UFC 254: Robert Whittaker Octagon Interview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred mesecem

The former UFC middleweight champion got the job done against Jared Cannonier via unanimous decision at UFC 254. Robert Whittaker improved to 22-5 with the win.
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Arindam Thakur
Arindam Thakur Pred 13 dnevi
Robert looks like Yuri boyka
Boxing & Gaming Pro
Boxing & Gaming Pro Pred 17 dnevi
I respect both of these fighters im still a big fan of jared hes still a top contender
a j
a j Pred 29 dnevi
When I saw Cannonier first make that jump to middle weight I was like damn he's gonna be cold now he found his groove weight class. As long as they let him keep grinding a path and don't push him too fast he'll be bad then they announced he was fighting a healed up well rested robert whittaker motha...smh shit! for why they do this!? " you know what screw it ima ride or die even though I know the outcome I'm hoping for an upset lol well at least he didn't get knocked out, he almost did but he took that head kick like a beast. maybe now he can rise up they way he was suppose to. Ima need Dana to stop killing these up and comers before they ready just to make a quick buck during this pandemic. On side note I feel like Whittaker really isn't worried about Adesanya he basically said "I'm healed now I can take my belt back when I get ready I rather spend the holidays with my family. I'll let him play champ for christmas" lol
RIICH MANN Pred mesecem
Whitakerr is top 3 mw goat whos the Other 2?
M SATAN Pred mesecem
6 yrs in Australia and trust me these Islanders are just like him. Huge and happy.... 😹
camelia loves
camelia loves Pred mesecem
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Jason Statham
Jason Statham Pred mesecem
Whittaker fucked up my express.
мужик из Сибири
мужик из Сибири Pred mesecem
Cool fighter, wish him more victories, best wishes from Siberia Russia🇷🇺
Jet HYTECH Pred mesecem
Infetuates laugh bro
Romans 3:4
Romans 3:4 Pred mesecem
Screw Jones likes bones. I want to see Izzy against Chizmat
Nigel Sayah
Nigel Sayah Pred mesecem
Soo happy that Whitaker one his last 2! But man hes gotta keep his hands up if he wants to beat izzy. He gets rocked in every fight lol even though he usually wins
Ibrahim Murad
Ibrahim Murad Pred mesecem
he is simply the most likeable guy
Maximilian Dort
Maximilian Dort Pred mesecem
this guy is impossible to dislike, just a solid bloke all around
Danish shaikh
Danish shaikh Pred mesecem
Whittaker looks like Russian mafia ...
LifePortal Pred mesecem
This man is fearless!
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez Pred mesecem
Scared to say the champ's name hahaha no call out for the title hahaha he scared of that man hahaha
Daniel boxing fan
Daniel boxing fan Pred mesecem
the more you see from Whittaker the more you like him..simple as that.. pure class!
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo Pred mesecem
To me as great as those 2 are, I don't see either one beating adesanya for sure no doubt, some of the combatants that I give a phenomenal chance of beating adesanya in my opinion are jones, stipe, khabib and gsp even though he's retired but I'm hearing rumors that he might maybe come back.. And adesanya said he doesn't mind fighting at any weight class as long as the opponent he's fighting makes absolute sense but I don't he's going down a weight class to fight anyone I think only higher, he's too tall to go down a weight class, adesanya is like 6ft3 or 6ft4.. if he's going to go down a weight class I could only see him going down as far welterweight..
giorgi eliava
giorgi eliava Pred mesecem
Whittaker vs adesanya 2 please
Bruce Camel
Bruce Camel Pred mesecem
his style looks so similar to gsp, wish he would work out with high level wrestlers like gsp did and he would decimate adasanya
Lord Bottaro
Lord Bottaro Pred mesecem
Nothing but love and respect for Rob, man. Real fighter, bags of ability, down to earth and funny. Izzy’s the man but Rob deserves a rematch.
Ben Castaniero
Ben Castaniero Pred mesecem
Ben Castaniero
Ben Castaniero Pred mesecem
Class personified
Pio B
Pio B Pred mesecem
I was looking forward to Cannonier vs Adensanya. Too bad Whitaker won. And too bad he wont win against adensanya
Julesgio Pred mesecem
Whittaker beat alot of great fighters : Romero x2, Jacare, Brunson, Till, Cannonier, Uriah Hall It's pretty impresive.
Msizi Nkosi
Msizi Nkosi Pred mesecem
Truth is Whitaker was never really champ, what i mean by that is he didnt defeat a champ to become champ, he became champ cos GSP vacated, dont think Whitaker would have won against GSP in anyway but who knows. Now its his chance to fight a reigning champ to become champ, doubt he is at Adesanyas level though.
