UFC Vegas 14: Paul Felder Post-fight Interview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Pred 14 dnevi

UFC lightweight talks with Michael Bisping after his split-decision loss to former champion Rafael dos Anjos in the UFC Vegas 14 main event.
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Yannick Plante
Yannick Plante Pred 2 dnevi
What a legend this Paul Felder
J phill
J phill Pred 7 dnevi
Crowd would have erupted after that. Helluva dude
u-alrdykno C.V.O
u-alrdykno C.V.O Pred 9 dnevi
Bisping is a natural on the mic... So is the Irish dragon... I kno he may neva win a belt belt but one can dream...
Bedardo Pred 9 dnevi
Hell yeah!!
Alex T
Alex T Pred 10 dnevi
The two personallities of Michael Bisping
HAARP On This Pred 10 dnevi
Felder vs Mcgregor. Make it happen
jalil rahman
jalil rahman Pred 10 dnevi
Great sportsman
T Grt
T Grt Pred 10 dnevi
Lets go!!! I like this fellow
kristian valdez
kristian valdez Pred 10 dnevi
And now he will announce 3 days later what a legend.
Badcid Pred 10 dnevi
Looked good man , keep on keeping on Paul!
Wolferine Pred 11 dnevi
Felder needs to retire, he’s got no title shot.
Code Froziten
Code Froziten Pred 11 dnevi
Paul Felder warrior 🙏🙏🙏
Wayne Taylor-vicary
Wayne Taylor-vicary Pred 11 dnevi
So much respect for the Irish dragon. Great fight with no camp AWESOME.
Alexandros Mpougatsas
Alexandros Mpougatsas Pred 11 dnevi
Soooo bored match... and this coch roufus is so loser all he's fighters lose all time
Hefipale Burp
Hefipale Burp Pred 11 dnevi
Respect for the man. The kind of fighter you ought to admire.
Psychologie Nerd
Psychologie Nerd Pred 11 dnevi
The reason khabib is 29-0, cherry picking opponents and avoiding Tony.
R A Pred 11 dnevi
Tryna be the company man. Way to go Paul!
God Fist
God Fist Pred 11 dnevi
Dos nachos will loose his next fight
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Pred 11 dnevi
Felder is awesome.
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Pred 11 dnevi
The count vs felder, who wins? Lol
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell Pred 11 dnevi
Match building.. but.. lmao
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell Pred 11 dnevi
Kage Pred 11 dnevi
Alex Murray
Alex Murray Pred 11 dnevi
I left after the fight cause I thought it was like 49-46 to rda but now I’m hearing it was a split decision?
William Balentine
William Balentine Pred 11 dnevi
5 day’s is no joke.
ray8uk Pred 11 dnevi
Who is who?
Arefin C
Arefin C Pred 11 dnevi
Loved rooting for this guy all 5 rounds. Absolute warrior. Got a new fan in me
Declan Heenan
Declan Heenan Pred 11 dnevi
Don’t want to be that guy but if felder had a full camp he would have knocked Rda out
Gino Lorenzo
Gino Lorenzo Pred 11 dnevi
Clicked coz it looked like bisping was interviewing a beat up version of himself
harpersneil Pred 11 dnevi
Massive respect for this human being - it's moments like this that keep the real fans coming back.
Herb Thompson
Herb Thompson Pred 11 dnevi
Split decision hahahahahahha that one judge was watching a completely different fight
Rodney Cooper
Rodney Cooper Pred 11 dnevi
You did good my boy. You fought hard!
jay bee
jay bee Pred 11 dnevi
Lol Rocky loser winning speech🤣
Omar Muhammad
Omar Muhammad Pred 11 dnevi
Damn he made me finish my degree with that speech
Jasen Jahn
Jasen Jahn Pred 11 dnevi
What a pimp.
Endless Grind
Endless Grind Pred 11 dnevi
The Irish Dragon is a GOAT.
BassinWithBuck Pred 11 dnevi
That dude has a lip ferret worthy of a Sam Elliot grin and hat tip.
