UFC 254: Magomed Ankalaev Octagon Interview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred mesecem

Magomed Ankalaev closed the door on his rivalry with Ion Cutelaba with a first-round knockout to open up the UFC 254 Pay-Per-View on Saturday.
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القعقاع عيسى
القعقاع عيسى Pred 11 dnevi
big muslem man
Rawi Asghar
Rawi Asghar Pred 12 dnevi
Not my joke but someone said that this man looks like he came straight out of the Old Testament 😂😂 scary guy
mazda Bongo
mazda Bongo Pred 16 dnevi
This guy very cool. .
khalil talel
khalil talel Pred 19 dnevi
Между ним и героем Дагестана, который славит Бога и простирается ниц перед Богом, которого я так люблю, большая разница
Er Do
Er Do Pred 20 dnevi
look like cartoon caracter ... face of ''MOR'DU''
Erald Faja
Erald Faja Pred 24 dnevi
Muslims fighters taking over UFC. Elhamdulilah
Джахид Рафиев
Джахид Рафиев Pred 26 dnevi
Столько слов сказал Молдован неприятных ..и так позорно проиграл ..
Омар Мусаев
Омар Мусаев Pred 26 dnevi
Alex Sawman
Alex Sawman Pred 27 dnevi
Чистая победа, молодец! дальше не слышно
Егор Баночкин
Егор Баночкин Pred 28 dnevi
Ankalaev stark 💪
Stephen V. Tran
Stephen V. Tran Pred 28 dnevi
Zabit looking bulked up
Сергей Рязанов
Сергей Рязанов Pred 28 dnevi
Hardcore fight👍👍👍
Green Minded
Green Minded Pred 28 dnevi
He is not unconscious, he just used the forbidden drunken master technique.
Débora Cristina
Débora Cristina Pred 29 dnevi
Eu gosto dê vê o cutelaba perder kkkkkkkk
Shabir Pred 29 dnevi
This comment section is gold.
Goony Tunes
Goony Tunes Pred mesecem
Magomed is a straight unit
D D Pred mesecem
6’3 dagestani is scary😂
Сергей Суворов
Сергей Суворов Pred mesecem
The best tko
Илья Таран
Илья Таран Pred mesecem
Закиньте полных боев
iqbal pratama
iqbal pratama Pred mesecem
You are not cute anymore. Cutelaba
Mohd Tabrez
Mohd Tabrez Pred mesecem
Magomedsharipov is god gift
Pete Olivarez
Pete Olivarez Pred mesecem
When are they going to put Him and khamzat in ufc 4?
Оллоберган Хасанов
Оллоберган Хасанов Pred mesecem
Малдованиски сиган давай типер в россию на стройку 😉😉😉
Lord of the belts: The return of the KING
Lord of the belts: The return of the KING Pred mesecem
Ion Cutelaba is like a bull man and has a big block head and iron chin, you really have to give credit to Ankalaev for knocking this guy out. Ankalaev is truly a great fighter, he never panics and he has power and technique. I am saying I think this Ankalaev guy could possibly become the champion actually in a few fights time. Also why are these Caucus mountain guys so much more tough and skilled than normal people? Seems like every one of them is a tough son of a gun.
D D Pred mesecem
natural food, rough climate, strong mentality and high work ethic
Young Khalifah
Young Khalifah Pred mesecem
Jon jones where r u hidding??
Mr Keto
Mr Keto Pred mesecem
In 5 years it’s gonna be Dagestan championship, nobody gonna watch it, no money, they should not be allowed to compete. It is all they do over there is wrestling. No work.
lili purnama
lili purnama Pred mesecem
referee should not have stopped the match, he was faking it.
Kaizen Mckenzie
Kaizen Mckenzie Pred mesecem
Early stoppage he was faking being knocked out
Super Sai
Super Sai Pred mesecem
That man is a fucking wolf. Definitely a prospect.
meandmy bike
meandmy bike Pred mesecem
Ion 'i was still breathin' Cutelaba
Marta Maria
Marta Maria Pred mesecem
Ankalaev is fcking good
Л Е З Г И С Т А Н Pred mesecem
Цlуьрнуьгъ гукlварна...
sasha Sashwat
sasha Sashwat Pred mesecem
Those bombs were brutal. Magomed Anklaev is a scary... Most fighters will dodge him on how he finished ion cutelaba
eon001 Pred mesecem
Ion is one of the more unlikable fighters in the UFC, so watching him get starched was satisfying ngl.
