'll see better examples of bad stoppages. This isn't shit y'all complaining over nothing .
Renan Rodrigues
Renan Rodrigues Pred 22 dnevi
That uppercut from Barcelos... Videogame shit
XIENCHE HD Pred 22 dnevi
That tanner guy looks scary 😬
Tomy Sheridan
Tomy Sheridan Pred 22 dnevi
hope Claudia get W over Yan
Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush
Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush Pred 21 dnevom
@jeff shaver Maybe, but it doesn't mean Claudia can't win, like we haven't seen Claudia fight girls like Rose, Michelle, Tecia, Tatiana or Zhang, Styles make fights, like Tate has lost to Ronda twice, then look what happened to her after that, Claudia can still do it like Tate, Just cause she lost to Joanna twice, it doesn't mean she can't become champion one day, I think she can, also Same with Glover, Glover can beat Blachowicz if he fought him, also Maybe Adesanya too, Izzy has Suspect Chin, he was KO'ed by Alex Pereira, and Izzy was scared from Romero, so Imagine him fighting Glover🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
jeff shaver
jeff shaver Pred 21 dnevom
@Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush Claudia has barely won anything decisively the last few years. All of Yan's fights in the UFC are completely dominant.
Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush
Ibrahim Hassan Hamroush Pred 22 dnevi
I Think she will, same with Glover/Santos, they will literally leave it all in the cage, Glover and Claudia want to be Champions, and they're few fights away from title shot, and few years away from retiring from MMA, Right?
Alexander Buc
Alexander Buc Pred 22 dnevi
I like cars n shit
I like cars n shit Pred 22 dnevi
-- Pred 22 dnevi
Look up Karolina's eyes after this fight. She looks like Maurice Greene.
Matthew Lo
Matthew Lo Pred 19 dnevi
@-- I’ll say this about KK.. She’s a good fighter and she has all it takes... She just needs a new flipping team!!
Diz Zkl
Diz Zkl Pred 21 dnevom
I thought more of Karolina when she first made her debut. It seems that she didn't improved
JK96 Pred 22 dnevi
Glad her eyes good now. That fight was pretty brutal. Cornerman needs to start throwing the towel for their fighter like how boxing does.
A4 Pred 22 dnevi
There was no need to do either of them like that 😆😆
-- Pred 22 dnevi
@Oscar 16 legends in the making perhaps with Joanna, Andrade, Waterson.
Cosmo Imai
Cosmo Imai Pred 22 dnevi
Biden and Trump should've just fight. Who ever wins takes the presidency.
Matthew Anthony
Matthew Anthony Pred 22 dnevi
Trump is like 6’4 and still has a pulse, he’d kill Biden
TK Pred 22 dnevi
I literally said that to someone yesterday. Nobody wants either of them so might as well have them fight to the death for our entertainment
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