UFC 254: Pre-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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From the beach at UFC Fight Island, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje field questions from the media Ahead of their highly-anticipated UFC 254 main event, alongside UFC President, Dana White. SPECIAL START TIME of 2pm ET / 11am PT! Order UFC 254 now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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dreamer Pred 16 dnevi
This confrence cool like backgroud😍😀
Naryama 2020
Naryama 2020 Pred 20 dnevi
California,rayyan,zarif,sadiqur,afnan,are you there
Naz Pred 24 dnevi
But when i grab them, uhh ..tch ..change a lil bit
FlatgroundTV Pred 27 dnevi
To be honest, there are many illegally stream on this fight that causes PPV dropped. For sure this fight was really exceed the viewer of McGregor vs Khabib fight.
Hamza Aziz
Hamza Aziz Pred mesecem
Absolutely love Khabib, he's one of my own role models. And Gaethje was a formidable and worthy opponent. He also holds similar values of integrity, respect, love and obedience to one's parents, and is an absolute beast in mma. Also, did he get rid of his interim belt at 25:45 out of respect for Khabib?? Cause if so, damn what an act of class and respect. I heard Khabib didnt like the Poirier fight being promoted as "champ vs. champ" so maybe Gaethje was going out of his way to be respectful and mindful of the champs preferences during this photo op. Either way, I'm glad Khabib's last fight was with someone that emulates the same morals that he does, and is a beast.
Aldin Dashi
Aldin Dashi Pred mesecem
why doesnt ufc make a press conference after the fight. That would be even more entertaining than the actual fight
MS Cute Garden
MS Cute Garden Pred mesecem
5:12 because he plan to retire
TheOneVideos 789
TheOneVideos 789 Pred mesecem
asghar moeini
asghar moeini Pred mesecem
i love both
Nigel Liotta
Nigel Liotta Pred mesecem
Are those scars? Has Dana had the top of his skull opened at some point?
Gaming Rakib
Gaming Rakib Pred mesecem
Love you khabib
Tormond giantsbain
Tormond giantsbain Pred mesecem
Ears damn
Jay Meyer
Jay Meyer Pred mesecem
Both represent themselves and tbe sport well. An example to the world right now. Praise to both.
gibran siregar
gibran siregar Pred mesecem
Who came here after 29 - 0 and hear eagle fly like a legend :(
Aldi Pakai y
Aldi Pakai y Pred mesecem
Pasang subtitle indo dong anjim
idrees khan
idrees khan Pred mesecem
Both such a humble guys
22 2
22 2 Pred mesecem
V happy to see gaethje gentleman U lost but won hearts also
Faisal Mirza
Faisal Mirza Pred mesecem
Khabib is Love ❤️
Mr Say168
Mr Say168 Pred mesecem
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life ...
jack Aerial_hybrid14
jack Aerial_hybrid14 Pred mesecem
Who here after khabib announced his retirement
Clever Kurkalang
Clever Kurkalang Pred mesecem
What about Mc Gregor VS Justin Gaethjee
Thanos Etsitty
Thanos Etsitty Pred mesecem
I wish I watched this fight. I did not know it was gonna be early. I got on you tube and saw that khabib had announced his retirement after victory. But congratulations to khabib and what a great career he’s had.
سعودي شنب
سعودي شنب Pred mesecem
INDOFIZ Pred mesecem
The Guys who love their parents
INDOFIZ Pred mesecem
My Stars
Aahil Raza Khan
Aahil Raza Khan Pred mesecem
llen Star
llen Star Pred mesecem
Khabib in his most relax tone: " Justine is very dangerous in 1st round. Very dangerous. Just like Conor, these two are very dangerous in 1st round. But in 2nd, hmmm 3rd round....., They become ordinary fighters....' 🤣🤣🤣
Fachrul Riza
Fachrul Riza Pred mesecem
Khabib's father wanted him to be 30-0-0, but his mother said that it's enough. Even his father in heaven will have small laughter and say, "Don't argue with your mother, son. I also dare not argue with her."
1 2
1 2 Pred mesecem
epstein island
J R Pred mesecem
I saw lot of haters deleted their comments after Khabib choked Justin.
Random Comment
Random Comment Pred mesecem
Alright but who’s the sexy lady in the red dress though?
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner Pred mesecem
Who’s here after Khabibs amazing performance
Ahmed Ayub
Ahmed Ayub Pred mesecem
Who came Here after the fight?
Bayram Fidan
Bayram Fidan Pred mesecem
Habib say all turkey hi all turkey like you we love you l hope you always strong brother
Teacher Montresor
Teacher Montresor Pred mesecem
Worst audio ever.