Pavel Drozd
Pavel Drozd Pred mesecem
Bagaskara Hilman
Bagaskara Hilman Pred mesecem
This man vs jan would be crazy
Raghavendra g
Raghavendra g Pred mesecem
This man his a dandergous in the division
INTEL 487 Pred mesecem
зацени мои граффити очень люблю!
320speed Pred mesecem
Early stoppage.
New York native
New York native Pred mesecem
All these abraham lincolns are changing the stereotype LMAO
Marco Peláez Fernández
Marco Peláez Fernández Pred mesecem
He looks like a witch
salman ahmad
salman ahmad Pred mesecem
these beard guys are monsters
Angel Araujo
Angel Araujo Pred mesecem
Russians taking over the ufc game 💯👌🏽
Sanjar Xudoyberdiyev
Sanjar Xudoyberdiyev Pred mesecem
Как стидно Куцелабу перед зрителями он очень много говорил
Sean Pred mesecem
All Russian men look like variations on Frankenstein
Shaf Mats
Shaf Mats Pred mesecem
Muslim never lose that the proof
D D Pred mesecem
zubaira got his ass whooped
MMA Connected
MMA Connected Pred mesecem
lose many many times
Андрей Илья Робертович Блейков
Андрей Илья Робертович Блейков Pred mesecem
How is this guy 6’2” holy cow
Eyad Qasem
Eyad Qasem Pred mesecem
Magomed “stone cold” ankalaev
Dreyhov Pred mesecem
He boinked him
Cody Hall
Cody Hall Pred mesecem
Dude looks WAYYY bigger than 6'3. At least 6'5
Ronin Pred mesecem
magomedov nurmagomedov what is it with this name down there
Andrei Ciugureanu
Andrei Ciugureanu Pred mesecem
Bravo Ionel. Cind Tutu a cazut , podeaua s-a zguduit mai rare!!!
Brandon K
Brandon K Pred mesecem
Such a sick KO
Расул Магомедов
Расул Магомедов Pred mesecem
своими руками мирза
своими руками мирза Pred mesecem
Sunny Kay
Sunny Kay Pred mesecem
Cutelaba got MURDERED
Nasredinho R9
Nasredinho R9 Pred mesecem
this guy is a futur champion
alntruisrtbredford Pred mesecem
переводчик отсебятину порол. Всем интересно, что Маге Куцелаба в конце сказал, и репортер тем же интересовался, но лысый какую чушь перевел.
Shiekh Ahmed
Shiekh Ahmed Pred mesecem
These are just awesome.I think in future UFC will tlbe the no1 sport
shababchy Pred mesecem
These Muslim russians built different
الأسود العنسي
الأسود العنسي Pred mesecem
The Caucasus mountains breed some tough scary guys.
Obama Obanana
Obama Obanana Pred 27 dnevi
North Caucasus*
Mohd Arif
Mohd Arif Pred 28 dnevi
they are coming
伟张伟 Pred mesecem
Turns out the hulk is just a duck. When you wanna act gangster you have to back it up.
Berrimor Hypothalamus
Berrimor Hypothalamus Pred mesecem
dat is Dagestan baby
Predrag Radinovic
Predrag Radinovic Pred mesecem
Russians most stronger guys.
Armin Kraus
Armin Kraus Pred mesecem
Finally proper Russian translator!!!!!!
Nurlan Abaskuliev
Nurlan Abaskuliev Pred mesecem
Мага ты красавчик
davinci Pred mesecem
Nephelim annulaki Ankalaev.........
mkenya mzalendo
mkenya mzalendo Pred mesecem
Tex Joe
Tex Joe Pred mesecem
This is the second video where they didnt actually show the highlight.