Karl Rattray
Karl Rattray Pred 11 dnevi
Felder, im baked but i tell ya what....That speech woke me the hell up! That fight was amazing but that speech was Word of fucking wisdom of the night bonus! Your dam good man and your dad would be proud!
Emily M
Emily M Pred 11 dnevi
Paul’s right. Those who had full training camps and still miss weight have almost no excuse if he can do it in less than a week.
James S
James S Pred 11 dnevi
Always a fan
JarnoldK Pred 11 dnevi
Damn... this man is pure class, determination and integrity...
Pex Joseph
Pex Joseph Pred 11 dnevi
What an absolute warrior 💯
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Pred 11 dnevi
Felder is just oozing mustache power
Dick Tease
Dick Tease Pred 11 dnevi
Felder is the man.
Merciless Moose
Merciless Moose Pred 11 dnevi
Paul "Fight Club" Felder.
Jedi-Hyrik Pred 11 dnevi
Paul is a fan favorite. His Thai boxing looked crisp.
Håvard Ramberg
Håvard Ramberg Pred 11 dnevi
Felder is epic, no doubt about it!
Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa Pred 11 dnevi
I can’t believe you can win by sniffing crotches in this sport. Ralphie dos nachos doesn’t deserve a win
samad khan
samad khan Pred 11 dnevi
The first fighter to get so much praise after losing a fight. Good man though.
r sanchez
r sanchez Pred 11 dnevi
Fuck yeah brother! You are the man Felder🤙🏽👊🏽💪🏽
Dominique Flores
Dominique Flores Pred 11 dnevi
I like how everybody is doing the triathlon thing when Nick & Nate Diaz where doing this before it was thing to do.
Ali Obeid
Ali Obeid Pred 11 dnevi
We love you Paul ❤️
Rell Pred 11 dnevi
Respect to Felder but whichever of the 3 judges gave Fedler the win should never judge a UFC fight again.
Jeff Francis
Jeff Francis Pred 11 dnevi
Sh hyped for Paul! What an animal, so much respect for someone like him, a true fighter to the bone! I feel bad for the next guy he gets in there with. Looked faster and more tech than ever!
Illiad mcswain
Illiad mcswain Pred 11 dnevi
Before I read the description, I fell for the "thumbnail" headline and thought Felder pulled off an upset...dont usually see losers showcased like this...😲😲😲😲
Ben Betchley
Ben Betchley Pred 11 dnevi
Best Paul felder performance imo. Shows what a killer dos anjos is
Ceasar Moreno
Ceasar Moreno Pred 11 dnevi
If it's for the fans reason why fighter fight, then why don't we get paid also for being fans
Tha Lizrd
Tha Lizrd Pred 11 dnevi
I have a lot of respect for Michael bisping he is the true baddest man on the planet he fought George St Pierre with one eye do you know anyone that can move that good with one eye?
2 40
2 40 Pred 11 dnevi
I thought the thumbnail was the same guy
gn0015 Pred 11 dnevi
This Paul Felder guy is so well spoken, he could be a good commentator!
M Sniper
M Sniper Pred 11 dnevi
Felder is class!
Cool daddy breeze
Cool daddy breeze Pred 11 dnevi
I think stepping in on last minute and losing with grit should be called the "Count" award in honor of Mike bisping
Azzurri Pred 12 dnevi
Respect, all I got to say.
Adah BombDon
Adah BombDon Pred 12 dnevi
That’s was inspiring fuck yeah.
MANKY toe Pred 12 dnevi
Classy dude! I love this bloodnut!
FilthyLunatic Pred 12 dnevi
tbh he just damaged his organs to go down in the rankings... not a smart move for his career taking a short notice fight. people can chalk it up to being a warrior but u dont see the elite guys ever doing that
Bruce Rhodes
Bruce Rhodes Pred 12 dnevi
With a full camp, working on defending those takedowns, this fight has a different outcome.... Mad respect for Felder!!
ai ai4u
ai ai4u Pred 12 dnevi
After watching this interview I thought Paul was the WINNER. After further investigation I discovered Dos Anjos was the winner.
Skartimus Prime
Skartimus Prime Pred 12 dnevi
What a fucking animal - massive respect.
