UFC Vegas 12: Weigh-in Faceoffs

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 29 dnevi

Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva faced off after weighing in on Friday morning in Las Vegas with the rest of Saturday's Fight Night competitors. Saturday's main card starts at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.
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Knowledge Discovery
Knowledge Discovery Pred 26 dnevi
"My name is Conor Mcgregor". Funny moment of Khabib 😂 slpost.info/dev/g27LfnVqep_U0p0/video.html
Forever Forgiven
Forever Forgiven Pred 26 dnevi
I did not even know that Uriah was still fighting man I will never forget that spin kick knockout on the ultimate fighter was brutal.
Kadar HASan
Kadar HASan Pred 26 dnevi
Did Anderson Silva lost some weight?
John-David Brophy
John-David Brophy Pred 27 dnevi
If the fight would have happened 7 years ago when both fighters were still relevant, I'd be more interested. As it stand though, I'm sadly disappointed. This fight means nothing for Uriah, Silva or the UFC.
Robert C. Christian
Robert C. Christian Pred 27 dnevi
Thug nasty is going to get touchy Fili with him.. I know it.
Yessi villa
Yessi villa Pred 27 dnevi
A lot of these dudes look like they just came out from a week long video gaming marathon ..... wtf
FREDDIE REAGAN Pred 27 dnevi
Drahzzi Izzard
Drahzzi Izzard Pred 27 dnevi
He looks like he's in the shape he was when I fought chris leben!!
ScratchNOFF 760
ScratchNOFF 760 Pred 27 dnevi
You sure co main event is not supposed to be on skinamax judging by thier nick name..
Danny Tao
Danny Tao Pred 27 dnevi
My man Silva looking in great condition. He's gonna get that win!
Akun Santai
Akun Santai Pred 27 dnevi
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr Pred 27 dnevi
Boring Bobby Green
BlackMAGIC TV Pred 27 dnevi
Silva always humble. Love that!
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo Pred 27 dnevi
To me even if greg hardy is a little over the 265 lbs limit, I don't think it makes that much of a difference, I realize in pro American boxing some heavyweight fighters were over 265lbs fighting..pretty anything over 265 lbs in the UFC or mma is considered a super heavyweight but to me it's makes no difference in their weight because they are still some big boys, it's all about whose the more well conditioned, skilled and talented fighter, that's whose going to win for sure specifically in the UFC because the best fighters in world is mostly from the UFC..
Do Or Do Not
Do Or Do Not Pred 27 dnevi
Im greatful to have watched anderson silvas career. He was the GOAT if it wasnt for steroids... the dude did things no other fighters at the time were doing. He revolutionized MMA. Thank you Anderson Silva for an amazing career. I will remember the black and yellow spider until the day I die. Much love and respect.
Ivan Dovranić
Ivan Dovranić Pred 27 dnevi
1:11 for a sec l thought it was Jorge :o 1:50 so there _are_ Entlings!xdD
nate means
nate means Pred 27 dnevi
Didn't really care about this fight... but now I'm actually pretty hyped for this. Silva looks in good shape.
GameEditor Che
GameEditor Che Pred 27 dnevi
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage Pred 27 dnevi
how many minutes left??
houstonpromotion Pred 27 dnevi
They should’ve made Silva vs Pierre or Silva vs Jon Jones back when it was hot, that was a lot of money that could’ve been made
Sushant Rauthan
Sushant Rauthan Pred 27 dnevi
End of sn era
George Nacpil
George Nacpil Pred 27 dnevi
hope these guys who taunts will get koef
Premium Premium
Premium Premium Pred 27 dnevi
Anderson Silva 🐐
K Pred 27 dnevi
This is a great card.
ivan chapa
ivan chapa Pred 27 dnevi
Dana always looks creepy
Blake X
Blake X Pred 27 dnevi
Silva looks young af, looks in great shape as well. Hope he pulls it off! ✌️
eugyero Pred 27 dnevi
Silva actually looked like he has lost his beer gut. 🍺
Vanth Dreadstar
Vanth Dreadstar Pred 27 dnevi
Did Silva spend all his money?!? Damn dude...retire!
Тимур Муртуков
Тимур Муртуков Pred 27 dnevi
1:55 - Keeping social distancing? - Yeah - Well done
M S Pred 27 dnevi
Rather have someone Izzy hasn’t beat yet get the win.
