A Man Before It's Time - Bruce Buffer | Fightlore Preview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Fightlore, a new UFC FIGHT PASS Original series, teaches you about the man with the golden throat and great taste in suits as Bruce Buffer takes you through his amazing life story from meeting his brother, Michael Buffer at the age of 28 to his fistfight with UFC Fighter, Frank Trigg inside a packed elevator. Watch the full episode: bit.ly/32y0vsf
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Aaron madazz Morgan
Aaron madazz Morgan Pred 3 urami
I understand why Bruce screams it's time now!?...the love of watches
Ray Preseau
Ray Preseau Pred 3 urami
From what those in the know, trigg got the worst of that fight. Other than the cut, bruce looked fine, and from what I've heard, Frank's face was pieced up pretty good.
Anthony Freeburn
Anthony Freeburn Pred 4 urami
Trigg is a joke of a human. Typical narcissist. Buffer is a beast.
F D Pred 4 urami
In the Marine Corps we used to handle disagreements by "taking it to the tree line." We'd throw done for a couple of minute and be friends after.
Sky Pixel
Sky Pixel Pred 6 urami
Haha best ever
Ash Neel
Ash Neel Pred 12 urami
Bruce "Nice Watch" Buffer
Lucifeast Pred 19 urami
Every time the elevator would stop for a floor, they'd stop fighting, then would resume once the elevator continued 😂
Euphorixxx Pred dnevom
Buffer really is a class act, even going as far as to call them friends throughout when trigg is a POS. Who chops a friend in the throat?
Ba Kwanté Hill
Ba Kwanté Hill Pred dnevom
another man violate me, he is not my friend anymore , sucka punch me in my throat he could have killed the dude .
OAHG Pred dnevom
What a savage
ᴀꜱꜱɪꜱᴛᴀɴᴛ ᴘʀᴏꜰᴇꜱꜱᴏʀ
ᴀꜱꜱɪꜱᴛᴀɴᴛ ᴘʀᴏꜰᴇꜱꜱᴏʀ Pred dnevom
At least they shook hands and are still friends
MightyMoose Pred dnevom
Like I tell my son, even of you KNOW you will loose always punch back 👊
Dhiar Syahputra
Dhiar Syahputra Pred dnevom
They do have cameras in elevators right?
Brutal Inferno
Brutal Inferno Pred dnevom
What an amazing story
dogseule 2006
dogseule 2006 Pred 2 dnevi
Wow....didnt know Bruce could scrap
Bear Pred 2 dnevi
Trigg sounds so remorseful 😂
Bear Pred 2 dnevi
@wannabecarguy Trigg doesn’t sound the brightest of dudes though.
wannabecarguy Pred 2 dnevi
I typically have meetings about my salary in private, I guess these guys prefer a more public setting.
J M Pred 2 dnevi
Getting a raise then assaults someone yeah maybe you don't deserve the raise
BC RAPS Pred 2 dnevi
I love this guy, Buffer doesn't stand for nonsense, Dana is that one homie who doesn't stop you when you fight😂😂😂😂😂... Bruce was a boxer😆
Ville S
Ville S Pred 2 dnevi
"Im Bruce Buffer bitch!" -Rick James 2020
Hamza Ferjani
Hamza Ferjani Pred 2 dnevi
Bruce buffer what a man
Zach Pred 2 dnevi
Awesome way to make sure you get a pay raise?
Watson Wallace
Watson Wallace Pred 2 dnevi
Profe that anybody can be a UFC fighter all it takes is a nice team and balls. Rich Franklin UFC middle weight champ was a high school math teacher
Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner Pred 2 dnevi
Fucking brilliant,buffer is a legend💪
HangTheTraitors AndResist
HangTheTraitors AndResist Pred 3 dnevi
Haha what a hell of a show that would have been. Imagine the facilities security guards that were looking at the security cams. Hahaha
Sneax Pred 3 dnevi
Aaaaaaaand that's what being greedy for money leads to
B Foster
B Foster Pred 3 dnevi
Trigg is a psychopath,
Derrick Mitchell
Derrick Mitchell Pred 3 dnevi
awesome story.
TheMadden Pred 3 dnevi
In the old days I could have a fight with you and still have a beer afterwards. Bruce buffer is a real one.
Grau Gaming
Grau Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Men fight and then something happens where they can be better friends after. Nature is weird.
Jaco Anono
Jaco Anono Pred 3 dnevi
What an amazing story.
