Stephen Thompson Breaks Down Silva vs Griffin KO

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred mesecem

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson broke down Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin on UFC's Twitch stream last night. Subscribe to UFC on Twitch:
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NeXesses •
NeXesses • Pred 19 dnevi
Only master fighters like Izzy and Anderson can do the pull back that effectively, and only Anderson Silva can do it while walking backwards and looking at you in disappointment.
Musat Mihai
Musat Mihai Pred 21 dnevom
get this commentator out of here interrupting the fight to tell us what we can already see
Ketut Msandy
Ketut Msandy Pred 21 dnevom
To much pouse anjing
78hooman Pred 25 dnevi
Never have I seen anyone walking backwards and knocking someone out with a jab at the same time. He had done the ground work and softend Griffin up but that really was a thing of beauty
CE Pred 28 dnevi
You guys should see Anderson versus James Irvin, another matrix-style performance. Surprised I didn't see it in the last highlights
Philodox Pred 28 dnevi
Griffin threw that fight. Come on now. Griffen has been through slug fests and a few jabs knock him out? Bull crap. Griffen was paid to take a dive.
Ника Листопадова
Ника Листопадова Pred 28 dnevi
У вас село Гришивка у вас тренировки в селе Гришивка!Марина !
Anthony Matrone
Anthony Matrone Pred 29 dnevi
These people that talk peds are hilarious, my question for them is how come everybody else that gets caught using peds doesn't do what anderson did, if its the peds they should all be doing this, but the fact is no one else is doing this.
Network Engineer
Network Engineer Pred 29 dnevi
Stephen i love the way u do commentary Make more videos like this where u give the audience indepth view because for casuals the starting part where they are not hitting each other feels boring
LEADER Pred 29 dnevi
Forrest was Never the Same after that Fight!
M. G.
M. G. Pred 29 dnevi
Like every great champion, Anderson Silva overstayed his career. He diminished his image by fighting way past his prime. Greatest of all time. Yes.
Mister Privacy
Mister Privacy Pred 29 dnevi
My only complaint with his review is that in my opinion Forrest was way overated and pumped up the the UFCs media.
Y0utub3me Pred 29 dnevi
when the spider enters the matrix
Everlost Pred 29 dnevi
That one guy that yells “Forrest wtf!” In the crowd while Forrest is running away after the fight will forever be in my memories.
Shelton Riley
Shelton Riley Pred mesecem
That foot placement though!
bb jk
bb jk Pred mesecem
..................................... ???
Franck F. Castillo
Franck F. Castillo Pred mesecem
One of the best fighters of all time in the UFC.
akshay kumar
akshay kumar Pred mesecem
Anderson "PEDs" Silva getting finnaly to retire.
Elvis Paulino
Elvis Paulino Pred mesecem
Silva love 100%
Lin Lin
Lin Lin Pred mesecem
Hi am from cambodia my idols is anderson silva , jon jones and conor Mgrigor
Not Cool
Not Cool Pred mesecem
Wonderboy!! Please come back and fight
Kasco Sounds
Kasco Sounds Pred mesecem
yeah just like thai fighters, overwhelm them in the first round ;)
DHUL QARNAYN Pred mesecem
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Paul Maurice
Paul Maurice Pred mesecem
Conor's most wins are in first round tho
Big Back
Big Back Pred mesecem
Literally matrix
juan twotree
juan twotree Pred mesecem
Ive always hoped for a Silva vs Wonderboy fight. Would love to see the analytical breakdown of each other's style
i am trash man
i am trash man Pred mesecem
wonderboy's accent
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley Pred mesecem
Wrong opponent wrong night - nothing you can do - another night maybe it's Forrest.
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley Pred mesecem
Scintillating made even sweeter with Wonderboy's commentary.
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley Pred mesecem
an Honor having Wonder Boy do-the-honors.
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pred mesecem
Conor: lets do a fight with dustin Dana: lets do it Conor:its for charity Dana 1:22 , well I don't know about that
Levi Smoke
Levi Smoke Pred mesecem
Ryan Hall is Forrest Griffins son 😂
ben wood
ben wood Pred mesecem
Whos more likable, Wonderboy or Bobby knucks?
