The Fight Life - Maurice Greene

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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P3 Portable Protein Pack presents The Fight Life with Maurice Greene. Follow The Crochet Boss and his family as they pack up and move from Minnesota to New Mexico so he can train at the famed Jackson Wink Academy. Also, learn about how the Heavyweight picked up the hobby that led to his unique fighter nickname.
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Cyrus MUFC
Cyrus MUFC Pred 22 dnevi
He looks just like TWood
siri siri
siri siri Pred 28 dnevi
El trota te dio lo tuyo...
Desmodue Matt 803
Desmodue Matt 803 Pred mesecem
these kids half black?? hope my boy got the dna things done
SKATE ENEMY Pred mesecem
Did he quit cigarettes fully now?
SKATE ENEMY Pred mesecem
Also want to add he is a much more dope human being than his opponent this weekend, Greg Hardy, and I respect his craftiness! That's some dope shit he made forreal 💯 I need a Cleveland Browns colored beanie for winter!! 😅
Forest Whitaker's Eye
Forest Whitaker's Eye Pred mesecem
Who would you bet on and why?
Jerobi Pred mesecem
Good luck to this man I was a huge fan when I first saw him on the ultimate fighter, but in all honesty his drinking and his behavior at least during the time of the show made me not like him, also made it so much better when the guy he was bullying beat his ass in the ring. To all that are really hyped about this little promo, do some research might not like what you find.
D Gatsby
D Gatsby Pred mesecem
Didn't like him at first watched this now l like him and feel like a dick for not liking him at first 🤔🤯
xgigantor Pred mesecem
Great story! Didn’t know much about him. Fuck that p3 ad read tho lmao
Tx D
Tx D Pred mesecem
Hardy will drop him hahahaha
Isaac Simon
Isaac Simon Pred mesecem
He's a good dude. I used to train with him years ago in his amateur days in Evanston. Always rooting for him.
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous Pred mesecem
Wish him nothing but success. Hopefully he makes a solid fortune out of fighting. He and his family deserve it!
mitch lesinski
mitch lesinski Pred mesecem
Wow a fuckin ad. I’m fading this dude at the book.
Řôběřť ť
Řôběřť ť Pred mesecem
Cool guy
Dopepope Pred mesecem
he got a crazy eye and he not fuck with this dude
Mattyphatsacs Pred mesecem
Lol! P3 is sum bullshit ass snack
Beyonder Aatrox
Beyonder Aatrox Pred mesecem
Lol I remember this guy from TUF
Tanner Pred mesecem
Cool ass dude
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy Pred mesecem
Wow this guy seems super unique and like a masterfully good man. I hope he does well just for the sake of that. Good luck Maurice
Simply Golf
Simply Golf Pred mesecem
Never heard of him, seems like a cool guy. I'll definitely be watching out for green 👌🏻👍🏻😂😂 #ialwaysdo #420
Tunaka Chophy
Tunaka Chophy Pred mesecem
i hat u but i ove u
Jester Pred mesecem
Checkout the shit this guy did in The Ultimate Fighter. He is a bit of a scumbag.
Dominic Riedel
Dominic Riedel Pred mesecem
airforceallie Pred mesecem
DC and Holloway have a new challenger for "Daddest Man Alive" aka DMF belt
MrIkmls Pred mesecem
he wasn't that good against Villante, was a hail Mary submission
A. Apellídez
A. Apellídez Pred mesecem
Not gonna lie, I used to hate this guy for how he disrespected Juan Espino, but I guess being locked in a house with strangers, away from your life and family and free alcohol it's a shitty mix, especially with cameras around all day. He doesn't seem like a bad person after all, I wish him good.
Joshua Hurst
Joshua Hurst Pred mesecem
Bro isn’t his children supposed to be mixed?
Jordan Leston
Jordan Leston Pred mesecem
1:20 That is not how you load a truck. Am I right my fellow movers?
Brandon Cuadras
Brandon Cuadras Pred mesecem
I’d root for this man against anybody in the HW division his family is very obviously his only focus seems like a really great man from this he got a fan here js
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch Pred mesecem
My man's got blew eyes. One blew this way --->
Rofern Fernandes
Rofern Fernandes Pred mesecem
강동균 Pred mesecem
Thought thumbnail was herb dean
ricardo violanti
ricardo violanti Pred mesecem
Great job mate take care .