A A Pred mesecem
respect all
respect all Pred mesecem
Khabib won
Jesse Crump
Jesse Crump Pred mesecem
Sr Gdl
Sr Gdl Pred mesecem
I came here all hyped for Khabib and I can’t believe but now I want Justin to win. 🥺
insidegrowsite420 joeblogs
insidegrowsite420 joeblogs Pred mesecem
Who else wanted to reach into the tv and slap Dana's Dana's beautiful big bold round head?
K. Elie
K. Elie Pred mesecem
They just keep spitting these events out. I really forgot this was happening
E.Ramsay Pred mesecem
Most important for me is family. I think I’m good kid ...
Altair Carter
Altair Carter Pred mesecem
The eagle does not escape the storm. The eagle simply uses the storm to lift it self higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm and conquers it. That is khabib😁🦅💪
Millie Dansey
Millie Dansey Pred mesecem
Khabib will be to big an strong easy work for him I reckon
Martua Selvia Noah
Martua Selvia Noah Pred mesecem
Justin win...
david paco
david paco Pred mesecem
presa debil para khabit le va pasar lo mismo que le paso a magregor
Unknown Hunter
Unknown Hunter Pred mesecem
Like if Khabib fan
Georgiou Music
Georgiou Music Pred mesecem
This is what sports should be like. Great work gentleman, looking forward to the fight.
joeswampdawghenry Pred mesecem
Justin will knock him out 1st round
Yeti Pred mesecem
Nice to see such great fighters be so humble and respectful to each other. Makes a refreshing change.
Ky J1s
Ky J1s Pred mesecem
Justin is a fucking real one. You can tell he doesn't even like that interim title. His honesty and mind state is different from any fighter I've seen. Who the hell tells you he has been thinking that he is gonna get beat. Dude is a breath of fresh air.
OlanWorld Pred mesecem
This is how all press conferences should be like
Shereen Khan
Shereen Khan Pred mesecem
Dude this fight is gonna be epic..
Trev Rev
Trev Rev Pred mesecem
Khabib ...boring
Hasan Casper Labuschagne
Hasan Casper Labuschagne Pred mesecem
In the beginning I thought guy with the white golf tee was gonna piss into the ocean.
John Janssen
John Janssen Pred mesecem
Can't wait till tonight! Both fighters are great.
Dan Norton
Dan Norton Pred mesecem
Can we have some recognition the UFC only exists because of American entrepreneurship. If it were left to the Muslim world there would be nothing. NOTHING.
Chingpon langsym
Chingpon langsym Pred mesecem
Hey how do we watch live? Anyone please???
Theo Huioiesin
Theo Huioiesin Pred mesecem
Compare this with Connor. It is nice to see grownup champions.
Vigilant PATRIQTS Pred mesecem
Stars and bars rooting for the home team but khabib's going to wipe the floor with Justin
Hiitscs music
Hiitscs music Pred mesecem
come on gaethje
Mike the Executioner
Mike the Executioner Pred mesecem
Poor tony. “I took his soul”
Yuh Yuh
Yuh Yuh Pred mesecem
11:13 Despite all that’s happened Khabib still gives Conor the respect he’s earned through his career that’s just a true testament to who he really is
igotsnacks13 Pred mesecem
M SATAN Pred mesecem
Both know that he can beat me but, that humble behavior towards each other is just amazing. Gud luck, guys...👍
Chad Terry
Chad Terry Pred mesecem
i think habib
HowToGuy Pred mesecem
Multi billion dollar industry, And they cant get the sound right
Chad Terry
Chad Terry Pred mesecem
im goin towardz both cant pick
Chad Terry
Chad Terry Pred mesecem
im glad you beat mc greoof
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson Pred mesecem
Gaethje has been fighting at the UFC for 10 years,he will be 32 next month,let’s say he beats the legend,is there any chance Dana White stops referring to him as ‘this kid’?
B Rad
B Rad Pred mesecem
Not going to lie, Justin talking about his parents brought a tear to my eye.
ni ming
ni ming Pred mesecem
Anuar Burshakov
Anuar Burshakov Pred mesecem
21:06 what was that
Новая форма жизни!
Новая форма жизни! Pred mesecem
Stoic Libertarian
Stoic Libertarian Pred mesecem
Big love all round
Irving Brown
Irving Brown Pred mesecem
Awsome sportsmanship!!! How it should always be!! The whole time was a little awkward but how could it not be considering the conditions. So glad Justin took out Tony, and took this opportunity for himself. He’s the better man and deserves it . So much more humble, much like his opponent!! Gaethje is a class act and incredible fighter if anyone is to take Khabib down and take away that 0 it’s him. I only wish things were the same in the same in the world. The U.F.C. Has done an incredible job keeping things moving and if it weren’t for Dana white and that ufc as a whole. The whole world may still be on hold with absolutely nothing happening. Money always Trumps, all . Absolutely no pun intended. But when you have billions on the line, rules tend to be bent and people find those grey areas where anything can exist. Nothing new just more out there in your face then ever before. The United States better get there hands in this action and bring back the biggest and the best entertainment on the planet where it belongs, right here in the good ole U.S.A , Vegas Baby!!!! Get shit back to normal before we lose it all to other countries willing to do what we should!!!! No offense to any other country my hats off to you all making this happen. And all you politicians watching, see where all your money is going? Not in your pockets, lmao 😂.
joseph casey
joseph casey Pred mesecem
(Kqbob) will ruin it with his slow boring clingy. Wear the opponent down tactics.