Will Blundon
Will Blundon Pred 3 dnevi
And that's why Bruce is my favourite fighter of all time plus he's a beast on ufc3
Nenad ИС XC Shuput
Nenad ИС XC Shuput Pred 3 dnevi
I have a feeling Buffer did that on purpose.. you see, Trigg did make a mistake of only chopping that pice of shit to the trout. What Trigg should of done, is turned him off completely. With cross to the nose, or a hook to the jaw. And should of carried on his conversation with Other pice of shit, Dana.
Tenshi Pred 3 dnevi
So thats how he sounds talking lmao
nino Pacino
nino Pacino Pred 3 dnevi
"what're you gonna do about it?" 💥👊💥👊 (perfect response!)
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas Pred 3 dnevi
Fight and then still be friends. That’s how it should be!!
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Pred 3 dnevi
Got to give to Bruce he went toe To toe with top ranked ufc fighter aha.
Stromboli Pred 3 dnevi
"In the old days, I could have a good fight, and have a beer with you afterwards. That's the way I like it." A true gentleman right there. A man of honor. Tons of today's ego-driven self-absorbed hipsters could learn a lot from Mr. Buffer.
Mike Ywakiem
Mike Ywakiem Pred 3 dnevi
Put fight lore on espn + we pay enough for it
sean moore
sean moore Pred 3 dnevi
I used to work out at Mikey Burnett's gym in Tulsa.
Bdpjev Pred 3 dnevi
Great bed time story
bobocpe Pred 3 dnevi
This video is the ultimate proof that men are not women.
So a guy who has never trained professionally as far as i know, and who seems to be over 15 years older, was able to stand and bang with the exact opposite?! And even take a nut shot?! If that's not a 10th degree black belt getting his ass grounded out by a white belt with no previous combative training, nothing is!
Diego Pred 4 dnevi
$500 for stitches and a tetanus shot? That's fucked.
Will McKeen
Will McKeen Pred 4 dnevi
trigg lost too many brain cells 🤣🤣trying to justify it
Snap-off Pred 4 dnevi
"I'm not much of a fighter. . . .but I love a good fight!"
SadoMasichisticboy Pred 4 dnevi
I loved that Dana just let them ride it out lol. Would love some more stories like this
Al Mackay
Al Mackay Pred 4 dnevi
Ya don't chop ya mate in the throat, doesn't matter what you were talking about with your boss, what a dickhead.
M T Pred 4 dnevi
LOL who did this animation?? Trigg is 5'8 and Buffer is 5'10 but this video makes trigg look like a beast
Edson Martinez
Edson Martinez Pred 4 dnevi
I can’t stop Laughing!!! 😂😂 this is the best story I’ve heard in a long time!! Respect to Bruce buffer for not backing down.
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic Pred 4 dnevi
I respect the whole, two friends and people can and do fight. We all do. However I feel it is much more commendable to practice both temperance and moderation when it comes to conflict. I realize this is also from when younger. And well we all do dumb stuff when were young. And some never really even stop. But to learn from those mistakes. That is what it is to be human. Good job men, I salute both of you.
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic Pred 4 dnevi
So I gave him a pop pop. Also the last comment was cause of an ad. But still. Overall the point stays.
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic Pred 4 dnevi
The best games are made on the tightest of budgets. That's where real thought and ingenuity are put forth. Where passion divorces mandation. Godspeed everyone. Life is good.
over powered ACE
over powered ACE Pred 4 dnevi
$500 for 7 stitches and 1 tetanus shot, jeez American healthcare prices always seem to amaze me
Wolf Hound
Wolf Hound Pred 4 dnevi
And as soon as Bruce walked into the hospital he saw Nick Diaz fighting Joe Riggs.
Dylan Boxler
Dylan Boxler Pred 4 dnevi
500 dollars for 7 stitches and a thetanus shot? You guys are getting scammed with private healthcare.
Poppin’ Ivan
Poppin’ Ivan Pred 4 dnevi
I beat the shit out of my best friend before I met him and now he’s like a brother.. My best friend: I beat the shit out my best friend before I met him and now we’re like brothers...
familyguy1 Pred 4 dnevi
I would very much like to see that video.
Korvus Pred 5 dnevi
The King !!!
TheGreenPrince Pred 5 dnevi
So you angry men just Punch each other in the face and throat? What happens to all your teeth and your jawline.... Does it cross the threshold before you do or...?