Steven Penn
Steven Penn Pred mesecem
Maurice Greene seems like a nice guy, and I wish him well in his MMA career, but I don't think he's championship material. He seems like one of those guys who just fills up the Heavyweight roster. Like he's supposed to be for the "Prelims" and not the "Main Card." He's probably just mostly a good fighter because he's real big, but not highly talented. So he's probably just going to be like another Sean McCorckle, Brad Imes, or now in the long run, "Stefan Struve." So far, not too bad, but not too good!
charlie cole
charlie cole Pred mesecem
Out of all the fights in the upcoming fight you could of put on this you did it on him
MUHAMMAD KHAN Pred mesecem
Thumbnail looks like herb dean
Tyler Lynch
Tyler Lynch Pred mesecem
Respect to a man who always comes to fight and seems like a stand-up human being.
Fight Back
Fight Back Pred mesecem
Thumbnail looked like herb dean
Kyle Slades
Kyle Slades Pred mesecem
Wait, I’m sure more people have finished their fights with arm triangles from their back, other than Anderson Silva
Robert Pred mesecem
What happened to his eye?
F M Pred mesecem
This guy sucks and will get beat like Hardys ex wife
max agnew
max agnew Pred mesecem
The Crochet Boss at It Again! Fight Tanner Boser
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia Pred mesecem
Tony still deserves a title shot! Like so these motherfuckers can see it!
FORKI 8 Pred mesecem
Rolf R
Rolf R Pred mesecem
Yo why did I think it was Herb Dean in the thumbnail getting his hands raised as the referee LOL
Randy Durant
Randy Durant Pred mesecem
Future HW Champion
MMA BREAKDOWN Pred mesecem
This dude's a beast!!
NEO MAN Pred mesecem
0:30 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
michael green
michael green Pred mesecem
This guy is entertaining no doubt but I feel it’s pretty obvious he has a lot of things to work on to get to that next level. I just hope they don’t move him up to fast in this mess of a heavyweight division
Leovanny Lubiss
Leovanny Lubiss Pred mesecem .𝐀𝐃𝐔𝐋𝐓 〜在整个人类历史上,强势,富人和狡猾的人在部落,部落,城市,城镇和村庄中吃掉了弱者,没有成员来守护和穷人。 但是人类 生存的愿望迫使那些被拒绝,被剥夺或破坏的人,并且基本需要寻找一种生活方式并将其继续融入发展中的人类社会。 说到食物,不要以为那些被拒绝的人只是在吃垃圾。 相反,他们学会了在被忽视的肉类和蔬菜中寻找营养。 他们学会清洁,切割,调味和 在食品市场上轻轻地煮蔬菜和肉,一些废弃的家用蔬菜和肉,学习在烹饪过程中使用芳香木烟(例如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)调味食物❤️
Prince Vegeta-son
Prince Vegeta-son Pred mesecem
Love this big fella!!♥️♥️♥️
Juniors Art and DIY
Juniors Art and DIY Pred mesecem
Appreciate your parent's while you can, Khabibs last Message ♥️
antwane fort
antwane fort Pred mesecem
I do love P3 , I just wish they were just a bit cheaper.
FGIP Pred mesecem
Nearly the same takedown when khabib got taken down and switched to triangle
Scary Terry
Scary Terry Pred mesecem
This guy got my respect bro #1 job in life b a great dad #2 job in life fight an get paid! #respect
MartialArts4LIFE 1
MartialArts4LIFE 1 Pred mesecem
He seems like a really nice guy, I don’t think he’ll be able to take that belt from Stipe. But a really nice family man.
V Pred mesecem
A great sprinter ...
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill Pred mesecem
I guess the title "P3 commercial by Maurice Greene" doesn't sound good.