Jamie Coogan
Jamie Coogan Pred mesecem
khabib will dry pump justin,
Naryama 2020
Naryama 2020 Pred mesecem
California, rayyan,Zarif,Afnan,sadiqur are you there?
D, R & J Anderson
D, R & J Anderson Pred mesecem
Man, this is what it’s all about. You can have Conors choreographed drama, I’ll take the respectful interactions and integrity of these 2 champions every day of the week. Fuck the anticipation is intense. Love it.
Khabib is genuine guy 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
bittysnack Pred mesecem
"I took his soul" ...so this IS mortal kombat the movie
Ronsonn Swandom
Ronsonn Swandom Pred mesecem
khamzat on the island in the background just knocking out kangaroos because noone wants to fight him
Ronsonn Swandom
Ronsonn Swandom Pred mesecem
"i always show up under the lights" lmaooo that was kinda cringe sorry justin
Ronsonn Swandom
Ronsonn Swandom Pred mesecem
not just big in the ufc? He plays soccer and tennis and basketball too?
Ronsonn Swandom
Ronsonn Swandom Pred mesecem
khabib overweight khabib cheat!! He bring extra heat
Lesdoidanl Zen
Lesdoidanl Zen Pred mesecem
Dana wishes that someone will beat Khabib before he retires.
MegaDawg342 Pred mesecem
Wow! Great prefight interview. 15:10... I started crying. 24:01 "If there were 100,000 people that wanted to me to die, that'd be fantastic." No matter what happens tomorrow Justin Gaethje is a CHAMPION! Khabib 23:36 He is the GOAT! It Is What It Is. LOL!!!!
Chasing Lore
Chasing Lore Pred mesecem
I've been saying for years that Justin Gaethje is probably the only 155 pounder that can beat Khabib. His style is kill or be killed, something Khabib isn't used to. Most people are afraid of Khabib's wrestling. Justin's been wrestling since he was 4 years old, and he's had straight-up stand-up wars in the cage while never backing up. Khabib's chin has never really been tested, it's going to be today. These men are both incredible warriors, may the Gods give them both the strength and stamina to give us a fight for the ages...
Žmogus Hibridas
Žmogus Hibridas Pred mesecem
if i be dana i creat 2 divisions for goat stat... 165lbs KHABIB VS GSP and 190 LBS JONES VS ISRAEL
Gzhottt Pred mesecem
Habib is going to win...you need level 10 grappler to beat habib. All these amazing stickers keep getting beat and submitted on the floor. Justin is a great wrestler as well should be great match.
Generation Noise
Generation Noise Pred mesecem
Oh trust me Americans want an American champ . it is an American sport so some leg humping Russian holding the belt kind of sucks ...I would hope all of America is behind Gaethje but today with so many pussies and sjw,s out there its hard to tell , anyway go gaethje and win this one for America .
Zug G
Zug G Pred mesecem
so glad this isn't ufc "attitude money fight" era bullshit
EarlGrey Pred mesecem
Is so funny how dana always uses the fighters to display that he's the alpha. Standing higher up, calling them "kids".. As if we couldn't see you are an old, chubby dude who has nothing to offer but money xD
Kendrick Prasad
Kendrick Prasad Pred mesecem
This fight will break records...but i do have a feeling thay Khabib may lose this one because i could just tell that he is not a 100% mentally due to the loss of his father..But may the best man win
FREE IRAN! V Pred mesecem
Stop wasting our time plz cuz Khabib will kick his butt🤪😂😂😂😂
Pezzy P
Pezzy P Pred mesecem
I'm goin with khabib!💯
ImAtrolI Pred mesecem
i gulped when they brought up the parents question. I'm like oh man u have the chance to throw this whole sportsmanship dialogue out by saying something about papa Nurmagomedov, but he didn't. I'm actually hella impressed of the sportsmanship here. I hope after this fight Justin and Khabib become friends and train together, imagine Khabib with Justin's hands ? or Justin with Khabib's dominance on the ground? holy ..
Brandon David
Brandon David Pred mesecem
Well, Justin, sharing your parents story just won my ❤️ over.
Anu Kumar Kori
Anu Kumar Kori Pred mesecem
this fight is gonna be awesome, Khabib is the GOAT but I'm team Gaethje.
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