Lord Gonzo
Lord Gonzo Pred 27 dnevi
What a treat for Hall to be able to fight the spider! I really hope they're both at their best cuz that could be a fun fight!
Aaab Aaab
Aaab Aaab Pred 27 dnevi
Spider says: cocaine expensive
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado Pred 27 dnevi
Dana "we're gonna have to have a talk" White
MMA Memoir
MMA Memoir Pred 27 dnevi
Remove those masks, i cant make highly educated bets based on who looks scared
shannel Myers
shannel Myers Pred 27 dnevi
Uriah Hall vs stylebender what you guys think about that fight looks like it'll be a good fight
Matt K
Matt K Pred 27 dnevi
Silva is going to get his old ass beat!
POWER Pred 27 dnevi
Brutal card
Reality Rob
Reality Rob Pred 27 dnevi
main event 2 great strikers, im cool with that.
Joe Scaletta
Joe Scaletta Pred 27 dnevi
Would love to see Anderson win but most likely he will probably throw about 10 strikes per round and maybe a couple kicks and that’s it
maxandcay reactions
maxandcay reactions Pred 27 dnevi
Would be a good last fight for silva
Xyrelle Alain Demeterio
Xyrelle Alain Demeterio Pred 27 dnevi
Love the way how Dana stares at his fighters' eyes😐 Silva For the W🙏
Chris Carter
Chris Carter Pred 27 dnevi
Kevin Holland, and Bobby Green to look out for. Bryce and fili is up in the air.
Dashoost Pred 27 dnevi
00:01 Johns v Natividad 00:14 Jacoby v Ledet 00:27 Williams v Witt 00:43 Strickland v Marshman 00:54 Yanez v Rodriguez 01:13 Gruetzemacher v Hernandez 01:28 Green v Moises 01:49 Holland v Ontiveros 02:05 Greene v Hardy 02:23 Mitchell v Fili 02:44 Hall v Silva
Cat Love
Cat Love Pred 27 dnevi
Best fight right here slpost.info/dev/oX_OrHmmeJ_QvYM/video.html
Q R Pred 27 dnevi
I think Hernandez is on the canelo beef
Zhou Zhou
Zhou Zhou Pred 27 dnevi
Sam Stollar
Sam Stollar Pred 27 dnevi
Spider looks good !
Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos Pred 27 dnevi
I’ve been clapping everytime I see Anderson Silva man he doesn’t deserve to have his last UFC fight without fans he needs a proper send off man you know Vegas would go absolutely nutts or even better in Brazil
Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos Pred 27 dnevi
Silva got that old man Bladder nowadays he had to take his 10th piss of the day 😂
Old Uncle Bob
Old Uncle Bob Pred 27 dnevi
Uriah baby!
ThatGuy Pred 27 dnevi
UFC is lame af now
Khurram Aziz
Khurram Aziz Pred 27 dnevi
Anderson *The Spider* Silva screams in Kurapika
Foul Productions
Foul Productions Pred 27 dnevi
Clifton M. Uhl
Clifton M. Uhl Pred 27 dnevi
1:29 I don't need anymore my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Christian McDonald
Christian McDonald Pred 27 dnevi
Steel Flex
Steel Flex Pred 27 dnevi
Silva... please. Him and Cerone are so shot it’s laughable . You want to make some easy money, take Hall. You’re welcome.
Hugh Manniti
Hugh Manniti Pred 27 dnevi
But wait this is a good card
TheOriginalMakaaka Pred 27 dnevi
At least Silva looks much more in shape than when he fought Adesanya. I thought he was ready to fight BJ Penn in a retirement home but he looks like he has a bit more spring in him this time.
Pasing Gas
Pasing Gas Pred 27 dnevi
Sorry Dana but have a little respect for the fighters that make you money. They all have masks on to protect each other and you are shaking hands and breathing all over them. I was honestly hoping one of them was going to give you an elbow to the nose and follow up with a kick to the nuts!
dreadghoul23 Pred 27 dnevi
let's go Holland, Green, Hardy and both guys in the main event!
bob vinny
bob vinny Pred 27 dnevi
Alexander Hernandez, haven't heard that name since Cowboy bopped him up.
ryanmazdaLAX Pred 27 dnevi
I got fili, call me a casual but I dont think mitchell can get it to the ground.