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal Pred mesecem
Knitting!? Wow I wasnt expecting that, but thats pretty bad ass know that I think of it. Heavyweight that knits
Christian Tasi
Christian Tasi Pred mesecem
Idk why they do these bts and close up filming with rising stars - from Dana’s history of just dropping people from one bad performance is crazy. I wish him the best but if he gets more than one loss, it’ll be like Dana never knew him 😂
Lupe Garcia
Lupe Garcia Pred mesecem
This guy just gave me so much motivation to stay positive
Mr Grumbles
Mr Grumbles Pred mesecem
What a nice guy 🙏
pvtsonic Pred mesecem
Thought it was the black refree raising arms in the thumbnail
sneezer Pred mesecem
What did he do with the biological dad to them kids?
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba Pred mesecem
This one has some screws missing
Delroy Sharpe
Delroy Sharpe Pred mesecem
I LOVE It...FAMILY... That Is A FATHER...n they Support n Got his Back..brah....Big 🐕
Cantthinkofaname Pred mesecem
Serieusly only in the fucking heavyweigt division do you see a arm triangle from the bottom. That fight was so bad
Drummerboy 16n
Drummerboy 16n Pred mesecem
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Vante Pred mesecem
This is just a P3 ad 🤣
Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс Pred mesecem
///Lee Selby - George Kambosos
777 satyam
777 satyam Pred mesecem
I thought the guy in the thumnail was herb dean
PoPular Pred mesecem
josh emmet in thumbnail amazing
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets Pred mesecem
Cats and rats?? This man has it all lol
fail_lip Pred mesecem
Why is his left eye looking up always, Is that some eye condition or something?
MuMu124 Pred mesecem
I really hope he beats greg hardy hes a great person
Daniel Butts
Daniel Butts Pred mesecem
Haven't seen him since TUF. Looking good! He counts gallons and dollars like I do.
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Pred mesecem
Those who reading this comment may your Parents live more than 100year with good health 💖❤️💖 💓 Please -10k subscribe #PorwalGamer
Cletus Sunu
Cletus Sunu Pred mesecem live in BANKHEAD GA
Leonardo Pred mesecem
Juan El Guapo Espino smesh this guy
Pyropiece Pred mesecem
I scrolled past this really fast and thought it was Herb Dean
Mark C.
Mark C. Pred mesecem
Underrated comment 😂😂😂😂😂 Pred mesecem
well done legend !
725K Pred mesecem
He needs to make me a ski mask.
Cold Chilling
Cold Chilling Pred mesecem
waalex11 Pred mesecem
He's been disappointing since far even though he seemed to have good potential since TUF. I actually like Greg as a fighter to an extent but I guess I'm hoping Greene wins but may the best win.
slicvm Pred mesecem
For a moment there I thought it was Herb Dean's hand being raised
TheAcarch2 Pred mesecem
LOL!! This dude's awesome!!
shopie long
shopie long Pred mesecem
Omg I just realised this guy and Corey Anderson are different people
bikerboy72 Pred mesecem
Basically just an ad for p3 lmao
ConBurgundy Pred mesecem
Beautiful wife. Beautiful family. Beautiful man. Love the big mean Green
TeamDynamiteTV Pred mesecem
Thought someone was lifting herb deans arm
Edgetown TX
Edgetown TX Pred mesecem
The crochet boss? Get it Maurice
Bang Gus
Bang Gus Pred mesecem
nocoast beard
nocoast beard Pred mesecem
leaves MN , which has a RIDICULOUS ammount of mma gyms that have produced ufc talent... for jackson wink... that shit is whack... he leaves personal gyms for walmart of gyms.
FPKMASSACRE Pred mesecem
Not trying to be offensive, but would being cross eyed affect your visual abilities in a fight??
K.Logg Pred mesecem
Cool story. Good fighter and he seems like a good dad.
assanari khoury
assanari khoury Pred mesecem
Who remember tuf 28. Maurice green "Toniiiiiight ! We'll get druuunk"😂😂😂
assanari khoury
assanari khoury Pred mesecem
Who remember tuf 28. Maurice green "Toniiiiiight ! We'll get druuunk"😂😂😂
Arjune Rajput
Arjune Rajput Pred mesecem
Knew he was gonna be a fuckin weirdo
willyk 1349
willyk 1349 Pred mesecem
Seems like a really good dude and his one big sob lol 82inch reach is wild
sholeroy Pred mesecem
1:40 Those are not his biological kids.
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