drummer boy 2000
drummer boy 2000 Pred mesecem
It’s paper view pay for it scrub
حمود الخلوق
حمود الخلوق Pred mesecem
Mohammed not mogamed😏 محمد محمد
Band Эрос
Band Эрос Pred mesecem
The gay who lost speaks Russian? It seems he said I had got a knock on my head, something like that could not heard
Xpoi. Pred mesecem
slpost.info/dev/lWu9jairoZPItYs/video.html Love khabib
NEMAN 2021
NEMAN 2021 Pred mesecem
Khabib older brother 😳😐😓
Dr.D98 Pred mesecem
Ankalaev vs Walker would be sick
kaerbear Pred mesecem
So satisfying 😄
totem Pred mesecem
Smh the guy on the right isnt even cute
Gary Mathis
Gary Mathis Pred mesecem
This guy looks like one of the giants from Game of Thrones in the face area
Noah Thebean
Noah Thebean Pred mesecem
Make Jon Jones Vs Ankalaev 😊 plzz
Otis the Beefy One
Otis the Beefy One Pred mesecem
Magomed Ankalaev, Ion Cutelaba, Paul Craig, Dusko Todorovic, Shamil Gamzatov, Jamahal Hill, Kennedy Nzechukwu, Da Un Jung, Mike Rodriguez, Tyson Pedro, Jimmy Crute, Ryan Spann. New LHW wave is insane
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1 Pred mesecem
He smashed cutelaba like how a mature ankylosaurus would smash an attacking dakotaraptor with its tail club
Lord Almond
Lord Almond Pred 27 dnevi
KnockEmmm Pred mesecem
Beautiful, champ.
Murad Caucasus
Murad Caucasus Pred mesecem
Dagestan fighters are always on the top. The toughest guys. There will be many champions in UFC from Dagestan
Murad Caucasus
Murad Caucasus Pred mesecem
@Frankfurt Frankfurt Brazilia and America are the countries with 150+ mln population, but Dagestan is only 2.5 mln population. But it gives more champions. There will be many champs from Dagestan like Islam Makhachev, Islam Mamedov. If not them there will be another champ like Khamzat Chimayev who is our neighbour nation and brother nation, who is chechen. Maybe they will be not like Khabib but they will be champions
Frankfurt Frankfurt
Frankfurt Frankfurt Pred mesecem
brazilians and americans stay at the top now that khabib is gone, there won't be any dagestani who will have a name like him
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Pred mesecem
Damn Russia is like a fighter factory
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist Pred mesecem
It really is
nir S
nir S Pred mesecem
Abdiaziz Abdullahi
Abdiaziz Abdullahi Pred mesecem
slpost.info/dev/Y6a3dKd8gXvSy5U/video.html UFC 254 Khabib vs Gaethje
DCFGJP123 Pred mesecem
priscila chamorro
priscila chamorro Pred mesecem
Zabit at 205
Abhijith N S
Abhijith N S Pred mesecem
Solid perfomance.
V P Pred mesecem
That's a big boy
ColwellNC1309 Pred mesecem
I am glad Ion was humble at the end. I am guessing he was apologizing for his antics but he really shouldn't because without it I don't think the fight would have received as much hype as it initially got. Ankalaev is a warrior and so is Cutelaba I have a feeling we might see them fight again in the future. Thanks for the fight guys!
SAVAGE 22 Pred mesecem
I don’t think they will fight again cuz Ankalaev going to be champion
ShaRMz6g Pred mesecem
Dang I really thought Ian would take this. It’s like the Ortega zombie rivalry these guys let it go at one point
Умед Ниёзов
Умед Ниёзов Pred mesecem
Алхамдуллилох наш выиграли машаллох ☝️ 🤲
geshlam2008 Pred mesecem
Early stoppage again, Cutelaba was just faking that he got knocked out.
lilili lululu
lilili lululu Pred 15 dnevi
True, his head just pretend to be a basketball
hasbila trimulyaqin
hasbila trimulyaqin Pred 18 dnevi
@Bilal Salami thats video has been blocked
Haniff Xii
Haniff Xii Pred 20 dnevi
Pato Hardoy
Pato Hardoy Pred mesecem
Bilal Salami
Bilal Salami Pred mesecem
Full fight here slpost.info/dev/Zmewa5mkmnvGnak/video.html
Jagat Kamboj
Jagat Kamboj Pred mesecem
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim Pred mesecem
He's huge 😬
Andy MMA
Andy MMA Pred mesecem
Cutelaba was clearly faking being unconscious to counter magomedov
kehl 67
kehl 67 Pred mesecem
Hilton Crawford
Hilton Crawford Pred mesecem
A lit of first rounds in this year. 2020 is in trouble
Awan Kurniawan
Awan Kurniawan Pred mesecem
Alhamdulillah, ALLAH has given Khabib victory in the battle last night, May Khabib always be protected by ALLAH, Aaamiiin.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly Pred mesecem
Damnn fight 💯
Shubhash Kumar
Shubhash Kumar Pred mesecem
Eoin Mc Donagh
Eoin Mc Donagh Pred mesecem
Is that a yeti?
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