Butter Chuggins
Butter Chuggins Pred mesecem
Who farted?
Neb pongen
Neb pongen Pred mesecem
Rob fought well but Izzy is a tough mountain to climb, I feel it will end the same however this time in 5 round decision
ben max
ben max Pred mesecem
Hope Cannonier didn't pay much for those crystals and stones he carries around.
Never surrender.
Never surrender. Pred mesecem
OVERRATED. I don't care what anyone says.
POP MUSIC Pred mesecem
Wish anyone see these comments: = Always Be Strong and Peaceful ❤️ = Achieving Much Academic Success = Happy Family Make A Lot Of Money ==> Someone kind to help me, ae ❤️ 💛 💙
Ryan Pred mesecem
pretty sure I saw Whittaker practicing that exact kick in one of the embedded episodes during the week lol
joseph4043 Pred mesecem
How can you not like Whittaker
Mr Say168
Mr Say168 Pred mesecem
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful ....
Avelardo Bermudez-Magaña
Avelardo Bermudez-Magaña Pred mesecem
Awesome Dopamine Blossoms Amen
Elite Exposure
Elite Exposure Pred mesecem
Izzy only beat Whittaker because of the juice. Usada will catch him soon just like the coke head Jones.
Roman Caesar
Roman Caesar Pred mesecem
Roman Caesar
Roman Caesar Pred mesecem
Rob needs to be the real james bond I'm sorry he kicks asses in real life and has that personality call me crazy
trigueiros113 Pred mesecem
Whittaker great Champion. If he wouldnt fought romero and had serious injury he would won adesanya
SkizVids Pred mesecem
that jab from Whittaker really is so damn deadly, strong and fast, you cant not appreciate this guy, only loss in MW is to the guy that nobody has beat yet
Isaac Fernandez
Isaac Fernandez Pred mesecem
29-28? Wtf
A1 Gamez
A1 Gamez Pred mesecem
Come on Robert give it another shot at the title..
Brayan Miranda
Brayan Miranda Pred mesecem
Whittaker is a classy guy. Hope he takes back the belt from Adesanya!
Cody Pred mesecem
Jared wanted to explore those beautiful stars he saw after that kick for sure
Absynth Pred mesecem
Wonder what Izzy's reaction was like to this fight lol.
mal doe
mal doe Pred mesecem
Why can't Adesanya be this humble? Good job Rob and thanks for always being a class act. Always good to see good people win.
Dan Ginn
Dan Ginn Pred mesecem
Never fight a man who puts his Christmas tree up in October. He will kill you and not even care.
Gear 14
Gear 14 Pred mesecem
Mann, he should have got the finish...as of now I don't see him beating Izzy
Mohd Arif
Mohd Arif Pred mesecem
“speed beats precision”-Mystic Whittaker
Mohd Arif
Mohd Arif Pred mesecem
I feel that Whittaker will be the one to defeat Adesanya because when you watch his style he already been more technical and play his jab unlike before this fight
spud fairbanks
spud fairbanks Pred mesecem
Jared's stones must've been out of energy this fight
Mohd Arif
Mohd Arif Pred mesecem
glad Whittaker won the fight because Cannonier is too overconfident/cocky lately he thinks he’s the one deserve Adesanya fight since he got called out
alugificator Pred mesecem
Those 29-28 scorecards are a bit suss.
carlos 123
carlos 123 Pred mesecem
Rubbish the reaper lmao
Andrew Birch
Andrew Birch Pred mesecem
Motivated Rob will win his belt back in 2021.
Lyan's Life
Lyan's Life Pred mesecem
Nobody matches the skill of The Reaper. The only person to beat him is only Izzy. I just don't see anybody else beats him at Middleweight
MVP_KZ Pred mesecem
So easy :)
Daryel Huff
Daryel Huff Pred mesecem
Classy, great sportsmanship. Great CHAMP! WELL DONE ROBERT.
Teagan Wittmaack
Teagan Wittmaack Pred mesecem
how can u not love bobby
OG Plug
OG Plug Pred mesecem
Can’t wait to see Izzy v. Rob 2
Russian Bot
Russian Bot Pred mesecem
the captions said "rubbish reaper."