Khedran Pred 27 dnevi
Everybody's on steroids
Sizo Pred 27 dnevi
2:21 Bryce Mitchell didn’t take his eyes off his opponent even for a split second
Paul DG
Paul DG Pred 27 dnevi
Greg hardy should be the welcome fight for jones while waiting for title shot
Quantum Optimist
Quantum Optimist Pred 27 dnevi
Challenge of the dad bods.
CalumG. Pred 27 dnevi
Holy shit, Anderson got himself into aesthetic shape. Looks just like he did 10 years ago.
The Truth
The Truth Pred 27 dnevi
Anderson is in shape
diko saputra
diko saputra Pred 27 dnevi
Cyrus Cebu
Cyrus Cebu Pred 27 dnevi
Silva should face wiedman as he's last fight
Bruce George Peter Lee.
Bruce George Peter Lee. Pred 27 dnevi
I remember when no one could touch silva.
ramarren14 Pred 27 dnevi
Always admire how respectful Silva is.
Ree Pred 27 dnevi
I just want Silva to win or at least go for another title shot before he calls it quits.
ChrischrosBelgium Pred 27 dnevi
Silva still has one punch ko power. But i am afraid his age cought up and he won't be fast enough.
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Pred 27 dnevi
Zzz event 😴
Twinsun predator
Twinsun predator Pred 27 dnevi
War Silva !!
Louis V
Louis V Pred 27 dnevi
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Pred 27 dnevi
This is what i wanna See. 2 Guys respecting each other and nothing more nothing less
BRUU UHHH Pred 27 dnevi
Only Hurricane and ontiveros obrserved social distancing 😂
Mma from Sereban
Mma from Sereban Pred 27 dnevi
KO from UFC : slpost.info/dev/ZJ6Yn2ZwnH6svZk/video.html
Nicky Chimes
Nicky Chimes Pred 27 dnevi
There is a real champion in Anderson Silva, not like khabib nurmagamedov who is running away and quitting already! What a bum, what a clown, what a joker
Codename Onion
Codename Onion Pred 28 dnevi
only If silva connects for the last time, hope he gets a win to end his carrier. Best of luck, the real GOAT
Ronald Potter
Ronald Potter Pred 28 dnevi
Uriah Hall has lot of respect for Anderson Silva. U can clearly see it in his eyes.
KuttyJoe Pred 28 dnevi
Greg Hardy is back....with a ummm, a new haircut.
KuttyJoe Pred 28 dnevi
Chris Gruetzemacher looks like the Winter Soldier. 1:15
Nicolae Ghinea
Nicolae Ghinea Pred 28 dnevi
1:33 so whats even the point of wearing a mask
Miika L
Miika L Pred 28 dnevi
Gotta say Adrian Yanez vs Victor Rodriguez looks really personal. It's gonna be a brutal fight
Aerofire Pred 28 dnevi
Uriah always struggled with being "too nice", not "mean enough" inside the cage. And now he fights his role model, yikes. Only if Silva beats him up, Hall is gonna show up at some point, I feel like.
Evandro Alcash
Evandro Alcash Pred 28 dnevi
Ver o maior de todos atuando sera inspirador, VAI ANDERSON, GO THE MONSTER SPIDER GO
POP MUSIC Pred 28 dnevi
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craig jessup
craig jessup Pred 28 dnevi
Silva is gonna get smashed
Michael Madrazo
Michael Madrazo Pred 28 dnevi
Silva looks ripped!!
Kyle Song
Kyle Song Pred 28 dnevi
Maurice Greene was wearing his mask too high and Greg Hardy was wearing his too low
bale cruz
bale cruz Pred 28 dnevi
Tomorrow night order doordash!! McDonald's wendy's pizza wings burgers tenders steak bacon shrimp falafel hot and ready only with Doordash!!
JO MV Pred 28 dnevi
1:17i think masvidal 😂
Nome Cult Joe
Nome Cult Joe Pred 28 dnevi
More importantly, that tattoo artist got 1 year in jail and Jon Koppenhaver got life.
savvy830 Pred 28 dnevi
The Silva and Hall fight was actually made years ago but it didn't happen as Silva got injured I think. Good to see its finally happening as Uriah really wanted this fight.
Danny Lenard
Danny Lenard Pred 28 dnevi
Danny Lenard
Danny Lenard Pred 28 dnevi
Jacoby gets gassed😂😂
K1NG_0fTheS0uth- Pred 28 dnevi
Adre touchy Fili 🤣🤣🤣
Rum Yow!
Rum Yow! Pred 28 dnevi
Hall win by Leg break. 😂
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