Leon Arie
Leon Arie Pred mesecem
Y’all must of forgot about the spider
Amedeo Modigliani
Amedeo Modigliani Pred mesecem
I hope they are priming Wonderboy to do commentary, it would be great to have him on that team
Niall John
Niall John Pred mesecem
Forest did the run 🏃
Lemontarts01 Pred mesecem
I think anderson broke a record - that being: Weakest jab in UFC history to get a KO And don't misunderstand it definitely hurt, but i mean like a fully fledged jab from anyone else definitely hurts more. And im not meaning this in a negative way - not all shots will KO people and you still throw em in a fight. But sometimes....the unexpected happens XD Give anderson the record
Douglas Santos
Douglas Santos Pred mesecem
You can’t say mcgregor starts off slow lol. He comes out swinging/kicking
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred mesecem
Loved your most recent upload!!! Thank you. Missed Sweet T though😔 Legend. 💎
Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu
Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu Pred mesecem
Forrest looks like a thick 205'er
SoItGoes Pred mesecem
Wonderboy needs to fight Francis Ngannou next!
Michel Chartier B.A.
Michel Chartier B.A. Pred mesecem
Thank you, Stephen, for the great content!
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques Pred mesecem
Anderson era a porra de um ninja. Sempre vai ser nossa maior lenda.
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques Pred mesecem
This is some ninja shit
hbeezey Pred mesecem
is thompson low iq? anderson was not respecting griffin at any point.
Nestor Ramirez
Nestor Ramirez Pred mesecem
This fight was bullshit
Grappling Bites
Grappling Bites Pred mesecem 👈 good match
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques Pred mesecem
Anderson will always be our first GOAT, guy's a legend
Randki ZNAMCIE Pred mesecem
❤️Something for men👉 LOVE69.PL
Eva Svensson
Eva Svensson Pred mesecem
Я и так войска, как бабки печатаю круглосуточно! У меня по 2 очереди и масимум улучшений скорости на постройку.
vighredy channel
vighredy channel Pred mesecem
Let's give Silva tha goat title
mstephens44 Pred mesecem
He found the button and flicked it on.
Christopher Thomas Jr.
Christopher Thomas Jr. Pred mesecem
Ayyyye I missed Wonderboy sm. The irony behind him dressing up as Johnny Lawrence is hilarious😂
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info Pred mesecem
I love listening to fighters or coaches break down the tiny technical details. Makes you understand just how complex and beautiful MMA truly is.
nitpoon Pred mesecem
the peds failed test ruin it
Tsyuna Desu
Tsyuna Desu Pred mesecem
I was so happy and laugh when Silva tried this shit with Chris and got knocked the fk out LMFAO I remember ppl thought the fight was fixed and shit 😂😂 then the 2nd fight breaks his leg man karma got him good
Special Effexxx
Special Effexxx Pred mesecem
I think the UFC needs to hire Wonderboy as an announcer once his career is over ! He is just so positive and intuitive
Bret James
Bret James Pred mesecem
Silva is only retiring because he's scared of colby haha.
Parkour Master
Parkour Master Pred mesecem
This guy looks like he's in his late 20's but he's in his late 30's 😮
George Wright
George Wright Pred 29 dnevi
Somehow older than jds which ill continue to point out to everyone cos it blows my mind
1Stunna2323 Pred mesecem
Griffin was punching air and Silva was punching Griffin successfully THE END.
TheFaizOnline Pred mesecem
That’s not pretty
TheAntManChannel Pred mesecem
Forrest was so upset afterwards... still one of my all time favorites.
gr3dxd suh
gr3dxd suh Pred mesecem
All guys thinking that khabib is the goat should watch this vid and other silva highlists... Anderson in his prime was much scarier than Khabib now.
idurisu Pred mesecem
I think the best thing about khabib is that he never had a prime. He just kept improving a lot every fight
Linke Fake- & Lügenpresse
Linke Fake- & Lügenpresse Pred mesecem
Ass.ass.ins Creed 2
Nass Graphiste
Nass Graphiste Pred mesecem
S. dot
S. dot Pred mesecem
Not sure where this Anderson Silva guy is? All I see is Neo from the Matrix doing some out of the world finessing.
My 3 Sons
My 3 Sons Pred mesecem
Put ST on the desk at ESPN he is fun smart and likable
mercster Pred mesecem
Forrest is a great guy. But he was a marked man.
Six Pred mesecem
76 dislikes...... freakin millenials 🤭
L Pred mesecem
Wonderboy would be a great commentator in the future.