Jrs Pred 5 dnevi
Buffer hit him with those big ass rings on too lol
shal nom
shal nom Pred 5 dnevi
3:48 that's way too expensive
Lost Soul
Lost Soul Pred 5 dnevi
d-rizzle3000 Pred 5 dnevi
OG Bruce Buffer!!
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis Pred 5 dnevi
That's how it used to be. You get in a fight with your boy, y'all Duke it out, and then stay away from each other for a little while after, then become friends again. Not today with these young people. Someone would get shot
Jay M
Jay M Pred 5 dnevi
I don't give a fuck how interrupted you feel, have a bit of civility, you're not an animal. Good man for standing up for himself against a professional fighter.
MasterCrazyKnightz Pred 5 dnevi
awceagle Pred 5 dnevi
PUTU Pred 5 dnevi
If Buffer can fight Frank then he can literally took out anyone walking on street. Buffer was a boxer is that what they said.
Vince V
Vince V Pred 5 dnevi
I can’t believe Bruce fought back against a ufc fighter. What a G
Milan Trajkovich
Milan Trajkovich Pred 5 dnevi
Boys will be boys
tygo Pred 5 dnevi
ᅠᅠ Pred 5 dnevi
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford Pred 6 dnevi
F@#$ing respect to Bruce, I would have shit me pants
VlRGINIZER Pred 6 dnevi
Dana's bodyguard be like: That's not my job. My job is to ONLY protect Dana and no one else.
Dr. Doppeldecker
Dr. Doppeldecker Pred 6 dnevi
Can we get the Dana vs Tito plane fight?
Licht AmSchluusseln
Licht AmSchluusseln Pred 6 dnevi
Buffer's got the voice but also the balls to dare into heavyweight with 1second notice. 😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Gh0sT Pred 6 dnevi
Respect To Bruce Buffer Taking On Frank Trigg With 3 Seconds Notice.
Simon Peters
Simon Peters Pred 6 dnevi
This Buffer guy is a disgrace to his brother. When he announces fights sounds like he's being raped by Mandingo
leo vi
leo vi Pred 6 dnevi
Ranked fighter or not.. he disrespected mr. Buffer and he got popped. I'm sure he knew he was going to lose that exchange but he did not let that slide.
AHarice Pred 6 dnevi
3:50 500 dollars? what bullshit country charges that much I could pay a limo to take me to a private hospital and still have more money left over
AHarice Pred 6 dnevi
Half_Centaur Pred 6 dnevi
Cool story and great animation, but why did I have to watch the first half twice? Lame editing.
9sunskungfu Pred 6 dnevi
What a great story ! i liked that.
Tyler Goodrich
Tyler Goodrich Pred 6 dnevi
Bruce Buffer is a real man!
Julio Bonilla
Julio Bonilla Pred 6 dnevi
I love this story
Aleatoriedades Aleatórias
Aleatoriedades Aleatórias Pred 6 dnevi
Buffer is the goat of fight in elevators 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nate Wilcox-Pettit
Nate Wilcox-Pettit Pred 6 dnevi
guys we really don't need a teaser for something that happens two minutes later in the video
Carl Pred 6 dnevi
$ 500 for a tetanus vaccine? Shit! In Brazil this is free.
Perez Fam96
Perez Fam96 Pred 7 dnevi
Make that fight happen Dana
Eric Ocasio
Eric Ocasio Pred 7 dnevi
Frank Trigg is classic early UFC douchebag. Dumb as a rock, extremely emotionally delicate, severe daddy issues, etc. These days the pros fight better, they're stronger, they're smarter and they mostly don't act like spoiled kindergarteners with big muscles right before nap time.
Devin Attia
Devin Attia Pred 7 dnevi
Lourd Locas
Lourd Locas Pred 7 dnevi
Bruce "Lee" Buffer! 😁
Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes Pred 7 dnevi
If only men could do this today.
d'edsi Pred 7 dnevi
Question is, why wud u wanna have dinner with Frank Trigg
Madmat Pred 7 dnevi
I heard that one on tagg radio way back then
Mafioso Pred 7 dnevi
Steve Witte
Steve Witte Pred 7 dnevi
Had I known this, I would've put Bruce up against Ben Askren.
ImpatientTurtle Pred 7 dnevi
Dana and a SECURITY GUY. Mario Yamasaki was in security before reffing?
Evan Pred 7 dnevi
Youre not a man if you havent had a fight then been good friends after🤣
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