DANBARNAS Pred 12 dnevi
Se eh loco. Maluco eh brabo. Maximo respeito. Apenas com o treinamento do triatlon maluco ficou pau a pau. Morrendo pra perder peso e tudo mais. Um desafio pra si mesmo.
alcott devalte
alcott devalte Pred 12 dnevi
We must all appreciate this man :-)
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill Pred 12 dnevi
Who is disliking this video?
Kyle Wallis
Kyle Wallis Pred 12 dnevi
Paul felder just showed that a true fighter no matter what is ready at all times and he just showed up the rest of the Pussies that had a full camp to make weight when he only had 5 days ..that is 100,% gangster shit right there. Irish dragons a fucking warrior respect
Alika Publico
Alika Publico Pred 12 dnevi
100% respect, can we just call him the Dragon of the UFC or MMA? Proven track record
Chris Panas
Chris Panas Pred 12 dnevi
A true professional!
Sage Sarrazine
Sage Sarrazine Pred 12 dnevi
Who are the 118 people that disliked this? What single, possible, logical reason could you find to dislike this?
Jordan Eyle
Jordan Eyle Pred 12 dnevi
That mouth piece though lol. Love you Paul..
Stephen Oz
Stephen Oz Pred 12 dnevi
Anyone else think this was Bisping interviewing Bisping? 😂 They could be brothers
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera Pred 12 dnevi
No Excuses - Paul Felder
Jsmal jx
Jsmal jx Pred 12 dnevi
Give him Conor and lets see who the true Irish boss is. Get this man paid. For what he just went through and delivered he deserves everything. Felder just became one of my favourite fighters.
Daniel M
Daniel M Pred 12 dnevi
Mad respect for this dude
Test Pred 12 dnevi
Felder is a warrior!!
Webbit2019 Pred 12 dnevi
Paul Felder does what he says he is going to do and for that he should always be proud... He is an example to all in any area of life.
Killer KevP
Killer KevP Pred 12 dnevi
God damn it felder what a nice guy. You really can't hate him!
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Pred 12 dnevi
What a legend and inspiration!
Tramp the Looser
Tramp the Looser Pred 12 dnevi
Glad he is back. Him and Conor are both Irish BUT world apart when it comes to decency and bravery
Robert Dixon
Robert Dixon Pred 12 dnevi
Criminal to throw guys in with world champions with no training camp. Dana is an AH who doesn't care about the health of his fighters.
Tel S
Tel S Pred 12 dnevi
Fuck yeah Paul Felder, fuck yeah. I was a fan before this fight but taking this fight on short notice, handling the loss like this and that interview, Jesus christ, im a die hard fan now. This man can do no wrong!
Loto Tinilau
Loto Tinilau Pred 12 dnevi
Lazarus D
Lazarus D Pred 12 dnevi
There are a lot of imposters and bullies in the UFC, Paul Felder is not one of them.
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong Pred 12 dnevi
felder is so underrated he should have one his fight against hooker he got robbed to perform like that and in my opinion outsrike rda with no traing what a beast he has so much heart i want to see him fight dustin DONT SLEEP ON FELDER
nir S
nir S Pred 12 dnevi
Paul Felder is the biggest badass in recent UFC history.
Joe Lauzon
Joe Lauzon Pred 12 dnevi
Fucking amazing man
Marlon Shaw
Marlon Shaw Pred 12 dnevi
Paul ‘cowboy 2.0’ Felder
Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness Pred 12 dnevi
What a fucking dude, what a guy
m marco
m marco Pred 12 dnevi
Respect to Paul "I got a lot of excuses" Felder.
Raul H
Raul H Pred 12 dnevi
Now I know why that one judge scored it in favor of Felder.
Assapopoulos Mariolis
Assapopoulos Mariolis Pred 12 dnevi
Nothing but respect PF
Dracorex0 Pred 12 dnevi
Felder’s mind is a powerful thing.
Cris R
Cris R Pred 12 dnevi
Felder vs McGregor The fight returns to Dublin, Ireland At 3Arena Saturday May 1st 2021
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