Lucas Aaron
Lucas Aaron Pred mesecem
Funniest part was the commentators talking about how they could give the decision to cannonier 😐
Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight Pred mesecem
Damn, i like robert but would've been happy to see canoneer win, he should move up in weight and bulk back up where he used to be
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy Pred mesecem
Robs pure class Merry Christmas
ycz04x02 Pred mesecem
If it wasn´t for Izzy, Whittaker would be in the best middleweight discussion.
Ashik Vittal
Ashik Vittal Pred mesecem
One happy Reaper 😛
Mister Im
Mister Im Pred mesecem
Rob's Arnie impression is impeccable
abcd xx
abcd xx Pred mesecem
Man it looked like cannonier was dead with all the blood but damn did he get back
Luffy Law
Luffy Law Pred mesecem
Rob is without a doubt 2nd best in middle weight division and dude fought against big names and only lose 1 fight in this division and I think won 10...it's phenomenal..he is there with current best pound for pound fighters...
Marshall Winterbach
Marshall Winterbach Pred mesecem
what a Champ! Y'all must have forgot!
Rahim Wiko
Rahim Wiko Pred mesecem
i am wating Anderson the sipder sliva fight
Dai Thomas
Dai Thomas Pred mesecem
Rob is an absolute class act. It`s great to see back on the smash!
Minho Kim
Minho Kim Pred mesecem
Need to fight with costa first smash him and go see izzy
heavy soul25
heavy soul25 Pred mesecem
this man have a lots of respect..
Eddie Brock
Eddie Brock Pred mesecem
canonier should retire
Chopper 51
Chopper 51 Pred mesecem
I’m really hoping this isn’t gonna be a Frankie Edgar story. Don’t want Rob beating beating every other middleweight just to lose to Izzy again.
Cameron Bachman
Cameron Bachman Pred mesecem
I like these fights where there's nothing to be upset about it was a solid fight no cheating, fighters treated eachother with respect to before during and after the fight, judges did a good job, robert seems to have consistently well rounded fights
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking Pred mesecem
How did Jared get a round tho?
Roohit Lal
Roohit Lal Pred mesecem
Great win but does anyone really want to see him fight Adesanya again?
Makhi Makharadze
Makhi Makharadze Pred mesecem
Has Jarred become addicted to losing weight? Seems like he is moving down to WW next. Looked noticeably smaller than Whittaker.
pthorne 1710
pthorne 1710 Pred mesecem
"I used the stones to destroy the stones"- Jared Thanonnier
Shaun Mai
Shaun Mai Pred mesecem
That rematch is gonna be interesting, he’s obviously going change his game plan. Many people wrote Bobby knuckles off, the guy is a beast.
Q QQ Pred mesecem
Them magic crystals aren’t working now are they Jared?
prod. by 3znk
prod. by 3znk Pred mesecem
Neither did witterkers training work on adesanya .
Desta Garut 1,5 jt subscriber
Desta Garut 1,5 jt subscriber Pred mesecem
Tommy Pred mesecem
Pc master race. Legend
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Pred mesecem
Still not sure how how the judges gave Cannonier a round. Made that fight seem closer than it really was. So happy for Robert though!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Pred mesecem
The Maori!!!!!!
TH0MA5 Pred mesecem
So much for cannonier being adesanyas biggest threat☹️
Alex Dunford
Alex Dunford Pred mesecem
Bobby is the boy 👊
LEBYT MC5 Pred mesecem
what fucking win man amazing hes back nice
Edward Valdez
Edward Valdez Pred mesecem
Ima be honest I thought Robert was done after izzy I thought he was gonna start fading like alot of fighters do after they lose their belt but damn he beat two top tier guys
Fearhumans Pred mesecem
He’s earned a rematch. He beat two of the best middleweights back to back, but Adesanya is too good for him.
Kicu Pred mesecem
it was obvious to me, didn't get ppl picking Cannonier at all. Whittaker lost one fight and everybody wanted to scratch him off
mas ojie
mas ojie Pred mesecem
Salute for 2 fighter! Respect!!!
Bellicose 20
Bellicose 20 Pred mesecem
Casey Kenny, Whittaker and khabib all won. All I was hoping for
J Reese
J Reese Pred mesecem
me too and volkov !!
giovanni arteaga
giovanni arteaga Pred mesecem
Whittaker vs Adesanya 2 Costa vs Cannonier 👀👀👀👀👀
packerpf Pred mesecem
This would have meant more if Cannonier showed up to fight..he clearly didn't.
samAesthetix Pred mesecem
I love how Whittaker doesn’t talk and call out Izzy but let his actions speak for him, just defeated 2 contenders.
Adam Bartlett
Adam Bartlett Pred mesecem
Left right headkick bobby knuckles
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