UFC Arabic
UFC Arabic Pred mesecem
George St-Pierre MMA Training: Boxing, Gymnastics, Cardio
El Persa
El Persa Pred mesecem
Stephen, you are like a real life Goku!!!
meesert Pred mesecem
I'd call that helping him up disrespect rather then respect but ok
Jake Diamond
Jake Diamond Pred mesecem
Such an underrated knockout
2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
David Duarte
David Duarte Pred mesecem
I think he wore black and yellow as a tribute to Bruce Lee from the "Game of Death" movie
idurisu Pred mesecem
@TheRealist 811 silvas a big bruce lee fan
David Duarte
David Duarte Pred mesecem
Forrest Griffin was popped for banned substances after this fight too. Yet everyone focuses on Silva's suspension years later
Edward Pred mesecem
He was popped for Xanax lol
Heavy Metal Heretic
Heavy Metal Heretic Pred mesecem
Anderson Silva put the Art in Mixed Martial Arts!!!
Heavy Metal Heretic
Heavy Metal Heretic Pred mesecem
​@stunk bomb I think you miss understood what I'm saying. He was an artist in that cage, like nobody Else.
stunk bomb
stunk bomb Pred mesecem
i get what you’re saying but it’s always been called martial arts, the mixed was added to it because that’s what mma is, saying that anderson silva creates mma is a bit crazy
Maxwell McArthur
Maxwell McArthur Pred mesecem
I want wonderboy to be a commentator when he retires
Matheus Sampaio
Matheus Sampaio Pred mesecem
00:00 Silva's sexy look aways made me lol
pip's world
pip's world Pred mesecem
This is awesome.
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo Pred mesecem
Kaatima Abdullahi
Kaatima Abdullahi Pred mesecem
This is a joke they perper on this way.
logan martel
logan martel Pred mesecem
Dick duck diving and dodging 🤣🤣🤣😆
Jerry Crack
Jerry Crack Pred mesecem
una peleota
Brandon Bird
Brandon Bird Pred mesecem
Hey wonderboy, how bout you go break yourself down a dub in the octagon for us,,, preferably via finish . Thank you
Chris Klitou
Chris Klitou Pred mesecem
Your right you should always switch stances I've noticed I punch better in orthodox but kick better in southpaw
Bill S
Bill S Pred mesecem
wonderboy givin off kip after he found lafawnda vibes
Hunyango Pred mesecem
This is the Anderson "Matrix version" Silva, Its like the space and time around him just stops and he can evade and hit everything so clearly! pure masterpiece of fighting! thanks for the awesome memories!
Laser 12
Laser 12 Pred mesecem
idk if conor was the best person to use for talking about slow starting thompson lol i know what he means though
Rich MilliOFL
Rich MilliOFL Pred mesecem
I like this!
Dr. Yangus Bottom Tooth
Dr. Yangus Bottom Tooth Pred mesecem
Stephen is the p4p Goat in mma role models!
zoy joy
zoy joy Pred mesecem
Stephen Thompson I would like to see you fight
Stephen "Cobra good guy" Tompson
Peter Pred mesecem
Wonderboy: Anderson Silva is probably the best striker to ever live McGregor: Hold my balloon foot
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred mesecem
Adrian Pieniazek1bc
Adrian Pieniazek1bc Pred mesecem
is he streaming for money because nobody wants to fight him?
Lucas Godoy
Lucas Godoy Pred mesecem
Anderson gassed him out with only one taunt. What about that.
Simon Krokfield
Simon Krokfield Pred mesecem
I'm very suspicious of this fight. Griffin wasn't trying to win. He didn't throw any low kicks, or even shoot for a takedown. And the way he fell after eating the jab was overdramatic. 🤔🤔🤔
Readytogo Pred mesecem
I dont see a reason why Forrest would need to take a dive against Anderson,but it does look that way.In my opinion Forrest went down on a jab because he new he was beeing out classed he wanted out of the fight.
Yung Enchilada
Yung Enchilada Pred mesecem
He also got knocked out during his training camp
Samantha Osbourne
Samantha Osbourne Pred mesecem
Apparently he took Xanax earlier to calm his nerves
Dallas Gross
Dallas Gross Pred mesecem
that not a sign of respect. to me hes mocking him by offering a hand
app369 Pred mesecem
Connor Fulkerson
Connor Fulkerson Pred mesecem
Forrest doesn't look like he should be in there. He's so slow and sloppy. Just didn't know what he was doing
Альберт Ибрагимов
Альберт Ибрагимов Pred mesecem
Что за гребанный комментатор (((
Robert De La Vega
Robert De La Vega Pred mesecem
Wonderboy you are my favorite ufc fighter, can't wait to see you fight again
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